MGTOW Survey Results Part 1: Demographics

I have finally finished compiling the data for my MGTOW Survey post, and am going to break it up into 3 parts.

The first part is this post, the demographics of who provided answers. The second part will be in reference to life experiences and MGTOW in general. The last post will be in regards to women and MGTOW which may seem out of place, but should help to dismiss many of the claims of sexism that surround this lifestyle. If my readers have any further suggestions on how to handle the data, please let me know and I’ll attempt to work it in.

I’d also like to extend my sincerest thanks to the 22 gentlemen who took time out of their days to respond to my survey. Whether you commented on the post, emailed me privately, or gave answers on forums, I really appreciate it. Guys, this literally couldn’t have been done without you!

Question 5: Are you divorced, never married, widowed, or married?
Of 22 respondents:
-11 have never married (50%)
-4 are divorced (18%)
-2 are separated (9%)
-5 are married (23%)

Question 7: How old are you?
Of 22 respondents:
-2 are 25 or younger (9%)
-5 are 24-35 (23%)
-7 are 36-45 (32%)
-4 are 46-55 (18%)
-1 is 56-65 (4.5%)
-2 are 66+ (9%)
-1 gave an undefined response (4.5%)

Question 9: What is your level of education?
Of 22 respondents:
-1 graduated high school (4.5%)
-8 had some college experience (36.5%)
-9 had Bachelor’s degrees (41%)
-1 had a Trade degree (4.5%)
-2 had Master’s degrees (9%)
-1 had no response (4.5%)

Question 10: What ethnicity are you?
Of 22 respondents:
-16 are Caucasian (73%)
-4 are multiethnic (18%)
-2 had no response (9%)

Question 12: What (if any) religion do you currently follow?
Of 22 respondents:
-1 is Pagan (4.5%)
-5 are agnostic (23%)
-2 are atheist (9%)
-3 are Christian (14%)
-1 is Jewish (4.5%)
-10 answered “None” (45%)

So, what do you think, dear readers?
Are any of these numbers surprising…or not, given that MGTOW truly is a self-defined path?
What do these numbers tell us?
Do you think this is a decent sampling of the MGTOW “community”, or would a larger sample have given vastly different percentages?

The original survey:


39 thoughts on “MGTOW Survey Results Part 1: Demographics

  1. Long before MGTOW became a popular movement women rose to the challenge of going their own way with the rise of the second wave of feminism. The problem was that far too many women really weren’t quite up to the challenge and thus became addicted to govt. welfare; while the feminists began agitating for the laws that would allow women to finance their single mother lifestyles by stealing the financial resources from men: either through welfare from taxes, from their ex husbands and those men dumb enough to engage in sexual immorality.

  2. When a married couple experiences sexual disfunction, it is at the top of the
    list of dissatisfacton. Once the sexual problems are fixed, it drops down to
    third or fourth place.
    There is a simple solution to “sexual depravation misery.” (It used to be called
    “Sexual Depravation,” “incel” is a new term.) Once the man has sex, his
    “problems” are fixed. The trouble is that women want something in return for
    sex. Even Today, despite all of the “liberations” women generally exercise
    A man wants sex with any women he finds attractive. Most women use sex
    to leverage an advantage over men.
    The only answer is to “first seek The Kingdom Of God.” Most people equate
    sex with God, because they’ve never experienced a sense of connectedness
    with God.
    When one raises their spiritual level, they will be attractive to a person of
    the same level. That’s why “the carnal mind is eminity to God.”
    “Where you treasure is, your heart will be.”

  3. Well, I would say that your results are pretty interesting, thus far. Seems to me that we’re a pretty diverse group. It was good to see such a wide range of age among the respondents. Of course, the larger the sample size, the better. But I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this. And I appreciate your understanding of MGTOW. I don’t know about what this Lon Spector is saying. Whenever someone says “the only answer is”, I get a bit irritated. Personally, I’ve never equated sex with God. Sex as a wonderful part of nature? Yes! Sex as something religious? No. Supernatural? No. Mystical? No. But then, I’ve never equated any of the good things in my life with any religion. To each, their own, I guess. Thanks again, Tarnished Sophia! And I look forward to the rest of the results.

  4. @eddardmulligan
    “I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this.”
    And so do I.
    Good work Tarnished.

  5. @DaPoet

    The welfare system in the US is very corrupted, as far as I can tell. Whether this truly is the fault of 2nd wave feminism, I don’t know, but I’ll get back to you on that.

