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Of Pride And Prejudice

Short post today folks, but it’s a topic that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now and I’m hoping it leads to some good discussion. Really, it’s two sides of one coin:

1. Why should one feel pride over something another has done?

2. Why should one feel guilty over something another has done?
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“Why do men feel threatened by women?” I asked a male friend of mine. So this male friend of mine, who does by the way exist, conveniently entered into the following dialogue.
“I mean,” I said, “men are bigger, most of the time, they can run faster, strangle better, and they have on the average a lot more money and power.”
“They’re afraid women will laugh at them,” he said. “Undercut their world view.”
Then I asked some women students in a quickie poetry seminar I was giving, “Why do women feel threatened by men?”
“They’re afraid of being killed,” they said. Atwood, Margaret, Writing the Male Character (1982)

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