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Reaching Out

Hi all. I’m going to be heading into work a few hours early tomorrow to (hopefully) finish up part 2 of the MGTOW Survey Results, but I just wanted to blog a bit about the importance of touch. I’ll have a much more in depth post on this topic next month, yet something happened today that I can’t get out of my mind. Well, two somethings, but they’re very related. Continue reading Reaching Out

Men + Women + Orgasms = Nobody Is Satisfied

I followed a link from another blogger and found a very interesting blog that seems to be about male-female relationships. After reading the linked-to post, I immediately started to write a comment about the issues I saw missing from it. Since it grew to a rather obnoxious length for a mere comment, I have decided to make it a post unto itself. I have put his words in bold, my own are in regular font for ease of reading.
Continue reading Men + Women + Orgasms = Nobody Is Satisfied