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The Games We Play (Part 1)

Gaming, in all it’s various forms, is a multi-billion dollar industry. From conventions like PAX and Gencon, to organizations like GAMA, and retailer sneak peeks like Toyfair and E3, the importance of games as entertainment is everywhere. But can it really be called a “culture” in and of itself? Are any of the stereotypes that people typically associate with gamers actually true? What, if anything, does it mean to be a “girl gamer”? How many different types of gamers could there possibly be? This post and the next will cover these topics and more, so please…read on!
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First things first…

I’m going to put this out here now, so as to avoid any confusion:

I am not a Feminist.
I am not a Men’s Rights Activist.
I am an Egalitarian.

I am not a Conservative.
I am not a Liberal.
I am a Moderate.

I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but do not look down on those who eat animals, regardless of whether it’s necessary for their diet or not.
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