Those that hit, shouldn’t be immune from being hit back…

This is why I love Ms. Goldberg. It’s not the first time she has spoken the truth, and it likely won’t be the last.

“Don’t hit anybody!” she says…what a novel idea! No, men shouldn’t hit women. But then, women shouldn’t hit men either. Let’s all just get away from this automatic violence and recognize that problems are solved with words, not fists.

I have never hit, kicked, or slapped anyone…man or woman…in my 30 years of life thusfar, other than when goofing around. And you know what? When my guy friends “punch” me back, it’s what I was expecting would happen and I’m happy that I’m enough of one of the guys that they treat me the same.

Ms. Goldberg is correct: You cannot hit someone, whether playing around or attempting to harm, and not assume you’re going to be hit back.


Look at how those femanzi womyn think equality means being able to hit someone because they have a penis but they aren’t allowed to hit back….

Only one woman was rational here…

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24 thoughts on “Those that hit, shouldn’t be immune from being hit back…

  1. I just had to check that I understood the jargon correctly; Teachable moment

    ‘A teachable moment is an unplanned event during the day that adults can use as a learning opportunity for kids. When a child displays an action or behavio[u]r that …’

    Sounds about right. The lesson being that once the first punch is thrown, who knows who throws the second…so don’t throw the first one.

    Tarn ; “Only one woman was rational here…”

    Here’s a woman who thinks it’s smart to try and kick a MUCH bigger doorman in the nuts and then punch him in the face. I don’t even think he put much effort in to his response. She was stupid + lucky. But listen to the woman in the audio – she saw the girl getting pushed after the kick as the victim! I thought the doorman was pretty restrained after receiving the kick. Obviously the guy got arrested not the psycho girl, don’t know what subsequently happened, but if I’d been on the jury he’d have walked and kept his job.

  2. Whoopi Goldberg is absolutely correct to make her comment.
    I once advised a young woman who had hit her boyfriend that she did a stupid thing. Being hit puts a man into automatic response mode, and there isn’t a conscious thought between swing and contact. That he didn’t hit her back indicated to me that either he’s been hit before and knew what to expect, or he knew her temper and chose prior to the event to not respond to physical attack. Either way, she remained unharmed – THAT time. I never heard from her again, so I don’t know if she learned anything prior to being clocked herself.

  3. look at this horrible article on on hate site Jezabel:
    also from the article they mock:
    “Regarding perpetration of violence, more women than men (25 percent versus 11 percent) were responsible. In fact, 71 percent of the instigators in nonreciprocal partner violence were women. This finding surprised Whitaker and his colleagues, they admitted in their study report.
    As for physical injury due to intimate partner violence, it was more likely to occur when the violence was reciprocal than nonreciprocal. And while injury was more likely when violence was perpetrated by men, in relationships with reciprocal violence it was the men who were injured more often (25 percent of the time) than were women (20 percent of the time). “This is important as violence perpetrated by women is often seen as not serious,” Whitaker and his group stressed.”

  4. Whoopie has it right.
    There is a reasonable person standard for necessity and proportionality, however. The amount of force used should be proportional to the amount of force necessary to stop the threat (also timely, knocking out someone who slaps you isn’t proportionate, and stabbing someone six weeks after they hit you isn’t timely).

  5. What we don’t know is why she hit him. Was she trying to defend herself? If so, was she supposed to refrain from doing so because he would probably hit her back? Regardless, since when is it o.k. to respond to a slap by knocking someone unconscious? I think there is more to this story than we’re being told.

  6. I thought you meant there was a video of the actual fight. I’ve seen Whoopi’s commentary already and will take a look at Spawny’s video link. But my question about the nature of the fight, how does a slap in the face turn into a beating of someone until they are unconscious? If we expect the woman to practice self control shouldn’t we expect the guy to practice self control too?

  7. Most certainly. I only approve of men hitting women back in cases of self defense, and for it to be like-for-like. If a woman punches a man, the man is in his rights to punch her back…not knock her unconscious and continue kicking her or something. Same goes with the sexes reversed.

