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Finding Beauty In Everyone

I’ve been having a conversation about relationships with a guy I consider to be an online friend. In a recent email he mentioned that he finds the majority of women unattractive, perhaps due in part to being overly fond of anime and the proportions of women/girls contained therein. Shapely cartoon females aside, I thought this to be an odd way of reacting to such a large segment of one’s own species, especially given that there are so very many body types.
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Virgin Shaming = Not Cool, Bro

It happened one Friday night at the store I currently work for. I was off the clock, but hanging around waiting for our after-hours Eclipse Phase game (a cool sci-fi/transhumanist RPG), and I overheard a conversation between 2 young twenty-something year old customers, one of whom I didn’t know. I’ve changed the names of those involved, but the discussion is as close to word for word as I can recall.
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10 Things I’ve Never Done

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. It has been a crazy time, getting this new store open. This entire 60 hour work week was extremely busy, and I don’t even have off today like I planned (turns out we have an impromptu staff meeting AND inventory count – yay!) Tomorrow it all starts again…more cleaning, painting, putting up drywall, spackling, sanding, ordering fixtures, etc. At least I like manual labor, this month would suck if I didn’t!
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Waiting to “Hit the Wall”

While we’re waiting to see which topic wins out on my last post’s poll, I thought I’d talk about something that has been on my mind lately. Namely, aging and how Western society responds to it.

There seems to be a weird feeling that being older than 25-30 is a terrible thing, especially for women…so much so that there’s a term for it in certain parts of the internet: “Hitting the Wall”. A phrase that used to belong solely to athletes has been redefined for use when describing the human body, and again, women’s in particular. Why?

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