Great Reasons To Masturbate

“Don’t knock masturbation…it’s sex with someone I love.” -Woody Allen

1. It keeps you in touch with yourself.
Men and women who masturbate on a regular basis understand the rhythms of their bodies better than those who don’t. This can help you build up sexual stamina for when you’re with a partner, avoid premature/short orgasms, and be able to keep yourself satisfied longer.

2. Orgasming before a date relieves pressure.
For some men, going on a date can be stressful and/or sexually frustrating. Rubbing one out prior to leaving home can leave you with a clearer mind and better focus on the activities themselves, rather than fantasizing about/pedestalizing your date the whole time.

3. It can relieve menstrual cramps.
For many women, the contractions involved in cumming can be a big help in getting rid of cramps. It also helps you focus on the pleasure your body can bring in that area, and put you in a healthier frame of mind. Or, if you’re like me and don’t have any discomfort or pain during your period, it can just aid in ending the bleeding sooner.

4. Natural sleep enhancer.
When you orgasm, your blood pressure lowers, breathing deepens, muscle tension decreases, and dopamine/endorphins flood your body. This creates a nice relaxed state for both sexes to easily fall asleep in. Then when you wake up, you have morning wood to look forward to! Come on, guys and gals…you know it’s true.

5. If you don’t use it, you lose it.
Sad, but ultimately true. Orgasms, whether attained with a partner or alone, raise the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. This chemical is necessary for proper lubrication in women and erection in both sexes. The less time you spend with your sexual side, the less nitric oxide you have available to use…and the harder it is to get in a physically aroused state. There’s a reason people in relationships masturbate more than loners!

6. Orgasms keep the plumbing clean.
Regular use of your genitals can lead to better health later on. For both sexes, orgasms mean better blood flow, fresher sexual scent, and prevention of blockages in the prostate gland in men and skene glands in women. And really, isn’t your health worth the 10 minutes it takes to cum?

7. It can relieve blue balls/labia.
It’s not as spoken about from the female side, but both men and women can become so physically aroused that if orgasm isn’t reached the entire genital area becomes a point of agony. Trust me on this…it’s bad. This is caused by blood remaining in an area for too long, creating intense pressure, pain, pelvic aches, slight discoloration of the scrotum or labia, and in severe cases can even make walking difficult/painful. The only way to stop this from occurring (or curing it) is to climax and allow the blood to flow normally again.

8. You’ll be healthier overall.
It’s probably not a surprise at this point, but people who freely masturbate have fewer hangups about cumming solo than those who are raised to believe it’s somehow bad to touch your own body. This means they obsess about masturbation less, and feel no guilt over doing it. It’s also been shown that frequent orgasms can improve your immune system, increase the health of your cardiovascular self, and alleviate some symptoms of depression. Orgasms: They’re good for what ails ya.

9. Face it: You don’t always have a partner.
Whether you are completely single, are in a long distance relationship, or are with a partner who’s libido is smaller than yours…it’s time to acknowledge that you can’t always get sex when you want it. I know how it is to be “ready to go” when your sex partner isn’t feeling up to it. It sucks, but what are you gonna do? Answer: Take matters into your own hand! This helps to relieve you sexually, and your mate from feeling guilty. Remember that resentment isn’t sexy.
*Note: if your partner consistently begs off from sex of any kind without an adequate reason/explanation, it’s probably time to see a counselor or have a serious heart-to-heart talk.*

10. It’s fun.
With all the toys, porn, sexual education movies, and erotica out there to choose from, is it any wonder that people choose to masturbate more? It can give you fresh ideas to try with a partner, or allow you to live out entire complex fantasies in your head. That, and if you’ve ever had a orgasm, you know just how amazing and nigh indescribable an experience it is. Why not give yourself a treat everyday? You deserve it!

So, did I miss anything or need to include more information? What do you think of self-loving? Go ahead and give your thoughts below.

36 thoughts on “Great Reasons To Masturbate

  1. As soon as I saw the title of this post, that Woody Allen quote was the first thing that sprung to mind. I see great minds think alike. 😉 And now I feel like going and rubbing one out. btw – would you believe that most people I talk to never heard of “rubbing one out” or even understand what it means? I’ve had to explain it so many times…

  2. @UV

    No reason you shouldn’t, unless you’re at work or something. How the heck have people never heard of that euphemism? It’s one of the most common, and pertains to just about every conceivable type of genitals! Peoples be dumb…

  3. You can tell someone else what you like! If you can’t make yourself come how can you tell someone else how to? Also pretty much the safest sex you can have 🙂

  4. To be teased and tempted and driven to the edge of distraction by the
    media in conjuntion with my own hormones is not for me!
    Two songs from the 1960′s sum up my feelings: “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real
    Thing,” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Turel and “I Second That Emotion,” by
    Smokey Robinson.

  5. @Blonette

    Very true! Being informed about your body’s own likes and dislikes makes it much easier to share said info with a partner.

  6. @Lon

    Hmm, I guess I can understand that viewpoint but in my mind masturbation isn’t “less than” sex…it’s just on a different place in the sexuality spectrum. It’s like saying a Dalmatian is a dog, but so is a Terrier. They’re just different kinds of the same species.

