I Love You

I don’t know who you are, but I love you.

Not the same type of love I have for my family, friends, or lover, you understand. Those particular types of love can only come from sharing time together and having mutual experiences. But rest assured that I have the same love for you that I do for everyone I meet.

I do not care what you look like. You could be any color, from milky white to midnight black, or anything in between. Maybe you are incredibly handsome or beautiful, and people of either sex want to gaze upon you constantly. Maybe you have only one eye, or were born without limbs, or have scars all along your body. You could be overweight, or underweight…obese or battling anorexia. Perhaps you’re just an average looking person. It doesn’t matter; I love you.

I do not care what faith you are or aren’t. There’s almost too many to count, especially when we get into the minute differences between sects of the same religion. You could be a Pagan, a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu. Maybe you’re a Buddhist or Satanist or Jainist, or a Zoroastrian or an atheist. So long as you follow the Golden Rule, your personal beliefs mean nothing to me. I still love you.

Whatever age you are is simply the age you are. Perhaps you are 80, perhaps you are 12. Maybe you feel older than you look, or you look older than you are. Maybe you look “just right”. You could be a 50 year old virgin, or a 20 year old with a long sexual history. However you feel about the skin you’re in, I love you for having it.

Regardless of your sex or gender, I want you to know you are loved. You could be in-between like me, or perfectly happy being a man or a woman. Maybe you’re one of those rare intersexed people, or were born without readily identifiable genitals. Maybe your chromosomes are mixed up, and you are a man with breasts or a woman with a beard. I don’t care. I love you.

I love you for being you, because you’re a wonderful being of light and shadow, just like me. Every person who is, was, or has yet to be alive is so similar and yet so different, all at once! Isn’t that just amazing? We all experience happiness and sadness, loss and joy. We all have accomplishments and regrets, things we wish we could redo, or moments we want to visit again. We have all been afraid, we have all been hurt, and hopefully we will all get better someday…or are on our way there now.

I want you, whoever you are, to know that you are unique, just like everyone else. This does nothing to alter your specialness, or decrease your individuality. A piece of unduplicated artwork is still a masterpiece, even when in a gallery full of other works. I don’t know you, but I cherish the fact that you are here, reading this. I hope that this helps you to know you’re never fully alone if your day is going poorly, and if you are having a good day already then I hope my words have made you smile a little wider.

I am a shoulder for anyone who needs it, and I will not mock you for being angry or think you are weak for crying. You can always contact me, and though I may not reply right away, I promise I will respond. There is already so much in this world to make us bleed and hurt, and I think spreading a little comfort and acceptance is in order, don’t you?

So, one more time:
I love you as the person you are.
And I hope you love you, too.

17 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Thanks for the support. I don’t know you but just discovered your blog. I am a man going his own way(mgtow) and I was pleasantly surprised at how positive and fair you are as a female to the mens rights movement and even mgtow. You have a very fair outlook and thank you supporting us mgtow. You see while I may have given up on romantic relationships with women, I have not given up on women. I think especially after reading this post humanity needs all the love and support in this hurting and challenging world.
    I get stressed at times by my job (I am an attorney and it can be stressful), I know no matter how much possessions or money you have, if you have your health both physical and mental, you have all you need. Like the Beatles song “All we need is love”.
    I look forward to reading your blog especially on topics of sex roles, gender, and sexual politics.Fwiw here is a link my friend linked me too about the philosophy of life based on the Buddhist view. I am an agnostic myself but I found it helpful.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_spiritual_realms
    Keep up the good work on your blog, I look forward to reading. Most important thanks for the love. I and the whole worls surely need a virtual hug sometime in cyberspace.

  2. @Royce

    Thanks, friend. It’s nice to hear from a new reader, and I’m so glad that my virtual hugs came through for you. I look forward to reading any comments you see fit to leave. 🙂

  3. I love you. What I love is the uniqueness of your personality and the important human connection that you’ve brought into my life. The is another one of many sunbeams that originate from God.
    Because of connecting with you, I’ve been stimulated to make numerous changes in my book.
    Yes, we definitely agree that following the Golden Rule is paramount. And love should fuel the Golden Rule. However, there is no proof that anyone on Earth loves me other than my parents. Rather, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.
    If someone loves another, they must be willing to spend time with them if the opportunity arose. Since many men have no close personal friendship, and very few had a lifetime friendship, this proves that most of the love talk is in word only. If not, why not?
    Chapter 22. The Yellow Brick Road is all about the Golden Rule, and the second half of chapter 23. Peace Out My Friend is all about love, especially the lack of it. Again, they are found on http://www.wowedbytruth.com Helpful suggestions on how I can add to or improve my chapters would be appreciated.

  4. @KC

    Thank you, KC. I know there’s many topics we don’t agree on, but I still care for you as an individual.

    I think you’ve touched on an important subject here…that of men having difficulty maintaining longterm friendships. Women tend to do better after traumatic events/accidents/illness/divorces precisely because they often have a wide social circle that provides at least basic support. It’s also far more acceptable for female members of society to touch, whether this is limited to a quick kiss of greeting, holding hands while shopping, or giving long hugs. Heck, straight women can even get away with cuddling on the couch watching a chick-flick. Men, well…in typical Western society, men have none of this. I think it’s a subtle tragedy, and why so many men get depressed easily and feel underappreciated.

    Humans, like most vertebrates, require some form of touch to survive. When we are very young, we can even die without it, even if all other needs are taken care of.

