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Experiences with Bullies

One of the gents I follow at Bullying Prevention had a post up that really touched me. I’d left the following comment, expecting only a reply;

With so many cases of bullying going on, I wonder if I should share my story as well…But I am unsure. Does reading about others who were bullied help to create a sense of care and community…or does it make those being bullied right now feel even worse to see that it has always been going on? I don’t want to make anyone upset, I want to let themknow they’re not alone”.

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How to judge others without actually judging them

Once again, I had a very…different…customer at work today. As our conversation progressed, I came to realize this person was very egotistical, as he seemed to think my “negative” answers were a commentary on his own actions. It was a long and trying conversation, but here’s the gist of it;
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A Love Lost

Tonight was like any other night, or so I thought. I opened my door, put my groceries away, got out of my work clothes, and went to go give my cockatiel his goodnight “kiss”. When I didn’t see him silhouetted on his perch, I knew something was wrong. Then I got closer to his cage and the unmistakable scent of death hit me. I quickly turned on my bedroom light to confirm what I already knew:
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Attack of the Neg Man

For the past month or so, I’ve had a new male customer coming in and giving me negs (backhanded compliments). As far as I can tell, he only does it to me…he acts extremely polite to my female staff, and seems normal around my male employees. Today I think he finally got the hint that they don’t faze me.
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Weird experience at the diner yesterday

So a friend I haven’t seen for a while came to visit me recently (part of the reason I didn’t have time to blog on Sunday…Sorry!) He wanted a quick meal before going to see Man of Steel, so we went to the local Chinese Buffet. Good food, nice staff, big comfy booths, and Chinese music played in the background. A pretty cool place, if cheap to eat at.

We selected our food and sat down, discussing what we expected to see in the movie. About 10min into our meal, a black lady from 2 booths down came and stood next to ours. My friend and I looked up and greeted her. Honestly, I thought that maybe she just needed to borrow our Soy Sauce…but no. This was the following conversation:
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