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A Bit of Beliefs

In trying to get back to my readers and other bloggers, I’ve gotten a bit behind schedule in my response posts. So many posts + so many long work hours = so many drafts! Well, despite the fact that I still write everything here using my phone, I’m going to get better at responding and posting…gonna try for a weekly Sunday post again. First up, a quick rundown of various things I hold opinions on, as I promised a while ago;
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Multiple Partners – Yay or Nay?

Lately I’ve been talking to people on various blogs/forums about the age-old double standard of sex:

Women with multiple partners are sluts.
Men with multiple partners are studs.

It is a common topic when speaking about relationships, and my FwB and I are no different. As some readers know, I am 29 and while I’ve been sexually active for 8 years, my only partner has been my current lover (who is 10+ years older and has had 12 partners). Although he thinks I should branch out more, he’s basically fine with being my only…and of course, I’m perfectly fine with his prior sexual experience.

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