  6. @Lon

    You know, when I have sex my problems tend to look easier to fix/deal with too. Probably because the wash of “feel good” chemicals that flood your brain during sex help to relieve depressing thoughts as well as physical pain. (Many times I’ve had a pounding headache that has just about disappeared after I’ve had sex.)

    I believe that while sex is not anything supernatural, the pleasure we and numerous other animals can get from it and masturbation is a gift from the Lord and Lady.

  7. @eddardmulligan

    I agree wholeheartedly about the age aspect of it. I was surprised to see so many non-religious answers too…whether you guys specifically mentioned you were atheist/agnostic or simply said you had no religion, it was a lot! Looking back, I believe I should have included a question asking what country respondents were from.

    As I told Lon, I don’t necessarily equate sex with the Gods or anything supernatural (I believe most “supernatural” events have a hidden/unknown natural explanation) but I do believe that sexual pleasure is a gift given to humans and many other animals from the Lady and Lord.

    Thanks for stopping by again. I look forward to your thoughts on the more in-depth questions!

  8. I understood the high percentage of respondents in a nation based on Christianity not being Christians. In 1934, Dr. Unwin, a British academic, wrote the book on this topic. Sex And Culture. A really bad copy, used, can run $160 and a good one more like $750.
    He did an extremely detail of nations, as far as the sexual liberty woman had in that nation, versus many characteristics of that nation.
    The religious beliefs of that nation. How productive it was. How prosperous it was.
    He said when women have complete sexual liberty, that is the end of that civilization. Examples: Roman Empire; Ancient Greece; Babylon; and more.
    So, it is not surprising to me that in the USA with almost perfect sexual liberty for women, that percentage of men would not be Christian.
    Religion, specifically Christianity, which is 100% misandric today, has nothing to offer men. To go to a Christian church in the USA today is an act of self-destruction for men.

  9. According to this very tiny sample, most are mid-to-high educated white men born during or after the time that 2nd Wave Feminism has come to the fore. No surprise, especially given your audience. An interesting exercise nonetheless.

  10. @Lon Specter said: “Sexual Depravation” did you mean “deprivation?” The two are significantly different. It’s a very amusing spelling error, compare the definition of each for a good laugh.

  11. @Sophia
    The feminists simply took advantage of the Welfare System when they discovered that the average woman wasn’t up to the challenge of being financial independent.
    Welfare was part of President Johnson’s Great Society and was intended to give African-Americans – who had been hobbled during the Jim Crow era – a hand up. Unfortunately those who actually wrote the rules in regards to who could receive welfare had an entirely different agenda – the absolute destruction of the African-American and Poor White families. Which is why the rules were intentionally written – with both malice and forethought – to exclude able bodied poor men from and families containing an able bodied male no matter how desperately poor from receiving welfare.

  12. Dear Tarnished,
    As a 56 year old virgin with no prospects of engaging in sex, I HATE the
    summer mounths. Can you imagine how it feels to go into a supermarket and
    look at the pretty girls and their state of UNdress? I don’t know where to
    direct my eyes! It’s sheer torture! But one thing I DO know is that I can never
    change the world, ONLY my REACTON to the world.
    Could you do me a favor? Would you Google two songs and listen to them,
    so you would have a better understanding of “incel?” One song should be
    the unoffical anthem: “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Steward. And,
    “To Love Somebody,” by the Bee Gees. Thank You!

  13. The most intriguing response I saw in the survey was this from @ManGoing:

    “There are tons of married guys on the MGTOW blogs. Some are happily married but anticipating the day that they’ll get screwed. Others are married and warning the younger guys not to get married. Others are married and happily so, yet they don’t understand why younger guys would get married based upon the current legal climate regarding marriage.”

    Re “happily married” MGTOW, I wonder if there are any links he or anyone else could refer us to?

  14. I’m concerned that if Tarnished opens up this can of worms, she is going to
    get hurt. We like Tarnished very much. But there’s so much suppressed rage
    and self pity that some guys are going to say ugly things.
    But for my money, “Tarnished,” is ANYTHING but that. She’s everything a guy
    would want-a gem!

  15. @Lon

    Don’t worry about me, Lon. I haven’t encountered anyone online yet who was actually threatening or mean. The closest person was KC, and honestly the issues between us were more of a human rights disagreement than anything against me in particular. I do thank you for your concern though…I promise to be careful.

    I listened to your song suggestions as well as Cill’s, and was very touched. I am truly at a loss to tell you what to do about young women who dress scantily. I personally think I have a nice body and walk/do crunches every morning to keep it that way…but I try not to show it off unless my lover asks me to when we go out. Even then, or on hot days when less clothing is best, I don’t get upset or offended when guys look at me or whistle. It’s a kinda crude way to “state” ones appreciation for the female body, but it is not like they are groping my breasts or butt. It’s not really worth getting uptight about, in my opinion.