    For me, I’m more distracted when I *don’t* masturbate. So I take advantage of my ‘morning wood’ every time I wake up. It’s a fun, pleasurable, and tensionless way to start each day!

  7. True, but I always wonder why women don’t masturbate as often. Unless they have religious fears of “god’s disapproval”, who exactly is going to *know* they are touching themselves?

    While I was younger, living with my grandmother and great grandmother, they knew I played with myself and simply told me to not do it in public and to wash my hands afterwards. It wasn’t treated like a huge deal…

  8. I have to question number 8. Orgasms from penile-vaginal intercourse and from masturbation are different. A study by Brody found no association with masturbation and various health indices:
    Also there’s lots of evidence for greater masturbation frequency being related to dissatisfaction with relationships, poorer mental health etc: see –

  9. @neuroticdater

    If you’d like to see where I got the information for my post, here are some of the links I used.

    As for Brody’s “study” I’ve actually read a number of his papers already…in 2 different college courses as examples of poor and/or unscientific methodology (Statistics and Biology). If you take a look at his list of papers, it’s pretty obvious he has a thing for “proving” unprotected piv sex and vaginal orgasms are “superior” to all other forms of sexual expression. His claims are rather absurd, and harken back to Freudian psychological biases, and doesn’t include any of the recent developments in our expanded knowledge about female genital anatomy. (For example, the fact that vaginal orgasms are the same as clitoral orgasms, one just involves the anterior of the clit and the other uses the posterior of the same organ. See my post here for more information about the clitoris, which is much larger than you might have been taught )

    I very much suggest reading this and it’s links for reasons as to why Brody’s studies aren’t all that scientific.

    From a personal standpoint, I do not experience any difference in orgasm intensity, duration, or satisfaction when I compare the ones I have during sex to the ones I have during masturbation. I am able to have more when I masturbate than when I have sex, but that’s probably because I know my body better than even my very loving, very talented partner ever could. The only difference I can objectively say is present would be the obvious benefits from touch with another person. Thus, even though I have more orgasms when I am alone, I consider sex with my lover to be equally satisfying since the lack of orgasms (3-6 compared to 9-14) is made up for by the nice feelings of closeness and the mental pleasure I get from pleasing him.

  10. It’s the one time when one doesn’t have to compromise one’s pleasure due to conflicting pleasure triggers.

  11. When one’s partner refuses to satisfy once the monthly allotment has been used up, one with a more active libido is left to what ever satisfaction comes to hand, so to speak.

  12. Pfft…”allotment”. What a strange thing to link to sex. What if the first partner finds they are horny after the allotment is used?

  13. @ Tarnished
    Without a balance in the sex allocation account, one is to endure without release until the next allotment is disbursed, because ANY sexual activity of any kind without the direct participation of BOTH marital partners is cheating!!!

  14. Umm…wouldn’t that mean rubbing one out to either porn or erotica is “cheating”? Sorry, but that is a steaming load of shite if I ever heard one, lol.

  15. I knew a Wiccan in high school. I would have dated her (having not yet given up on the practice), but she wasn’t interested.

  16. It’s good to see such a sensible post.
    I did a Kickstarter in May to raise money to print a book of sex stories specifically designed to be used to aid masturbation (little or no plot, uninterrupted sex). I call it porny erotica. Audience is 50:50 men and women (unlike erotica or traditional porn).
    I was bemused that my both my male and female friends said I was brave to do it, to talk about using erotica as a tool, and for writing something that depicted women initiating and enjoying sex. It seems healthy and normal to me, not something radical.

  17. Thank you, Paola. Your praise is appreciated.

    The book you mention sounds like a lot of fun…I don’t often read erotica, but when I do it’s incredibly porny/smutty stuff with little plot like you describe. My mentality is “I’m reading this to get off, not learn the entire life story of a fictional character!”

    I hope you don’t take offense, but I do not necessarily find it “brave” to talk about women who initiate/enjoy sex (though I can’t blame your friends for thinking it is). If anything, we need to acknowledge that both male and female sexuality are good things to the point where it’s accepted, not a sign of “bravery” or “progress”.

  18. I agree re: bravery. I meant to say I wasn’t comfortable with the word. I am not doing anything brave. I’m just making a self-help book. 😉

  19. Huh? How long was that?
    Now excuse me while I return to the embrace of the ten gods.
    😉 😀 XD >:D :/ 😮 ^^’ 😈
    😎 (whistling)

  20. I wonder if it’s due to habit, but I can’t go too long without it. I tried to stop doing it once, because I hoped that it would motivate me to put more effort into getting along with women, but after a week I stopped this experiment.

    I guess my main reason to masturbate is getting rid of the urge to do so, it’s simply a necessity. You could probably compare it to eating when you’re hungry. It’s something I do because my body forces me to. I enjoy it, but I don’t really think or care too much about it.

  21. Hello Hein. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this.
    As I’ve stated before, I do it everyday or close to everyday, even when I know I’m going to have sex later. It’s just a very enjoyable, harmless way to connect with one’s body, imo. Unless it starts to actually impede other areas of your life…I say pleasure yourself and enjoy it!

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