Happy International Clitoris Week

The past 6 days have been a “celebration” of International Clitoris Week, which ends today. In our age of better science, I am glad that we have so much information to share about this incredibly important organ.

No longer considered a “false penis” or an unnecessary biological structure, the clitoris has come into the spotlight of sexual medicine within the last few decades. In accordance with the awareness this week was designed to bring, I’d like to share some information about this spectacular body part.

What do you immediately think of when picturing a clitoris? Perhaps a tiny fold of flesh tucked away above the labia and urethra?Β  An unassuming pea-sized button? Maybe you have never seen one outside of biology texts, or have never taken the time to look at your own.

Would it surprise you to learn that the clitoral structure is approximately 8 inches long? It’s true. The hidden gem people usually think of is only a tiny fraction of the clitoris…much like an iceberg, the majority of it is unseen. In fact, there is emerging evidence that the “fabled” G-Spot is actually just the portion of the clitoris that attaches to the vaginal wall. Take a look at this link for the whole (literal) picture, it’s very interesting:


As for pleasure, the clit is the ONLY organ that is solely for sexual pleasure (since the penis serves the dual role of pleasure and a conduit for urination). The clitoral glans itself contains 8,000+ nerve endings, compared to 4,000+ for the average penis glans…quite an achievement in terms of size!

As any woman can tell you, a clitoral orgasm is usually far more pronounced than a vaginal orgasm. As the inside of the vagina only has about 2,500 nerve endings (most located in the first 1/3 of it), this should hardly come as any surprise. For many years, doctors, psychologists and the media alike agreed with Freud’s (and others) interpretations; A woman who had clitoral orgasms was “immature”, and she had to “graduate” to having only vaginal orgasms to be considered a fully sexualized female.

Never mind that this caused women to lie to their partners with the now-infamous Fake Orgasm…and for large amounts of them to believe there was something inherently wrong with their bodies. Saying a woman doesn’t need to touch her clitoris to cum equates to saying a man should be able to achieve orgasm without touching his penis. Dear male readers: Let me know how that works for you.

Now, this doesn’t mean that women are incapable of having vaginal orgasms with PiV sex. I’ve had a huge amount of them myself, though they’re not usually as strong as clitoral ones, unless he hits my G-spot just right. Then again, I admit to having a fairly large, easy to find (and use!) G-spot unlike most women. Few women do. It’s just that if a woman takes in her lovers penis without any attention spent to her outer clit at all then she’s likely to be staring at the ceiling thinking of what color to paint it. Foreplay is awesome for a reason…for women and men alike!

As for the actual use of one’s clitoris, there are many, MANY ways one can play with it. Some women direct water pressure on it while showering or in hot tubs, others “hump” their pillows. You can use vibrators, dildos, or just your fingers to slide against it. Have your partner perform oral sex, with or without manual penetration. If you are in public and want to be sneaky, simply cross your legs and slowly flex your pelvic muscles. Just be careful you don’t get carried away! Gently stretch the hood, tap it lightly, use a clit pump…whatever feels good to you. It’s your body, have fun with it.

Common Myths
Of course, even today there are inaccurate beliefs about the clitoris (sexuality in general abounds with them). Here are some of the oft cited “facts” and the truth behind them.

The clit is impossible to find
I’m always incredibly amused by this one. The area of the body where the clitoris is located is the size of an index card, and even then it is only found in the top 1/4. You follow the labia up, and BAM! There it is. Really not difficult at all. Yet men write to sex advice columns asking for help in finding it…like they’re on an expedition to find El Dorado instead of a body part. (Why not just ask the OWNER of the clit where it is, instead of some random stranger?) I’m tempted to believe that the majority of these examples of male sexual ineptitude are just another aspect of misandry in the media.

Women urinate from the clit
This one at least makes a little sense, though it’s still wrong. After all, men piss from their penis, so shouldn’t women do the same from their clitoris? Nope. (We don’t urinate from our vagina either, which I’ve also heard.) A woman’s urethra is actually located between her clit and vagina, visible only as a small hole. Blink and you might miss it…but it’s still there, and is just as sensitive as the male urethral opening.

The clit is useless
This goes along with the idea that a woman doesn’t need any clitoral stimulation, or that she should find a way to be completely satisfied with the male penis. Obviously the guys who believe this don’t know that roughly 80-90% of women focus solely on their clitoris while masturbating, and don’t use any form of penetration at all. I greatly enjoy porn, but I blame it for perpetuating this myth of girls using dildos to get off all the time. It’s simply acting…it’s not fact.

