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This is my last post for the forseeable future, all. I’ll still be around commenting, but even that I’m going to try to keep to a minimum. People are still free to read and leave comments, and I can still be reached by email if anyone so wishes, but a break is required to preserve my sanity. I will not be checking my blog more than once or twice a week, so if it takes me a while to respond, don’t worry.

Why am I doing this? Well, as I’m sure some of you know, the manosphere can be a toxic place. There’s a lot of negativity, towards women of course but also towards various types of men…the opposite of the feminist sphere, as it were. There’s little, if any, place for true open discussion: You’re either for men, or for women. No egalitarians or humanists need apply seems to be the dish of the day regardless of where you are online.

But this wears you down if you surround yourself with it everyday. Or maybe that only happens if you give a crap about your fellow human beings? If you already believe we’re going to hell in a handbasket there’s no reason to work for change. Just sit back and reap the benefits you can and let the rest burn.

Well, that’s not me. I don’t want to let anything burn unless it means that the regrowth can start right away…but it’d be better if it didn’t crumble at all. The system needs fixing, not a demolition. I’m going to take a week or two, get my head back in a postive place, and actually see about doing things in real life again. Volunteer more, throw myself into getting my business proposals done, play my videogames and read my books, get egalitarian discussions flowing with like-minded folks, do some research I’ve been holding off on. In other words, living my life while being the change I want to see in my community. Working for equality for everyone, not just one sex or the other.

So, here’s a goodbye for now. I hope all of my readers continue on their own paths to the best of their abilities, and that they succeed in whatever they do. I must now attempt to do the same.

Oh, and remember:

Validation – Who Needs It?

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A recent comment exchange here with Tarn led to the question: “Who needs validation”?  It was suggested that women do need it; and that some build their entire lives around it (e.g. Facebook).  But what about men?  How much do they need it? What exactly is validation and what is its purpose?    It would seem that validation is social reward(s) (note that they are cheap to produce and distribute) that a group gives to its members for whatever reason.  It used to be that society as a group socially rewarded members that contributed to the society.   This is not quite the same thing as respect.  Respect is an attitude, validation is a reward.

In my personal case, being an INTX, I grew up more or less disliked by my schoolmates.  Part of it had to do with the ability of INTs to see right through people.  Even…

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Reasons to go MGTOW: Ms. Entitled

Francis uses a YouTube video to illustrate what happens when you go from having preferences to simply being entitled. Well done, my friend. Well done.

Francis Roy's Blog

You make a number of errors. The first is that we care about what you think of our genitals. The second is that we somehow have some moral duty to inform you about the shape of our genitals. The third is that we have some duty to “do whatever you want.”  “My main goal is to make you happy.” One has must be a sick person to either say it, or expect it a potential partner to say so. “She is the most important thing.” Entitled much? You aren’t “the most important thing.” You may or may not be important to him, but he is the most important person in his life. You either agree to walk your paths side-by-side, or you expect abject servility.

If I were generous, I could stretch and say that what you’re hoping for is open and honest communication. But that would be overly generous…

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My latest post, up on Spawny’s Space.
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In a previous thread, Cill posted a video with a speaker who says that women keep the DNA of semen from their previous partners in their bloodstream. I’d pointed out then that this exact occurance (known as telegony) has not been observed in human women…but in fruit flies.

Now, there has been another study done about microchimerism in human women aka the presence of a few random Y chromosomes in their bloodstream…anywhere from 0 – 20.7 male cells per 100,000 female cells. However, this was only found in 21% overall of the 120 participants. All of these women had a sexual history, but not all had a history involving a known pregnancy. (As an estimated 10-15% of potential pregnancies end in a miscarriage before week 8, having an unknown pregnancy is not uncommon.)

While it is entirely possible these women had kept DNA from previous sexual partners in their…

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Women Nowadays: a litany of horrors, GoodMenAmongUs a balm

Introducing the youtube channel GoodMenAmongUs, created by our very own Francis Roy. A great reminder for all that a lot of men are fantastic people in their own right. Check it out and subscribe!

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There was once a YouTube channel called “ViolentWomenAmongUs” that had some 1500 to 2000 news clippings of women perpetrating horrible deeds. It was taken down. Another has taken its place. I don’t know if it is the same person.

The channel, like this one, is soul-sickening and rage inducing in its variety, persistence and sheer mass. Here is a more recent example.

Whereas the previous channels are an important resource to help re-balance the notion that women are precious, special, victimized princesses incapable of anything than goodness and light, it wasn’t enough.

