A Request Post

A commenter and blogging friend, Navigator, made a request on my last post to see some of the things I’d drawn in my free time and art classes. I can only find a few pieces right now, but they should give you a slight idea of my artistic ability in 8th and 9th grade.

So, here you go, Nav. Hope they are at least somewhat satisfactory. πŸ™‚

Just a typical still life.
Bat done with bamboo pens and Indian ink. No physical award, but was hung up in the school's "Artist Gallery" for a month so someone must've liked it.
Not very realistic looking, kinda cartoony phoenix.
I like bats, in case you didn't know.
Got an award for this one, can you believe it?
I was actually really happy with the way the wings came out on this.

12 thoughts on “A Request Post

  1. Yeah, I’m confused as to where the heck my more (relatively) recent stuff is…sorry.

    I love drawing insects, they’re like living machines the way they “fit” together. So different from most creatures!

  2. Thanks for sharing those sophia! They’re great! I like insect pictures too…I’m feeling inspired to create now.

  3. Hey there, Liz. I’d love to see some of your own work, though if you don’t have a blog it’s enough for me to know that my stuff got you doing something you like!

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