Makeup? Cosmetics? No Thanks!

I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t wear makeup. At all. Honestly, I just do not see the need for it, and there’s many reasons not to, so why should I be bothered with it?

Many cosmetics are not vegetarian. If I’m not going to eat it, why do I want it on my face?
While there are a growing number of companies that cater to the “no animal testing/plant derived ingredients” crowd, the majority of cosmetics found in salons, pharmacies, and grocery stores have no qualms about making rabbits go blind or using scientific labels for ingredients to mask what they truly are. Next time you put that foundation on, or begin to crack open a new lipstick, you might want to research what those actually have in them…after all, do you really want whale intestine, beetle shells, or beef fat in your pores?
Check here:

Makeup is a mask. I want people to see the real me.
Sorry, but I’ve always considered the use of cosmetics to be a form of false advertising. Face it: Your eyes aren’t normally that big, your lips could never be that shade of red, your eyelashes are not that thick and curved…the list goes on. Women do not ovulate every day of the month, but when they wear blush, make their eyes darker, and paint their lips, those are the exact physical signals that are being (un?)intentionally sent to any man who looks at them. Is this really fair? In my opinion, no. If somebody thinks I’m attractive they should think that without me having to “lie”. I enjoy the fact that I look exactly the same when I get out of bed as I do at 3 in the afternoon. (Well, less groggy and without knotted hair, but you get what I mean.) I don’t like the idea of this attractiveness scam, so I don’t partake in it.

I was never taught how to use it, so some of it is difficult to put on.
Gender dysphoric, remember? As a child and teen I had absolutely no interest in cosmetics…shoes…fashionable clothes, etc. They may as well have not existed. Luckily my mother never tried to force me to learn when she gleefully taught my younger sisters how to “improve” their looks. However, this also means I’m fairly hopeless at anything other than the most basic of applications.
Which works for me, because males don’t tend to use makeup anyway.

It can clog your pores, and make acne worse.
Think about the unfortunate teen with acne or even just a minor breakout of pimples. What did I see girl after girl in middle/high school do? That’s right.Lather on a bunch of foundation or concealer. Because putting more gunk on your already inflamed skin is definitely going to help it get better and not just cover up the problem. Yeesh…come on ladies. Be more proactive about your skin’s health, it’s the only face you’ve got.

It means waking up earlier and going to bed later.
Entirely self-serving reasons here, to be sure, but it’s also true. Even the barest amount of makeup can take 10-15 minutes to do correctly, and more elaborate routines can take over 40. Add this to the lotion, hairstyle, and shower regimens that so many women and girls already perform…and you have the reason it takes over an hour to get out the door rather than the 20 minutes it could take. And then you need to take it all back off when you get home, and regular soap and water doesn’t usually suffice. So then you spend another 10 minutes cleaning up before hitting the hay instead of just being able to strip and curl up in bed. Yeah, I like my sleep a little too much to go through all that trouble.

It covers your face and makes life more difficult/less enjoyable.
Okay, the “less enjoyable” part may only be evident to women who pay attention to minor details, but that has been my experience the few times I have worn makeup. Mascara makes my eyes itch and water, so I’m constantly feeling the need to rub them and worrying that it’s going to start running. Eyeshadow makes my eyes look too big, so I’m concerned about looking like a weird doll all day. Lipstick can get on the inside of your mouth in small amounts when eating, ruining an otherwise delicious meal and making your lips feel cracked when it dries out. Foundation and blush cover the rest of your face and all the tiny hairs on it. Can’t tell you how much I miss the slight breezes and sunlight on bare skin that is impossible to experience when wearing cosmetics. It can really deaden your senses if you’re normally one who relishes these things.

So female readers: do you like wearing makeup? How often do you go without it? Can you go without it?

Male readers: what look do you prefer on women, natural or done up? If society was accepting of it, would you wear cosmetics?

24 thoughts on “Makeup? Cosmetics? No Thanks!

  1. I wear cosmetics but I don’t pancake it on, that’s for Theater actors. I can’t go “natural” because of adult acne (redness, hyperpigmentation, large pores etc.) and I battle that first and put very little concealer and mineral powder on then go about my day, takes me less than 10 min. I understand your frustration as well as the Billion dollar cosmetic industry hype out here. But know that many of us who do wear cosmetics occasionally and even everyday make the effort to have a “natural look” the Nude face, lip and eye is in now, in fact many women prefer it. Bold eyes and lips are for individuals who want to show off their best assets. It’s an age old thing in the laws of attraction. In this age of plastic surgery enhancements, It’s hard for many people to be “natural” you’ve got to factor in the self esteem issues.
    As per the “cruelty free” companies, I just got my list in the mail the other day and unfortunately for me as a brown skin woman, many of the companies don’t have colors that suit my face. Anyway, I’ve informed my self. I hope you at least wear sunscreen on your face and lips to prevent burn, moisturize and wash your face. Some people take going “natural” to the extreme. Anyway sorry I wrote so long but as a “Pro-Makeup” chick, I just had to speak on it. Try ( a vegan skincare site) and ( natural skin tone cosmetics clinically tested on humans)
    The basis of cosmetics is part of the laws of attraction. Women use it to enhance their chances of snagging a mate, just as some men wear cologne, groom well and nice clothes to attract a female. Every animal has a mating dance or call šŸ˜‰

  2. PS- most of the time it makes women just feel pretty, sexy and refreshed. Nothing wrong with a little enhancement even if you’re just doing it for yourself.

