Open Thread #1

At the behest of some commenters, I’ve made this open post/thread. My usual Comments Policy is still in effect, but otherwise…anything goes.

Ask me or others questions.
Talk about religion, sex, music, education, tv shows you like or hate, the afterlife, nature, philosophy, gender roles, exchange recipes (Navigator needs some healthy ones. πŸ˜‰ Or so I read…)

All topics are up for grabs.
Have at it!


20 thoughts on “Open Thread #1

  1. Some bits from my mind:

    -I believe that animals besides humans have souls.

    -My favorite poem is “The Hangman”.

    -I love baked tofu, though I’ve never made it.

    -Why do people spend so much time thinking about other people’s sex lives?

    -Public schools should have non-religious ethics courses. Yay or nay?

    -My current favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time, and Rumplestiltskin is my favorite character. For some reason I’m very much attracted to characters with lonely hearts…they bring out my protective side.

    -When/if I retire, I want to buy an RV and travel to every continental state.

    -I don’t believe the supernatural is necessarily required to understand that nature is super.

    -I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a husband. On the one hand, it would be nice to have someone to spoil and cherish and make happy. On the other, it’s a frightening concept because it’d be far too easy to live for another’s happiness and forget about my own. Besides, I enjoy singlehood and freedom too much.

  2. My thoughts on your thoughts:
    – I like the thought of animals having souls, and then I think about how I like to eat them and then feel funny about it…… yeah, still not becoming a vegetarian.
    – I’ve literally only liked one poem in my entire life. It’s called Invictus. I hate poetry but I oddly respect it.
    – Never had baked tofu but I don’t think tofu had a taste, I thought it tasted like whatever you seasoned it with. Maybe you like seasoning???
    -I think people like thinking/talking about other peoples sex lives because we’re all pervs we just don’t want to admit it.
    -Ethics classy is a tricky thing. Who gets to decide what’s considered ethical?
    – TV: I tend to like really high brow stuff like Breaking Bad and then the trashiest shit you can think of, like real housewife status bad. It’s the middle of the road shit I can’t abide (I’m looking at you 2 and 1/2 men!). I just hate anything with a laugh track that’s filmed in front of a live studio audience. As for Once, I like that show and love Hook. I have a thing for smart, funny dudes that can banter, I’m also partial to darker hair. I had a HUGE crush on Jon Stewart in college. Hell, I’d still hit it .
    – Retiring: I don’t want to ever stop working, maybe just cut down and I’d definitely like to travel just not by car. I have A.D.D. and cannot sit still. Everyone hates watching movies with me.
    – Nature Stuff: You should watch Cosmos, just started it and its really awesome.
    -I sometimes wonder what it would be like to still be single. Dating sounds exciting and it must be cool to meet new people…in theory. Then I hear from single friends how awful it is and some of there crazy/scary dates and it all just sounds exhausting. I sometimes think if things didn’t work out with my husband that I would probably just be single for the rest of my life. I don’t really think I have the fortitude or patience to really enter the dating world again.
    -Random: I’ve always wondered why MRA guys don’t advocate actively for the legalization of prostitution. Seems like most blogs recommend using them. Maybe the prostitutes don’t want their help???????

  3. I hope my kitty cats have souls. And I think they do. I think people spend so much time thinking about other people’s sex lives partly because they’re trying to assess themselves. Yes I think the school should have at this classes. I included discussion on ethics in my own classes.

  4. Re: “-Why do people spend so much time thinking about other people’s sex lives?”
    More to the point: Why do so many people spend so much time pushing their sexuality in other people’s faces?

  5. Well as far as thinking about others’ sex lives, I can answer that one for myself. If you can’t get any and you’re always on the outside looking in, then you can’t help but wonder what it’s like.

  6. @UV

    That’s true. I remember that from when I was still a virgin. My question was directed more towards idiot lawmakers who believe that homosexuality should be a crime…but you make an excellent point as well.

    By the way, I saw your email and will respond today after work. πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t think homosexuality should be a crime. And not only do I think gay marriage should be allowed, but I think they should be forced to get married. They should have to suffer like the rest of us. I’m tired of seeing them strutting around all fit and healthy because they don’t have a spouse at home sucking the life and will to live out of them.
    But I digress.
    No worries about the email. I just hope I’m not going overboard with my curiosity. Feel free to slap me down if I am.

