10 Things I’ve Never Done

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. It has been a crazy time, getting this new store open. This entire 60 hour work week was extremely busy, and I don’t even have off today like I planned (turns out we have an impromptu staff meeting AND inventory count – yay!) Tomorrow it all starts again…more cleaning, painting, putting up drywall, spackling, sanding, ordering fixtures, etc. At least I like manual labor, this month would suck if I didn’t!

At any rate, this does mean I have not had as much free time as I was hoping, so I’ve not been able to finish either one of the fairly long posts that were most voted for. I suppose I could just half-ass them for you, but since their topics are ones that deserve more discussion, I’d prefer not to. Hence, the reason why today’s post is an easier/shorter one. Hope you guys don’t mind too much, and I promise the other (more desired) posts will be up as soon as I can do them. You know…when I have a life again.

Now, without further ado, 10 things I have never done!

1. Gotten Drunk

Yes, Β I know…I’m really uncool for being 29 and responsible. But despite being born and raised in America, I spent my formative years being raised by my very German grandmothers. Every morning my great grandmother and grandmother would have a single glass of wine, and I’d get half a shot glass to sip on with them. I was taught that drinking was good for you but only in small doses, and this has pretty much been my “go to” advice for drinking. Besides, I don’t drink crap. When I buy myself a drink, I want to remember how good it (and the time I’m having) was. Plus, hangovers don’t sound like something anyone should aspire to.

2. Done Drugs/Tried A Cigarette

Obviously, I don’t mean “drugs” like caffeine or aspirin. You know exactly what I’m talking about…things like pot, crack, ecstasy, the whole nine yards. Truthfully, I wouldn’t even know how to go about getting them. But I’m enough of a Type A personality that even if they were freely available, I’d never want to give up my control. I guess I just don’t understand *why* people take them. Same with cigarettes. They smell god-awful, stain your teeth, mess up your metabolism, and have you read the ingredients on a package? Sorry, not anything I want to come in contact with.

Note: I know some of my readers probably smoke and some are from countries where the “lighter” types of drugs are legal. I’m not fully condemning that, I just refuse to support it on a personal level.

3. Been To A Nightclub/Bar

Oh, I’ve walked by some in NYC (kinda hard not to in some districts) but they look loud, smokey, crowded, and the conversations being had by the folks waiting in line to get in are less than articulate. Maybe some nightclubs are nice, bright, and clean with good entertainment. Maybe some bars have good food, lovely drinks, and scintillating conversations going on, where guys don’t randomly buy you cheap drinks and girls don’t accept them anyway. If there is such a bar/nightclub in the US, please let me know and I’ll try to visit. Otherwise, leave me to my quiet nights at home with a good meal, good friends, and good books.

4. Been In A Physical Fight
Saw quite a few in school, two in the parking lot of my first job, narrowly avoided them with my father when he was not taking his bipolar medications and flew into violent rages when I still visited him. Frankly, I rarely see the reason behind why physical altercations start…I have always thought that “the right to swing my fist ends at the tip of your nose”. Once someone goes from using words to using punches and kicks, that’s a whole different ballgame. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, or child: Just walk away and calm down, there’s no need to resort to violence.


5. Kicked A Guy In The Groin

I was really surprised (and very saddened) when this topic came up after work one night. Of the coworkers and lingering customers, 7 of them were women and 8 of them were men. Each of the 7 women (myself excluded) said that they’d kicked a guy in his groin area at least once in their life and a few said they’d done it multiple times (to different guys). The reasons given for doing such a heinous act were very poor, usually it was just because the guy was being an annoying jerk or a bully. Perhaps it’s because my aforementioned grandmothers taught me that you should never harm someone in their genitals, or maybe it’s because I have been kneed in the groin repeatedly by a guy** and understand just how painful it is…but I have never been so mad at a male peer that my immediate reaction would be to hurt them so grievously. If any reader has more info on this, or why it seems to be at least somewhat accepted in the US (as none of these women were ever given detention/suspended), I’d be interested in seeing it.