  3. I don’t either. The only thing I ever use is a moisturizing cream because of the climate or else the skin gets very dry and itchy. Other than that, I have never used anything. More than anything, for me it is a waste of time and I always think that after all that effort may be I might look a little bit different, but it is still me isn’t.

  4. I really like this. I don’t wear makeup either. My mom didn’t really let me wear and she emphasized loving myself just the way I was. I wore it to prom once and I think I looked a little ridiculous. My sister wears makeup minimally and only all-natural makeup. If I were to decide to wear it, I’d do the same.

  5. Like almost everything in life, this is a self-fulfilling prophesy, that is to say the only consequences of action or inaction are those that the individual receives. I’ve known plenty of women who look jaw-droppingly stellar on Friday night with clearly effort-laden makeup application procedures taken before they ventured out. I’ve known plenty of women who have an immutable radiance, even with frazzled hair and tired eyes at Sunday morning breakfast.
    Point is, you do what you care to do, and it garners the results it garners. The only thing in life that defines necessity of action is YOUR particular goals. After that, there’s no rules and no requirements. The rest is up to you and you alone. ‘Course, that’s actually a rather general truth that most folks don’t recognize (or aren’t willing to).

  6. My husband doesn’t like it when I wear makeup, but I keep it very very light. To go out: Moisturizer, a light coat of foundation, and a stain ‘nude’ shade of lipstick. Takes less than five minutes. Maxed out for a big night: I add eyeliner, and mascara. That’s it. šŸ™‚

  7. I don’t think that make up is that in and of itself. It can be fun and self-expressive, and it can be a way to celebrate femininity (which you probably wouldn’t be into).
    I see it as a problem when you use testing that harms animals and when women feel like they have to have it, or they don’t look right… or something’s wrong with them.

  8. @msmimincnyc

    Hi there. I understand that adult acne can really suck. I had a coworker with it, and he once admitted to wearing a light layer of concealer even though it’s makeup. I’m pretty happy that the nude look is in, though it still kinda strikes me as ironic that women have to be hyper-natural.

    That’s stupid that so many companies still cater to a white/Caucasian populace…there’s so many colors of people! Just another subtle aspect of white privilege that I wish could be taken out with the trash.

    Lol, oh definitely. Sunscreen is incredibly important for everyone, and I do need to use a moisturizer on my chin and forehead otherwise I look very lizard-y. I think those who take “natural” to the point where they don’t wash as much as they should are forgetting that just about every other animal takes a bath/cleans themselves in some way and that humans should too.

    Don’t ever feel the need to apologize for your opinions, especially on such a topic as this! Everyone is entitled, right? šŸ™‚

  9. @KG

    I’m the same way. I have no artistic skills when it comes to cosmetics, so anything I could potentially do is so minimal that I prefer to spend the time making sure my hair and skin are fresh and clean rather than made-up.

  10. @sexandthecincy

    Glad to hear it. I always thought to myself “if men don’t have to change their face to be accepted, why should I”. I’d prefer it if more men and women focused on being healthy than trying to attain some random notion of “beauty/handsome”.

  11. Thanks, as a black/latina woman i can be passionate about a subject in english and spanish lol, you’re so right. I too find it frustrating that we women have to put on a face in order to be accepted but unfortunately for some ( those extreme people) take it too hard and do too much while others don’t even try! :/ Everything in moderation from what you eat to how you live. I’m so enraged about so many aspect of the beauty conversation that i read in magazines from Kenyan women wanting to have white skin to butt implants its so ridiculous, how did we get to this point? SMH

  12. You’re so right. I may not like cosmetics, but I enjoy soaps and lotions, almost to a fault. I love finding a new lotion that has no animal testing *and* feels good on my skin, or a soap that compliments my own scent instead of completely masking it.

    Hey, I took Spanish in high school and college…if you want to comment in a language other than English, I’m cool with that.

    Ugh, I read about how some dark women actually use skin bleach, or how some Asian women get eye-fold surgery. Then you have tummy tucks, hip reductions, chin implants, breast enlargements, lip and butt “boosters”…even f-ing labia or penile cosmetic surgery! For Gods’ sake, this world is ridiculous. Moderation indeed.

  13. Don’t forget ass bleaching, Sophia!
    People actually bleach their anuses now (guess the natural pink is out). Crazy stuff.

  14. Cross my heart. Unfortunately, it’s true.
    I know it sounds like something that belongs at the Capitol in Hunger Games.

  15. Liz, I just…ugh. That’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard of. Seriously? I didn’t even think people paid attention to something like that for longer than it takes to have anal sex/play…and even then, I haven’t ever thought to myself “wow, this experience would be so much better if my lover’s anus was bleached!”. Who thinks that way?

  16. “I prefer women to wear little to no makeup, and Iā€™m pretty sure most men would agree.”
    I endorse this comment. Women who use the least-necessary amount of make-up to enhance their looks are alright with me. Those who have to use make-up to completely alter their appearance and become someone completely different are hiding their real selves. No wise man would get too involved with such a woman, for she’s lying from the get-go.

  17. @blurkel

    Well, I can appreciate women (or even men, to be fair) who have skin disorders or discolorations that they prefer to cover up. But yes, for the most part I believe women should go without the type of cosmetics that make them look utterly different. For example, my aunt on my father’s side looks like a completely separate person when she wakes up vs. when she’s ready to leave the house. It’s a bit disconcerting, actually.

    Whereas the only difference when I wake up vs. leaving the house is my skin and hair is fresh and clean. Having the best hygiene you possibly can is far more important, in my view, than using your face as a literal canvas.

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