  8. Hmmm Ive never wondered what it be like to have a husband. I guess that is one place where we differ. Im with you on animals having souls and going through every state, well as many as I can without the whole stand your ground thing. I don’t believe in the supernatural. I think rather there are laws of nature that we are not yet acquainted yet and that we cannot factor into our reasoning so what appears like supernatural is completely natural ..uhm yeah

    We are a social species so i don’t think we can define ourselves and create a working personality in a vacuum. People compare and contrast themselves with other to find out where they fit. Of course it doesnt for many stop there they get off on demonizing anything different from them etc. I got reason that.

    I think non religious ethics should be included in the curriculum

  9. “Cosmos” on FOX (of all the channels!), is a great show that has the hyper fundamentalist creationist christians really fired up. Reading the commentary about the show at “Salon” is almost more fun than watching the show!

  10. I’m convinced that all animals with free will have spirits and will exist in the afterlife; I’m a devout Christian believer. I’m looking forward to meeting a friendly talking T. Rex.
    My favorite poetess is Emily Dickinson.
    Non-religious ethics? Then whose ethics would this be based upon?
    I would love to travel: California, France, Czech Republic; never been to these places. Ukraine was a treat.
    For me, television is going down the toilet. Then you’re just sitting there watching car commercials. My favorite show was My Favorite Martian. I have every single episode on DVD.
    Nature is super by itself without any supernatural. However, the supernatural is required to bring about its existence, as a painter is required to bring about a great work of art.
    I was married for 2 months ~ never again. I’m convinced that feminism is destroying marriage. In retort, people say that women were miserable before feminism. But where’s the proof or even the evidence for this?

  11. Several questions:
    @Tarnished: You said at one point you’re bisexual. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a wife? I’m straight and I’ve thought about it (I have to admit, a large part of it is the idea we could share clothes. That would be pretty awesome).
    @KC Sunbeam: How is feminism ruining marriage? Can you elaborate? Also, who says women are miserable now? Where’s the proof of women’s happiness at any point in history?

  12. @ S. Witty: Feminism ruins marriage because many women use it to disavow themselves of men. Before feminism, women were dependent on men, and hence couldn’t do that.
    I don’t think that anyone says that women are miserable now, but they did before feminism had gathered steam. People such as Betty Friedan.
    There’s no proof of women’s happiness at any point in history, but there’s no proof of men’s happiness at any point in history either. Throughout history, men toiled from morning to night; no eight hour workday or overtime pay, no OSHA to create safe work environments, no health insurance, no workman’s compensation, and no social security.
    For an in depth discussion of feminism, please see my chapters Grrrl Power parts 1 and 2 in my book Wowed by Truth. ( )

  13. @Something Witty

    I’ve thought about the wife idea, but never seriously. I don’t get along with most women in person (actually have a difficult time understanding them, honestly). I’d be up for another FwB arrangement if I ever had a female friend again, but would never consider proposing.

    I’m bisexual in that I find women sexually attractive and get turned on by a good number of them, but that’s about as far as it goes. Men are far easier to understand and relax around, in my experience.

  14. In the course of this century, was any particular white racist in the U.S. as much harmful to black people of his country as this person, black herself, to black citizens of South Africa?

  15. @Exfernal

    Any one single racist? I don’t know off hand, maybe other commenters would. I agree that her stupid and pseudoscience based actions/lack thereof resulted in numerous deaths. But she did not create these policies due to racism…she created them because she was foolish enough to believe (like some others do) that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and that it can be “cured” by non-medicinal means.

    If she’d denied people medicine because they were black, that would be racist. Denying people medicine because of idiotic false beliefs doesn’t wash the blood from her hands, but it’s not racist.

  16. “According to the 2011 UNAIDS Report, South Africa has an estimated 5.6 million people living with HIV – more than any other country in the world.[168] A 2008 study revealed that HIV/AIDS infection in South Africa is distinctly divided along racial lines: 13.6% of blacks are HIV-positive, whereas only 0.3% of whites have the disease.[169] Most deaths are experienced by economically active individuals, resulting in many AIDS orphans who in many cases depend on the state for care and financial support.[170] It is estimated that there are 1,200,000 orphans in South Africa.”
    Practically a racial issue there.

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