6. Had Surgery/ Been To A Hospital

Other than being born, I have never been to a hospital. All the times I fell out of trees, off my bike, down hills in barrels, got pushed down the stairs at school, shoved into lockers, or was just a clumsy preteen…I never got anything more than a sprain. One time I dislocated 2 of my fingers, but a quick (really painful) pull snapped them back into place. Guess I’m just really lucky that way.

7. Gone To A Female Sleepover

Ones with my friends where I was the only female? Lots of times. Ones where there were other girls present? Nope. I did try one time, in 5th grade, to go to one, but I had my parents pick me up before 11pm because most of the girls were being cruel to another girl and myself. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just hang out with my real friends.

8. Worked At A Job I Hated

I started working retail when I was 17, to afford my car insurance payments. I have had 3 different employers, with this current job being my favorite. Honestly, I’ve always been of the mind that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. And if you’re in a job you hate, they better be paying you well or times must be desperate. There’s always something bigger and better out there. Take advantage of that!

9. Felt Bad For Still Watching Cartoons And Playing Videogames

The more conservative news stations have been on a recent kick of reporting on “peter pan syndrome”, where grown men (and sometimes women) are not being adult enough for their tastes. These “troublesome” people are getting “easy” jobs, playing video games/RPGs, not marrying or having kids, and being satisfied living in 1 bedroom apartments. Oh, the horror! Give me a break. I work 45+ hours every week, I pay my taxes and bills on time, I paid for my own college education, and enjoy living alone. Just because some people think that “games and comics are for children” doesn’t mean that we Peter Pans are somehow detrimental to society at large. You can spend your money on expensive clothes or cars…we’ll be over here with OUR versions of fun.

10. Turned Down Sex

Um, hello? It’s sex! Okay, maybe that’s not fair to people who are asexual or have medical issues where any kind of penetration/penetrating is painful. If this is the case with any of my readers, I’m totally supportive of the decision you make that are good for you. I also acknowledge that I have an insanely high sex drive, and would do it 3 or 4 times a day if it was possible. Also, I am lucky enough to have a lover who is incredibly skilled and enthusiastic, so that probably doesn’t hurt. What’s funny is that in the 8 years my FwB and I have been “together”, he has turned down sex about 9 or 10 times. Damn stomach aches and headaches are horrible…

**See my post “Experiences with Bullies”

Well, that’s all for now. If by some stroke of luck I’m able to work on either one of the 2 winning posts, I’ll certainly post them later this week. Please don’t hold your breath though…it most likely won’t happen. Let me know what you think of my list, or leave your own in the comments!


25 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. I’ve done them all, and had by age 29… with the exception of kicking a guy in the nutsack (that was sort of random?). I’m hoping most people have never done that one.


    It’s nice you’ve never had to work at a job you hated, or been to the hospital, Sophia.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, I know that one was very random, but given how many women I’ve spoken to about “how to handle bullies” and how many of them admitted to kicking boys like that…Well, I figured it was something to mention. Sadly, it seems a lot of women have done this, and usually not for good reasons.

  3. @Liz

    I had just noticed (from looking at your comment, actually) that my draft got posted instead of my finished version. Hopefully it’s less confusing now!

  4. as far as #2, I wouldn’t tell you to change your principals…

    but for me, mind altering substances gave me some amazing, life changing experiences. It wasn’t about losing control (which is an illusion anyways) but about altered perception.

    It allowed me to realize that how I currently perceive the world isn’t the only way, or like that olde quote “your focus determines your reality.”

    Strangely enough, when I first heard of concepts like “the observing self” I thought it was “out there” but after my experiences, I have some understanding on an intuitive level.

  5. my strongest hallucination was a dream when I had a fever. In the dream, I was pure energy, when I woke, I didn’t even know where I was or who I was.

    I tried meditation but I’m too hyperactive and my brain wouldn’t settle down.

    As far as not going to a nightclub/bar-I’d say you aren’t missing much except for live music. Most times I’m in a that sort of venue is to see live music.

