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Very quick post here, everyone. Almost more of an impromptu “survey” really.

So, over on AVfM there’s a new article up about why men give away sex all the time, even to women who don’t do very much to show they can actually bring anything besides their looks to the table.

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My Thoughts On The MGTOW Movement

Okay, this is probably going to be a very controversial post. I may get harsh comments or emails from various people who believe my view on this utterly wrong and possibly even sexist. Some readers may even wonder why I’d ever discuss such a loaded topic. But this is my blog, and as such is full of my beliefs already…might as well air this one out, too. Here goes, my opinion on the idea of Men Going Their Own Way:
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And This Is Why Wicca Isn’t Taken Seriously…

Okay everyone, gather round. It’s time for another rousing tale of customer specialness from my place of work! This…”discussion”…happened just 2 days ago, and thus is unfortunately still very fresh in my mind. Luckily it took place in the early morning, so only 1 other customer was subjected to the abject stupidity and strangeness that was “I’m a Wiccan, too!” Guy. Continue reading And This Is Why Wicca Isn’t Taken Seriously…

Gender Dysphoria And Sex

As most of my readers know, I have gender dysphoria. This means that while I’m definitely a woman in the physical sense I think of myself as a man for all intents and purposes…or at least until someone makes a comment that forces me to acknowledge the sex of my body. Given this information it does not come as a surprise to me that a number of commenters/private emailers ask for clarification about how I function in my sexual life. Hopefully this post will help to answer the two most asked questions;
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