First things first…

I’m going to put this out here now, so as to avoid any confusion:

I am not a Feminist.
I am not a Men’s Rights Activist.
I am an Egalitarian.

I am not a Conservative.
I am not a Liberal.
I am a Moderate.

I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but do not look down on those who eat animals, regardless of whether it’s necessary for their diet or not.

I am a Wiccan, but have been to many different houses of faith and do not believe that there is only “one way” to the Gods. I also have nothing against Atheists, as their arguments are very rational and compelling…I simply choose to keep my religious beliefs.

For anyone who comes here claiming I engage in “switching sides”, this is me letting you know that my views are extremely neutral, and as such will contain bits and pieces from various viewpoints. Yes, even ones that typically contradict each other.

You have been warned! 😉


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