  6. Sleep and I have always had a difficult relationship at best…If I want hallucinations, I just have to wait for my sleep paralysis to kick in, which usually happens about 5x a month. Lying in bed, unable to move, hard to breathe, and shadowy figures and/or auditory hallucinations? Yup, got them all. It used to be scary when I was young, but now that I know what causes it, it’s not so bad.

    Live music is pretty cool, but I like musicals better so I just go to plays in my community. It’s not Broadway, but they’re still fun to see.

  7. my only experience with live theater was the Rocky Horror Picture Show, live performers would act along with the movie. While standing inline, a lady with red lipstick would write things like virgin and slut on peoples faces. I think she drew a wiener on mine. Everyone was given props like squirt guns and decks of cards. Definitely strange.

  8. Being kicked in the testicles sucked. Then I will feeling like pooping afterwards at the same time my testicles are sore.

    But concerning why kicking people in the testicles is acceptable. It goes back to the general misandry in western society. And the fact that men are more disposable.

  9. Huh, well I was incredibly sore afterwards and had trouble urinating for about 24 hrs, but yeah…being kicked in the groin is *still* the worst pain I’ve ever felt to date.

    I will agree that men getting groin injuries/genital violence is more “acceptable” to Western society. It is a truly sad state of affairs that someone else’s intense pain is so often “humorous”.

  10. @infowarrior

    Really? Huh, I’d have thought it was a given. I mean, after all…they are genitals, which are one of the most sensitive parts of the human anatomy. Maybe this would help:


    I can honestly say that being kneed 3x hard in the crotch was exceptionally painful. When the bully let go of me, I couldn’t even crawl away from him…all I could do was cup my genital area, curl up in the fetal position, and hope that he wouldn’t kick me. The pain was unimaginable, and my clit and labia stayed bruised and sore for nearly a week. It was the most horrible thing ever done to me by a peer, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  11. At least a kick in the groin is unlikely to cause a girl permanent injury. I know a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, and when she found out she kneed him so hard and so many times she ruptured both his testicles. Essentially castrated him.

  12. @lolenjoy

    Hello, and thanks for commenting. I hope that horrible woman got sent to prison and fined heavily, not to mention forced to pay for all his medical bills. If a loved one cheats, that is still no reason to do them harm…simply separate and move on.

    As for doing permanent damage, women can also get severely harmed by repeated groin injuries to the point where reproduction is extremely painful or impossible. But I think the point to take from all of this is to teach people that kicking *anyone* in the genitals is cruel and revolting.

  13. This is so random and honest. I like it. I may write about the same topic actually. I like how you are not apologizing for the things you haven’t done and it’s just who you are. Being drunk is pretty bad, by the way, so you haven’t missed a thing πŸ˜€

  14. @Tarnished
    Actually I believe she received a suspended sentence, the leniency being because they were both teenagers at the time. Luckily this happened in the UK so there were no medical bills, although I think that was little consolation for the guy who lost his manhood.

    Personally I think you could write a thesis on the psychology of groin attacks, but what always surprises me is how many women think his injury was an unfortunate accident but the girl targeting his testicles was not only justified but appropriate. One woman summed it up as ‘he hurt her as much as possible emotionally, so she hurt him as much as possible physically’. Interesting worldview!

  15. Wow, that is incredible…and not in a good way. The fact that they were teens should not have factored in, especially as I’m guessing they were at least 16-18 years of age. I’m glad he had no medical bills, but she still should have been sued big time.

    You’re probably right about the idea of writing a whole theory about the “groin kicking” topic. I am happily single, but I know that if my hypothetical partner cheated on me I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them, and especially not like *that*. It would be a chance to either A) find a partner who cares more about my feelings or B) talk about and rectify the weaknesses in our relationship.

    I can think of so very many other things that are more damaging on an emotional level…but even if I couldn’t, there is NO REASON (besides avoiding being raped/murdered) to harm another man or woman’s genitals!


  16. @Virgin Male

    Yeah, I’m a regular nympho. Unfortunately our schedules usually only allow us time for once, maybe twice, a week. I always make sure that I satisfy myself numerous times on my days off though. πŸ˜‰

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