Calling All Married MGTOWs

Hi everyone. Hope the weekend is treating you all well. Today we are going to look at an email I received a few weeks ago, from a male reader I’ll call “M”. I told him I’d do his request post after I finished the two other MGTOW Results ones, but as I’ve not had the opportunity to complete them to my liking yet, I’m not going to force him to wait any longer.
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New CDC report shows increase in sexual violence against males


Sexual violence against anyone is a cause for concern. At least, it should be…

Originally posted on Toy Soldiers:

The CDC released a report on the rate of sexual and domestic violence in 2011. Tamen wrote an excellent breakdown of the new findings. I can do no better, and will not attempt to. I suggest reading his post. Tamen created a graphs showing the difference between the 2010 and 2011 findings. As he notes, the press release makes no mention of the increased rate of sexual violence against males. It focuses solely on female victimization.

Tamen also notes that the CDC does not appear to follow its own definition of rape, and the organization continued to exclude “being forced to penetrate” as rape. This is despite the increase in men reporting being forced to penetrate and reporting more female perpetrator.

I mentioned on Feminist Critiics that the CDC’s seeming disinterest in sharing information about male victimization may be a reaction to advocates for male survivors and men’s rights activists.

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The Beauty of Male Genitals

I’ve noticed that this post was linked to on Reddit and is getting a lot of views, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for visiting and formally welcome all new readers to my blog. I hope you enjoy yourselves, and feel free to ask for any clarifications or join in the numerous ongoing conversations in the comments!

Recent conversations on other blogs have tuned me into a new opinion that I never really considered before: That penises are ugly.
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Reaching Out

Hi all. I’m going to be heading into work a few hours early tomorrow to (hopefully) finish up part 2 of the MGTOW Survey Results, but I just wanted to blog a bit about the importance of touch. I’ll have a much more in depth post on this topic next month, yet something happened today that I can’t get out of my mind. Well, two somethings, but they’re very related. Continue reading

Men + Women + Orgasms = Nobody Is Satisfied

I followed a link from another blogger and found a very interesting blog that seems to be about male-female relationships. After reading the linked-to post, I immediately started to write a comment about the issues I saw missing from it. Since it grew to a rather obnoxious length for a mere comment, I have decided to make it a post unto itself. I have put his words in bold, my own are in regular font for ease of reading.
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Those that hit, shouldn’t be immune from being hit back…


This is why I love Ms. Goldberg. It’s not the first time she has spoken the truth, and it likely won’t be the last.

“Don’t hit anybody!” she says…what a novel idea! No, men shouldn’t hit women. But then, women shouldn’t hit men either. Let’s all just get away from this automatic violence and recognize that problems are solved with words, not fists.

I have never hit, kicked, or slapped anyone…man or woman…in my 30 years of life thusfar, other than when goofing around. And you know what? When my guy friends “punch” me back, it’s what I was expecting would happen and I’m happy that I’m enough of one of the guys that they treat me the same.

Ms. Goldberg is correct: You cannot hit someone, whether playing around or attempting to harm, and not assume you’re going to be hit back.

Originally posted on stonerwithaboner:

Look at how those femanzi womyn think equality means being able to hit someone because they have a penis but they aren’t allowed to hit back….

Only one woman was rational here…

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