  5. The good news kc sunbeam is that today men there is at least a better acceptance of men allowing to feel or express their “feminine” side. Years ago like the 1950′s a man should never cry. You had to be tough like John Wayne or Marlon Brando. There were no males allowed to be more passive. Now we have stalwart men showing emotion such as President Obama, and even many athletes are shown crying tears of joy after winning a championship. There were two classic books in the 1980′s that helped encourage men to express their sensitive side. One is “Iron John” by Robert Bly and the other is “Fire in the belly” by Samuel Keen. These are great read and both authors encouraged men to form mens groups where a group of men can meet each week and talk about issues in their lives. In this way men can nurture each other so for many single men who don’t have a woman would benefit from these groups. At these groups which I have attended at times, it is quite common to see men embrace each other with a hug. This would not of happened 50 years ago. Our society still has a long way to go in terms of encouraging men to be emotionally intimate with their fellow men and have men only support groups but we are making progress. The best thing is these mens groups and networks are getting more common and single men without partners can still get emotional nurturing.

  6. I haven’t read “Fire in the Belly” but I quite enjoyed “Iron John” a few years ago. Emotional acceptance and nurture is just as essential for men as it is for women. Such books, as well as a video of a male-only retreat aided me in coming to an understanding that it’s okay to show emotional vulnerability. I can only imagine how much these groups have helped cis men.

    Were that I could look male enough to attend one…but alas, this will probably never happen and I’d not want to disrupt such a needed group.

  7. Tarnished “Fire in the belly” might be a good read for you, the author Sam Keen really delves deep to the heart of a man. You mentioned if you as a women could attend. Well surprisingly a mens group recently allowed a female filmmaker into one of their private groups to film it. I was surprised initially that they let her film but perhaps the men felt it would be beneficial to allow a women to attend. The documentary is called ‘About Men” here is the link http://aboutmenfilm.com/
    I don’t know if this is the video you saw.
    There is a mens group called the mankind project that is a bunch of men getting in touch with their emotions http://mankindproject.org/
    They started a group for women who were interested http://womanwithin.org/
    It is a good thing you have an open mind.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation, Royce. I suppose I’m going to have to add that to my wishlist now.

    I don’t recall the documentary I saw as being filmed by a woman, but I’ll check that out as well. It would be so amazing if I could do something similar…just being a part of something so basic and masculine, even as an observer, would make my heart sing.

    Lol, I don’t believe I’d be interested in the woman’s group, as it sounds like it’s about rediscovering one’s femininity, which I certainly would feel out of place doing.

    I already accept there’s no place for people like me. My previous comment was simple wishful thinking, nothing more.

  9. Just to clarify, I am not mocking the “WomanWithin” group. I’m of the belief that cis women should get in touch with their core feminine values, same as cis men should with their core masculine values. Both of these groups are to be supported and applauded.

    However, it does pose a problem for non-cis people. I, for example, do not think of myself as a woman in my mind or act as one with my mannerisms…ergo, I’d feel very much out of place in a women’s group. But neither would I want to force myself into a male group, because though my mind and soul are male my body is not, and it might cause issues in said group. Were there a group of cis men who acknowledged and allowed men in female bodies to participate, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. Heck, even just being able to sit outside the circles and connect through listening and watching would be spectacular. Yet it is most likely not something that will ever come about in my lifetime, so wishes and desires are all I have.

    It is what it is, and life has hardly ever claimed to be fair.

  10. Royce/Tarn: Good comments.
    Tarn: More specifically, dying from lack of touch is termed “non-organic failure to thrive.”
    You say there are many topics we don’t agree on. But most of our disagreement has fallen into sexual and gender issues. That could be considered only one or two topics. I believed much the same as you believe now about those issues when I was younger.
    No doubt I was born with female brain bias, as you have male bias. However, over the years I seem to have become more masculine, maybe a 54F/46M personality. (there are tests for this). I don’t believe in a black/white issue of a one gender brain in a body, but I see a personality continuum. And I don’t see how this supports the idea of interchangeable gender roles; rather the opposite.
    Royce: Not to be negative, but the bad news is that despite men now being able to freely cry, most all men worship sports. Throughout history we had sports, but televised football, baseball, basketball, and golf weren’t around. It’s impossible for me to enjoy it. Watching golf actually renders me unconscious.
    And didn’t men have close loving lifetime friendships before 1900? And couldn’t men also hug before the days of homophobia?

  11. “It is what it is, and life has hardly ever claimed to be fair.”
    Yeah I hear what your saying. I have the last few year become familiar with the term “cis”. At this point I don’t think our culture has fully accepted intersexed if I may use that term people. Our culture is not very accepting of transgendered people or people who may identify with a gender but not be the physical body. Our culture is still identified with the physical body. That is why spirituality can be good (not religion) it transcends the physical.
    This documentary was pretty unique in that the men allowed a woman to film their private group.
    You post on love is a good rebuttal to the fact that life can seem to be unfair at times. Keep the faith and hang in there. Virtual hug to you.

  12. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. i love you. I love you. I love
    I love you for very special reasons. I hope that you believe in me, the way that
    I believe in you.
    I think of you every morning, I think of you everyday…. Opps, forgot the rest of
    the words!

  13. Thank you, Spawny. I’ve missed your wonderful comments. 🙂

    Btw, I tried to email you back and for some reason it said it was undeliverable. It’s probably something weird going on with my hotmail account again, but I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you! How are things with you recently?

  14. I’ll drop you a line tomorrow.
    I’m fine, UK politics have been very interesting lately…earthquakes at the ballot box.
    Tomorrow, take care

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