Why I Don’t Care Much For Facebook

The very name, in my warped sense of humor, conjures up a memory of the Necronomicon rather than a social media site. Be that as it may, I do recognize that it has it’s uses. Some of the good functions of Facebook include:

1. Being able to find old friends.
I personally have been able to find 4 guys I used to hang out with in high school. It’s nice to see that they’re doing well in their own lives, and be able to catch up, however infrequently.

2. Free business advertising.
The mom & pop chain I work for had a Facebook account before I did. In fact, us employees were told to make our own accounts so that we could “Share” and “Like” the various business posts, and help it to get more views. It’s also incredibly helpful for letting your customers know about hourly sales, holiday/weather closings, and invite them to large upcoming events. Same for promoting an upcoming book, toy, or charity event.

3. Find groups of interest.
True, some of these groups are just stupid opinions and will probably only have 10 followers, but others are very well done. For example, there are groups for photography, bird watching, leather working, miniatures gaming, cooking, metallurgy, fencing, book clubs…you name it. If you’re new to an area, Facebook can provide a free and easy way to hook up with people who share your hobbies.

4. Sharing photos with loved ones.
You can use email, dropbox, regular postal services, etc to do the same thing of course. But we all know the relative or friend that is utterly hopeless when it comes to modern technology…if it doesn’t have a joystick and 1 button like an Atari 2600 controller, they want no part in it. Facebook allows more people to see the holiday pictures or family reunions that you’d otherwise have to email to 40 separate addresses. And you can change your page so only people you’ve “Friended” can see what you post, so at least there’s a semblance of privacy.

If this is all Facebook was used for, I’d be on it more than once a month, and I’d change my notifications policy. As it is, I loathe most social media sites because of the stupidity and narcissism that is so frickin’ prevalent on it. Things such as:

1. Muscle pics.
Okay guys, I get that you’re doing good in your workouts, and you want to show off your abs and pecs. That’s not what I findattractive particularly attractive, but I’m happy that you’re motivated enough to keep up a healthy regiment. Good for you! But stop posting a picture every single hour…If you want a “picture journal” of the weight you’ve lost, do a weekly pic. Don’t bombard your friends with crappy cell phone photos of your chest numerous times a day.

2. Attention begging.
Ladies, this one is for you. Stop posting pics of yourself, with your hair, dress, and makeup done just right, and with a comment that says “I wish I was pretty”. This is a surefire way to get a *huge* amount of guys (and other gals) to log on just to say you’re beautiful/gorgeous/a princess. Duh, you just spent 2 hours getting yourself ready for this picture…what did you think everyone would say? Knock it off.

3. Talking about every problem you have.
There are people who have legitimate problems, like going hungry, having a terrible divorce, grieving from the loss of a loved one, needing chemotherapy to stay alive…you know, life altering stuff. So why the heck are you posting that you got a splinter in your pinky finger? And why the double-heck are all your friends acting like it’s the Worst Possible Experience Ever? Take care of the issue, get over it, and stop feeling bad for yourself in regards to something so minor that it doesn’t warrant attention.

4. Using Facebook as a photo album…of you.
Now, I may be a little biased since I only have 9 pictures total on my account, and only 3 of them are me (and even then, it’s with other people). But my dear ladies and gentlemen, I’m just letting you know, if I visit your page and it has literally 200 or more photos of *just you in various poses*? Yeah, I’m going to think you are conceited and vain. Seriously, who wants to be friends with someone who believes they are THE most important person in their social life AND wants everyone else to know it?

5. Complaining about nothing.
So your parents are filthy rich and bought you a brand-new, all accessories included, fresh off the assembly line $90,000 car?

Hey, that’s really cool. I hope you took the time to thank them.

What’s that? You say it’s exterior is white, but you wanted black? And you don’t care that numerous men and women toiled for hours to physically construct this vehicle, you’re going to wreck it so mommy and daddy will buy you the “right” one?

Bite me and go fall in a ditch. Or better yet, give the car to a charitable organization that can make good use of it, move out of your parent’s mansion, get a job, and learn what it’s like to *not* have expensive things handed to you. By the Gods, stop being so selfish and believing the world revolves around your personal tastes. Be thankful for what you have, and take time to realize that others have it far, FAR worse.

6. Duckface.
Why is this even a thing? When did it become attractive or cute to look like a waterfowl with swollen lips? You know who you are. Cease and desist immediately.

Thus concludes my rant. Thank you all for reading. Now get off your computers or cell phones and go outside. 😀


6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Care Much For Facebook

  1. All your peeves are mine too. I had an old boss who did the duckface in EVERY SINGLE FREAKING picture. I unfriended her because I was sick of looking at the same thing twice a day.

    I’ll fess up to being a bit of a FB haunter. There’s another good reason for having it: Expats like me who need to keep up with family and friends in different hemispheres. It makes keeping up on my old life much more convenient.

  2. Lol! Well said Sophia.
    I’m a facebook hater. Actually, I don’t like any of those social networking sites. I’m a dinosaur, and plan on staying that way. I won’t let my kids have a facebook account either.

  3. I like how simple it is to send messages, and so I can keep up with long-distance family, but I am over the ads and the junk that interrupt my voyeuring into people’s lives.

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