I was so affected by the channel’s content that I had decided to create my own channel: GoodMenAmongUs *

Where our society tells us that men are horrible, violent, abusive rapists, I felt the need to show the other side of that coin. the Good Men Amongst Us channel is designed as a soul-balm to those who…

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Yes Virgina, All Women Have Vaginas

I have a new post up on Spawny’s Space about the issue of SJWs and (alleged) transphobia.
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So, I’m a gamer. I enjoy not only boardgames, card games, and pen-and-paper RPGs, but videogames too. As such, I read a number of webcomics focused on gaming, one of which is Penny Arcade.

Seriously, these guys are great people. Both are happily married with children, are the creators of PAX (conventions centered around videogames), and give donations to numerous charities that support children, like Child’s Play.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that some social justice warriors were condemning Penny Arcade, more specifically the illustrator, Mike. Taking a closer look, I found this:

Apparently Mike is a horrible, overprivileged, hateful, transphobic bigot. Why? He gave a review about a game that involves female masturbatory practices (probably safer not to ask) and mentioned that it made sense that vaginas were shown since…well, women have those. Little did he know that this biological fact is actually a form of…

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Actually, Men *Do* Like Independent Women Part 2

Or at least a lot of them would, if truly independent women weren’t so rare. It’s easy to talk the talk of being a “strong, independent womyn” but when it comes to walking the walk many women stumble and fall. Most don’t even know they’re doing it, but then are at a complete loss in the world of relationships. Here’s 3 more things that actual “strong, independent women” do.
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How to Handle the PPPs (Predatory Promiscuous Princesses)

New post by my dear friend, Cill.
What does one do when confronted with hyper-entitled women who are literally messing up your life? Comments over there, come join the conversation.

Spawny's Space

To all men and women here:

What do you think about this scenario:

You are wearing suit and tie on your way to a friend’s wedding, to be his Best Man. A van stops beside you in the street. Seven young women pile out of it and surround you. You keep walking, which necessitates bumping against them. They ask you to go with them in the van. You say, “I have to be somewhere else. Maybe another time.”

They close in. You attempt to cross the street to evade them. Everywhere you turn they stand in your way. They are enjoying it and expect you to be enjoying it too. You manage to get a glimpse of your watch. You’re going to be late. CCTV cameras are on you. If you manhandle them you’ll be done for assault or worse. Their hands are all over you now. They are laughing…

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The Men’s Rights Movement is not the inverse of Feminism

A great post by Francis detailing how the Men’s Rights Movement is similar to the Women’s Rights Movement…not Feminism. Equality really is for everyone…

Francis Roy's Blog

This is a comment that I had left to an interlocutor on social media. It is, I think, I good and relatively short introduction to the difference between the Men’s Rights Movement, Feminism and why so any Men’s Rights Activists are anti-Feminist as well.

I’d like to shorten this to an elevator pitch. I welcome your feedback.

The men’s rights movement is not the inverse of Feminism. It is not “Feminism for men.” That there was once a woman’s rights movement that eventually gave way to Feminism, does not imply that men who strive for equivalent rights for men (such as gaining reproductive rights) does not mean that there is an equivalent, but sex-reversed mental framework.

A refresher. Feminism’s three phases can be simplified to this: 1. Fighting for actual rights in law. 2. Re-examining women’s roles and sense of identity relative to society. 3. Trying to re-write cultural…

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Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack

Excellent post by my dear blogger friends Molly and Cill. Come join the conversation!

Spawny's Space

Cill’s note #1: My 19 year old cousin Molly wanted to write this post. Although she is brilliant, words are not her strong suit. She asked me to take her draft and reword it, which I have done.

Here is the first thing:
Men are fairly accurate and realistic about their ratings in the SMP. They rate approximately 50% of women to be average or above. Women are inaccurate and unrealistic, judging a mere 20% of men to be average or above. A woman of average appeal thinks she competes for men within the top 20%. In a scale of 1 to 10, a woman of 5 thinks she’s on a par with a man of 8. Women are out of whack to the extent of 250% (50 / 20). That.Is.Huge. This phenomenon is so well known, it can be verified with a simple search on the internet.


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Yet another reason to go MGTOW

A disheartening, but incredibly valid, post from Francis.
Paternity fraud is a type of resource slavery, and a horrible lie to ensnare a man’s time, money, and even love.

Francis Roy's Blog

Interview With Woman Who Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

And this is yet another reason I choose to go MGTOW. People lie. There are few things as damaging and harmful to a man as being lied to about the provenance of one’s child.

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Anyone Else Have To Deal With Relatives

…who only see you during the holidays and consistently ask if you have a significant other yet? Funny how they never ask in a casual manner, it’s always with a subtle side of judgment and slight disdain for your constant singlehood. They act as though your true value can only be in the confines of a marriage or at least an exclusive/committed relationship, rather than having value as an individual.

How do my fellow single people deal with this?