Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious


A powerful, moving video clip is on Toy Soldier’s blog today. Every one of my subscribers should take the 2 minutes out of their day to go watch it.

Warning: It has to do with rape. Female perpetrator on male survivor rape.

Yes, women can rape boys and men.
No, having an erection doesn’t mean he “wanted it”.
No, boys are not “lucky” to have their sexuality used against them by an adult they trusted.
No, male rape survivors are not “definitely” going to perpetuate acts of sexual violence or coercion against others.

Yes, male rape survivors need our help, understanding, love, and acceptance just as much as any female survivor. To deny this is to be sexist, in the worst possible way.

Support male survivors here:


Please note that the comments section below has a number of opinions from female-on-male rape deniers and detractors. While I have not let through anything I believe could be triggering, I still advise caution for any survivors when reading these comments. Thank you.

Originally posted on Toy Soldiers:

Yes, I know the title is upsetting. Calm down. Watch the video.

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In Praise Of The Penis

As of late, I’ve been rereading some of my old college textbooks (yes, I kept some of them), including the one from my Human Sexuality course. We never covered *everything* in the book, and I love learning more about the male and female bodies…In fact, I used this same book when writing my post about International Clitoris Week, and I was going to use it again when some form of “penis week” or “male genitals day” arrived.
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On Being An Unintentional Spy

An email recently came to me that I thought deserved it’s own post as an answer. From a lurker, it states;

“Since you still look like a woman, does this mean you are privy to their private conversations? Are you still invited to ‘women-only’ events such as bachelorette parties, girls-night, baby showers, bridal parties, etc? If so, what do you hear while at these get togethers and how does it affect you being what you say you are?”

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Tiny Barbs

Over on A Voice for Men, they have an article up that was written by a woman who became a man, and eventually also became a supporter of the Men’s Rights Movement. Reading Steven’s tale of gender dysphoria, attempts at self mutilation, and general dislike of his former feminine body was a story I knew well. If it wasn’t for the fact that he actually changed his body, it could have been written by me. Continue reading