  8. Having never punched a woman I’m having to guess here, but I suspect that he didn’t realise that he was hitting her all that hard (and he may not have done). Despite all the Buffy Waif-Fu nonsense on tv, there’s probably a damn good reason that sane women don’t fight men in contact sports. Even men have weight divisions. Iirc women develop to the same point as 14-16 year old boys.
    That’s one of the reasons for dividing sports by sex. Check out female professional teams getting beaten by high school boy’s teams. Look at pro women athletes getting world women’s records for times required for amateur guys to join athletic clubs. ManWomanMyth has a video on YouTube about it.
    People believe Summer Glau kicking the arses of how many mutants in Serenity? How about searching for woman knocked out on YouTube. Most seem to take a mediocre punch by a guy.
    Most men and women don’t realise the strength differentials. Catch a man unaware and he will react from instinct according to the,false belief of gender equality…bad news for the woman. So ladies, don’t hit guys. They don’t like it and the consequences of an instinctual self defence move could be very bad for both of you…when the blue pill manginas arrive.

  9. “Catch a man unaware and he will react from instinct…”

    Could just be me, but I’d think anyone would react aggressively after being hit. The only time I did not go into a defensive mode during my bullied days was when I was kneed in the groin 3x by a guy 4 years older than me…that is still the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

    The instinct to protect oneself or one’s family is strong and automatic. I remember when I was 15, walking back to the house with my younger brother after bringing the garbage up to the street. We heard a low, angry growl in some bushes about 4 feet away from us…before I even had a conscious thought, I’d pushed my brother behind me and grabbed a tree branch from the ground. Luckily it was just my stepfather being a douche, but it goes to show that the instinct to protect is a deep one.

  10. Yeah, I pushed my fiancee
    behind me when I heard running feet n the dark alley coming towards us.
    No thought, just instinct.
    They were robbers being chased by the four footed plod. Police dogs and their handlers…

  11. I would never dream of hitting a woman. I detest voilence towards women.
    I would only LOVE a woman if I had the chance, but God played a mean trick on
    me and made me UGLY. That is the ultimate sin in this “Merchant” society.
    (See, “The Five Dharma Types)
    With my Venus in Pisces, I’d like a woman like Audrey Hepburn singing,
    “Moon River.” But I don’t look like George Prepard.
    Embittered “Icel” trash beats up women verbally and physically, and even kills
    them on ocassion.
    Bit of advice: Avoid “The Black Pill” and related blog spots. You’d only be
    casting your pearls before SWINE. They’re not interested in a woman’s
    “intellect.” They’re after only ONE THING, and think they should recieve it by

  12. Swithy: “Most men and women don’t realise the strength differentials.”
    I think women do. If they didn’t they wouldn’t suggest a man can’t hit back unless his life is in jeopardy. What they want is all of the benefits without the disadvantages. They want to stay victims while holding the power. Sure can fight in combat! (did you know that three quarters of women who are evacuated from combat zones do so for pregnancy reasons?) But….don’t hit me, I’m a girl! I’ll hit you…my wittle awms are so weak..

  13. @Lon

    I don’t approve of violence towards women *or* men, but I understand the need for self defense of either yourself or a loved one.

    I don’t know if you are really “ugly”, Lon. Perhaps it could be that you simply have different facial characteristics than is typical?

    I enjoy reading MGTOW and incel blogs, because they provide a window into a way of thinking that is essentially opposite my own life experiences. As I’ve been told recently, I’m pretty non-judgmental in most subjects and I like to help others get through their problems or at least give them a shoulder to lean on.

  14. rantsofanincel was just taken off. I hope the fellow who runs it doesn’t go
    off with a machine gun. (You posted there once.)
    It’s your choice, but I don’t think you can even imagine the scope of their
    hatred. The media has brainwashed these resentful madmen with a sense of
    ENTITLEMENT. Never would I have thought that they hate so much they would
    be DELIGHTED by the terrible deaths of women.

  15. I know Lon, it troubles me too at times. But I believe that if they have someone to listen to them, it will help alleviate some of this anger. I might be a fool for believing so, but it’s my duty as a fellow human being to show empathy to those who are suffering. The vast majority of incels would never actually harm anyone.

  16. Dear Tarnished,
    I love following your blog! Thought I would pass on info about a book I read recently that might be right up your alley: Susan Faludi’s Stiffed – The Betrayal of the American Man. Faludi is actually a leading feminist but she sees both sides of the coin. The book deals with traditional means by which we measure manhood and what happens when those measures are no longer available. See the link below. Hope you enjoy! –C.J.

    Stiffed: The Betrayal Of The American Man

  17. It’s the feminist way of thinking:

    Men and women should be treated as equals.
    Women need special protection from men.

    They somehow fail to see the incompatibility of these ideas.

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