Females don’t get erections
Au contraire, my friend! The penis and clit both have spongy tissue, erectile tissue and tons of specialized blood vessels. A female erection may be harder to see, but trust me…it is definitely there. Waking up with “morning wood” is hardly regulated to the male of the species! We women are just lucky enough to enjoy ours without onlookers knowing.

The clitoris is an underdeveloped penis
This myth is perhaps the most pervasive, as I’ve heard it more than any of the previous ones combined. It certainly doesn’t help than a great many philosophers and doctors through the ages have essentially claimed that women were “deformed men” and that our awesome ladyparts reflected some type of “inferiority”. What bullshit…and yet it had been accepted as fact until fairly recently.

How these “great minds” would cringe to learn what we know now; That the female is the default sex, and the male is the deformed one!

I jest, of course. There is nothing wrong with the male sex…both of us have equal value and are necessary for the continuation of our species. But the fact of the matter is that every fetus would develop into a female if left alone, and we are the default sex in mammals. (Interestingly, the reverse is true in birds and reptiles.) It is only due to the activation of the SRY gene around week 8 that a male begins to develop. Unfortunately, this same gene has been linked to dopamine related disorders, schizophrenia, depression, autism, and Parkinson’s, which would explain why men suffer from these issues far more than women. Hopefully advancements in gene therapy can help future menfolk with these disorders…but I digress.

Women don’t like oral sex
Then there’s this newer myth that has been floating around for a while. Again, I’m unsure where it came from, but is usually untrue. Yes, some women have reported not being able to enjoy cunninglingus, but from their reports it sounds more like they are so worried about being “unclean”, “smelly” or “slutty” that they are unable to lie back and enjoy the sensations. This is truly sad, since a lover who is a “cunning linguist” is a joy to be with…I should know!

Women’s clits are dirty
I don’t hear this one as often, but it was brought up a few times in my high school and college Health classes. The important thing to remember is that yes, women (and to a lesser extent, men) have a sexual scent. Normally this is a delightful, arousing, slightly musky odor, and is necessary for attracting mates. If a female/male ever has a foul scent in relation to their cum or genitals…they either have an infection, are on certain heavy-duty medications, or need to change their diet. (Avoid asparagus. Eat pineapple.)

That being said, women and uncircumcised men do have to beware of smegma buildup. This is simply dead skin cells and oils that get caught under the foreskin/clitoral hood, and is not dangerous. Circumcised men even get it from time to time if they have any small skin folds left around their glans. Small amounts of smegma are necessary, since the glans of both sexes would become irritated and sore without it. Proper washing during one’s daily shower will remove any excess, and keep the genitals fresh and healthy, and no really noticeable smell will remain. As always, good hygiene is important for both sexes!

Multiple orgasms are fake
Oh, maybe for some women, but most of us would cry foul on this myth. The fact that women can have numerous orgasms per sexual session is well-known for good reason. One of the problems is that the media still focuses on only PiV sex as “real” which, as I described above, is not as satisfying for women in general…and certainly not if it’s the only dish on the table. (Or if the woman has a partner who is threatened by her control of her own orgasms.)

Personally, I sometimes feel bad that nature has equipped me with such a tremendously awesome and powerful organ. In one hour of sex or masturbation I can cum anywhere from 6-15 times, whereas I can only make my FwB cum 1-2 times…and even that makes him tired if he’s had a long day. Given that we have sex only 2 or 3 times a week, I feel he is missing out, though he assures me he’s not. I almost wonder if the majority of human females evolved to have a lower libido so we wouldn’t just spend our days self-loving…or kill our menfolk with our sexual demands. πŸ˜‰

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Hopefully most of this has been old information to most of my readers, but if my post has cleared up any misconceptions…hey, all the better! Thanks for reading today, learning about my favorite body part, and the sole reason I’m glad I’m physically female. As always, comments and/or questions are welcome.

