Perks Of Singlehood

A few semi-humorous good things about living by yourself. Add your own in the comments if I missed any!

1. You can come and go as you please, whether that’s at 2am or 4pm.

2. Nobody to eat the last of the leftovers…other than you, of course.

3. No arguing over chores or tasks.

4. Finances are always accounted for.

5. Can adopt whatever pets you want.

6. Clean whenever you feel like it, instead of on an unrealistic schedule.

7. No need to lie about where you’re going or who you’re going with.

8. Getting rid of debt is easier when new bills are fully planned for…and no one besides yourself can make them.

9. No excess beauty supplies/toiletries spread all over your bathroom.

10. Cooking for one is cheaper and generally easier.

11. No one to hide your porn from.

12. Savings stay saved.

13. No walking on eggshells due to fights or bad moods.

14. Your comics and toys never get thrown out or “accidentally” sold.

15. Never feel bad about only bringing home desserts that you like.

16. Wake up (or not) when you want on your days off.

17. No arguments about whether your job is “good enough”.

18. No worrying about someone else’s food allergies or dislikes.

19. Buy new toys, videogames, etc whenever you want.

20. If you want to just wear sweats/underwear and relax all day…who’s gonna tell you no?

21. Music and games are at a volume you desire…and can hear.

22. If something gets lost, it’s not because someone else moved it.

23. No finding out last minute that you have to cancel Guy’s Night to attend a party full of people you don’t know.

24. Take up the whole bed and all the covers. Guilt free.

25. Make major decisions without needing to discuss with anyone else.

26. Your hobbies don’t require another’s approval.

27. Sleep on the couch because you want to, not because you have to.

28. Can have casual/FwB relationships or one night stands.

29. Can get “in touch” with yourself as often as you want, without anyone walking in on you.

30. Take that job that makes less money but makes you happier.

31. No ones snoring to deal with.

32. You want a rockin’ bachelor pad instead of something from the cover of “Home and Gardens”. Go right ahead.

33. Big screen tv. Need I say more?

34. Can leave books/projects on the kitchen table…coffee table…nightstand…for months.

35. Freedom. Sweet, unadulterated, 100% organic, freedom.

14 thoughts on “Perks Of Singlehood

  1. @Nav

    Oh, most definitely. That’s what makes you a good parent. But for those of us without children (by choice) it’s a different ballgame.

    As I like to say to people who tell me I should have children of my own: I love kids…especially when I can give them back at the end of the day. 😉

  2. Hear you. Truth be told, I am probably closer to grandparent territory than parent territory. I’ll get to hand them back too one day. };-)>
    (Although you’re a swell person and would have made a wonderful parent in a different universe.)

  3. And you’ll be an awesome grandfather, too. Of this I’m sure.

    I probably would have made a good parent. One day I’d like to help kids, maybe be a camp counselor or volunteer with the Spiral Scouts. Or perhaps just be that nice older neighbor who gives out the best candy on Halloween and has funny stories to tell…who knows.

  4. Of course the downside to being alone is when one gets sick and their friends and extended family can’t find the time or compassion to visit or help.

  5. @warsie

    Thankfully, no. The only relationship I’ve ever been in is the FwB one I’ve had for the last 7+ years, and it is truly awesome and fantastic. But various friends, relatives, and people I have spoken to online have made me grateful to have the single life.

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