I Love Days Like Today

It’s 7:30 pm as I write this, and the snow is still coming down hard like it has been doing all day…almost as though Father Winter has something to prove to us mere mortals.

Perhaps He is trying to show that the seasons will never move from their predetermined, stable cycle, no matter how much we humans attempt to change them.

I choose to think it is another way for the Gods to remind us to slow down every once in a while. To take time to sleep, ponder, love, and simply live…if only for a day. And yes, to give us pause to consider the beautiful, tragic reality that is death.

Which is why days that I get snowed in my home are ones that I do not let go to waste, though many may see my lack of actions as just that. And truly, besides read, dream, and eat well-prepared meals, what did I do today? Not much. I woke up at 7am as I always do, got ready for work, then received a call at 8 saying to stay home. I promptly got back into bed, and slept til 10am. Yes, I know that’s not very late for some people, but I know better than to tempt my tendency for sleep paralysis. 😉

Afterwards, I got up and had some hot cocoa while making spinach linguine with diced mushrooms, garlic bread, and vegetarian “meat”balls. It is a rare treat to not have to rush through a meal, and I slowly ate to the melodious voice of Lorrena McKennitt playing on my phone whilst reading The Princess Bride for the 100th time. For the rest of the day, I did small chores like dishes and cage cleaning, but for the most part was deliciously lazy.

And now, at 7:30 at night, I’m dressed in a wonderfully comfortable nightgown curled up on my couch. I have A Spell For Chameleon in my hand, a sleeping guinea pig on my lap, and a fluffed up cockatiel tucking herself under the side of my chin. As I write this, watching the snow gently cascading to the earth outside like the softest of falling stars, I am grateful for a slow, quiet, uneventful day such as today.

I sincerely hope that each of my readers gets a rejuvenating, no-demands day just like this. Everyone deserves one, we just have to catch them when they’re offered, and remember to relax and enjoy the things we have while they’re here.

Happy belated New Year, all.
Now, go slow down. 🙂

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