19 thoughts on “Happy International Clitoris Week

  1. Reblogged this on ASpoonfulofSuga and commented:
    I have partially written 6 posts to ceelebrate and make people more aware of the clitorus. However I am bogged down with like a sex toy in the hands of an angry … (I stopped myself ) I felt very sad about not being able to post my stuff and the drink I created to celebrate the clitorus. Of course the Universe came to my aid and inspired this lovely post from my homegirl at TarnishedSophia. She is all kinds of awesome check it out

  2. Guys actually CAN have erections/orgasms without touching the penis. Its not all that uncommon at all.
    First, the rarer one is while conscious, you have to be extremely turned on, extreme mental stimulation, but possible.
    Much more likely, while unconscious ‘wet dreams’ are pretty normal for guys, basically a dream that results in one.

  3. Of course it’s possible…I’ve know men and women who can get highly aroused from simply listening to certain types of music or performing intense meditation techniques.

    Women also have “wet dreams” or nocturnal sexual arousal, but ours is (for obvious reasons) less noticeable to anyone not experiencing it. As with men, our “wet dreams” are more likely to happen during puberty when the reproductive systems are just beginning to work. A form of practice, if you will. Even so, I can say from personal experience that they still occur well past puberty/young growth.

    As for simply having an erection…yes, THAT is incredibly easy to achieve without any physical assistance! Yet another reason I’m glad I was born with female parts. πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh, and then there’s the pleasure of anal play and prostate massage too. The latter has actually been shown to help the male reproductive system immensely, especially in the case of blockages in the testes or those recuperating from prostate cancer.

    Of course…it’s also just fun to do with an open-minded lover. πŸ™‚

  5. @Erudite Knight

    “Insane?” Maybe.

    I prefer to think of my libido as being “happily caged”. That way I save up all my energy and imagination for my FwB. But yes…being able to not give away one’s thoughts is quite a boon.

  6. Sophia, you want to dispell myths about sex, but you end on perhaps the biggest myth of all that girls have lower libido than guys!
    Every girl I had sex with pratically raped my hapless body.

  7. Women in general tend to have a lower sex drive than men in general, not just for sex but for masturbation as well.

    That’s not to say all of us are like that. I am horny just as much as my FwB, and initiate sex more often than he does. I also masturbate every day…but if you speak to the majority of women, or read any of the surveys/studies that research this, that is not the norm.

    While moods are certainly changing about this, and recent studies have shown a definite rise in women who like to have sex at least a few times a month, we generally still have a lower libido. Which makes sense, because sex drive is linked to testosterone production…

    Remember, I’m talking about generalizations, not individual experiences or exceptions to the rule.

  8. Thanks for the education. Including the fact that there is a clitoris week. I’m hoping to remember to reply this next year in celebration.

    I don’t understand why no so many scholars can’t seem to figure out why women have a clitoris. That would help them to want to have sex which would help to procreate. Duh! I mean, men could ejaculate into women without any pleasure, but then they wouldn’t want to bother. Same for women.

  9. Thanks, BroadBlogs. I had a lot of fun writing this!

    I always kinda thought that since female and male fetuses start out the same, it only makes sense that women AND men would have pleasurable erectile tissue. Just think: If women didn’t have clits, the same tissues wouldn’t exist to give men erections!

    I mentioned it extremely briefly, but I also want to do a post talking about the many myths surrounding female virginity…I was thinking about putting it in my upcoming “Virgin Shaming” post, but I really think it deserves it’s own.

    What do you think?

  10. “That the female is the default sex, and the male is the deformed one!”

    sniff* We males are so special.

  11. Lol, you did read the next few lines, right?

    I was just playing at being a reverse Thomas Aquinas…neither sex is actually deformed. We’re quite similar when you think about it, since just about every piece of female genital anatomy has a male counterpart. πŸ™‚

  12. Well, I’ll agree that he was an intelligent person, but I don’t agree with the vast majority of what he wrote…either on theology or biology. But yes, he probably would have different views if you could find him today.

    Your link was interesting and pretty factual, other than the STD ratios. I liked how it described male/female differences as being comparatively the same, just with dissimilar lengths and spikes.

    Of course, it also reminded me of just how masculine-minded I am. πŸ˜‰

  13. Definitely some really enlightening and interesting information here! It really is amazing how this particular body part is one that doesn’t get talked about very often. I appreciate your directness and humor in your writing. It is pretty profound how many misconceptions there are about the clitoris, which strikes me as a cause for why it is often underutilized.

  14. @diahannreyes

    Thanks for the compliments! I do have some serious posts, but try to keep topics related to sex and the human body lighthearted. I’m glad you enjoyed the way I presented this information, and hope to hear your opinions on my upcoming posts about virginity, pornography, masturbation, sex toys, and the like.

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