Ode To My Friends

Though my shoulders are smaller,
Not as wide or strong,
When you need them,
They’ll be here to lean on.

You are much taller,
Lord of all you survey!
But when you forget your lunch,
I’ll feed you that day.

When your heart gets too heavy,
And your will is nearly gone,
Just let me know…
I’ll help you carry on.

My hands fit in yours
And you can pick me up.
But know you can rely on me
When you’re down on your luck.

They say that men must be stoic,
Showing neither sadness or fears.
Pay them no mind for
I love you in laughter or tears.

My money is yours
As is my home.
Never would I force you
To go it alone.

I will pick you up from work,
Change your tire, make you food,
Give you hugs when you’re sad,
And gifts to lighten your mood.

I’ll never charge a dime
For this help that I give.
It’s payment enough
To see you happily live.

So though I’m not as large,
Tall or strong as you.
You are my friend,
And that’s what friends do.

*Just a little 10 minute poem I wrote because I was fed up with a conversation I had about the impossibility of male/female friendships yesterday. Although I’m still not positive you could consider me a female… 😉

8 thoughts on “Ode To My Friends

  1. Oh that is ridiculous! Sounds like you need better people to converse with! If you saw my post from Saturday, some of my best friends are guys!

  2. It was my mom. :/

    She gets this way every year when I go on vacation, since all my friends are men. She doesn’t like me to stay with them in our hotel room…or eat meals together…or drive out in one car…or really just spending time together.

    Yeah…I’m going to drive 10-12 hours to pay full hotel room cost, just to eat and play games alone. Sounds fun, right? 😛

    I’ve never told her about my gender dysphoria. She still thinks I’ll “blossom into my innate womanhood” someday.

  3. Moms are rough, but eventually they “get” you. Hang in there. My mom gave me same issues when I was a teenager. I’d have a million guy friends and she thought I was dating all of them! Hell, I just ended a long-term friendship with a girl because she was so weird about me staying friends with my exes — who are like BROTHERS — to me. She was such a jealous person, she couldn’t understand that my husband wasn’t jealous. (I feel incredibly blessed that my husband and I aren’t jealous people!)

  4. Thanks. It’ll be fine, she will get over it (until next year).

    Congrats for finding a not-jealous man to share your life with…and for being not-jealous yourself! As you might have read in my “Multiple Partners” post, my FwB and I are the same way. There’s very few of us left, I think. 🙂

  5. Oh man, this is such a lovely poem. The perfect answer to those doubters 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. OOOOOOOO oooo weee,

    I am not singing the hook to Wild night with John Cougar Mellancamp and Me’Shell N’daLimeJello or whatever her name is, I’m just expressing a little bit of unhappiness. Guys and girl can make great friends. Hey if Surf and Turf can work so well as your neighborhood bar and grill so can chicks and dicks, even chicks with DIcks given today’s modern science and surgical know how.

    I used to have a lot of female friends things change after they get married and have kids and are trying to juggle a career. Ive never had a female friend I wanted to “pack”. I just saw them as the part of my posse with boobs who could get us out of tickets on road trips. (Im being silly). Female friends are nice to have they balance things out

    Im in a silly mood, forgive the lack of a good answer

    Im MrMary and I like this blog

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