    (There have been times when guys have done this, but I found that if you simply grab their arm and look in their eyes, they are the first to lower their gaze and turn away.)

  16. I’m interested in knowing more about the “happily married” MGTOW, especially. I might not be the only never-married MGHOW to be interested in this!

  17. Happily married MGTOW = oxymoron ?
    FWIW I came across this one (inter alia):
    “It is also well known that some MGTOWS, including several early promoters of that phrase, are happily married. The guiding principle for these men is that relations with women are workable if they can be based on creative agreements outside the usual gynocentric criteria, and can be backed with a determination to reject groupthink and societal pressure to conform to the typical male role.”
    … doesn’t tell us much, except to add to the notion that happily married MGTOW do exist.

  18. Tarnished, I’ve just noticed your comment re groping men “(There have been times when guys have done this, but I found that if you simply grab their arm and look in their eyes, they are the first to lower their gaze and turn away).”
    By all the saints, T, if a woman did that to me 😉
    No, if YOU did that to me I’d return your stare, I would lean close until your eyes filled my vision, and then, and then…
    I would whisper…
    You would reply…
    And then…
    And then…
    [[ Detail and Verification Required ]]

  19. @Cill

    Lol, I’d probably cross my eyes and make a funny face. 😛

    But seriously, it’s as though my looking them in the eye makes me go from being “random stranger I feel entitled to touching” back to a fellow human with personal boundaries. Weird.

  20. Tarnished:
    First of all, let me express my appreciation and admiration to you for investing the time and effort in creating this survey. I wish you would have had more responses…even if it would have resulted in still more effort and time.
    That said, the statistic I find most surprising is the number of married men, almost a quarter, identifying as MGTOW. Based upon this (and I’ve been known to jump to the wrong conclusions) I think this contradicts a lot of those out there who claim that MGTOWs are just a bunch woman-haters. My personal opinion is that the MGTOW movement is more about economic and legal freedom than a hatred of women.
    I’m very interested in hearing other opinions on this.

  21. @Cill

    I think the reason happily married MGTOWs exist is twofold;

    1. MGTOW means “going your own way”. In other words, doing what makes *you* happiest, not what society says you need to do. For many MGTOWs, this means avoiding women either altogether or only in non-committed relations. But say a man has always dreamed of having a family. In his case, “going his own way” doesn’t actually involve being alone…quite the opposite, in fact.

    2. I like to think most who stay to comment here understand that AWALT is a statistical impossibility. It’s a tired, worn out phrase, but it’s true that “not all women are like that”. Rather, I like an acronym I saw on a forum: EWALT, or “enough women are like that”. This gets a hell of a lot closer to the truth, namely that there *are* good women who love the men in their lives and work to sustain caring, sympathetic, equal relationships/friendships…while also admitting that other women truly are cold-hearted beasts. As someone who was mercilessly bullied for years by other females, I understand just how two-faced they can be…a friend one day, pushing you down the stairs the next. I pity the men who may have married some of the girls I went to school with, and thus get the whole “how can you be sure she isn’t like that” spiel so prevalent in the manosphere.

    If a MGTOW who didn’t avoid women outright actually met and fell in mutual love with a NAWALT woman, I can very much see them being happy together.

  22. @Daccu

    I will accept your appreciation with thanks, but you need not admire my work. It’s nothing special, just a case of filling a gap in knowledge about MGTOWs, as well as giving a safe space for them to be listened to.

    I wish there’d been more responses too, but as I told Forgotten Spell on the Survey post, I will update the data in December for those like himself. I can’t do it forever, obviously, but I do want to present an accurate representation of MGTOW men and their voices.

    I do believe that you and Cill may find some good common ground for an interesting conversation regarding marriage and MGTOWs…

  23. Thanks Tarnished. There’s still more I’d like to know about happily married MGTOW. I don’t want to take up space here, so I’ll do it on my own and let you know if I come across anything worthwhile.
    Meanwhile excuse me while I play with your emoticons (I’m hyperactive, and just can’t help it. Sorry)
    🙂 :0 :() 😛 :0 😦 :(( :)) |:)

  24. Tarnished,
    I agree re EWALT. Can a MGHOW who marries a NAWALT remain a MGHOW, though? He’s no longer GHOW.
    I think you might be right: “Alone” is not a sine qua non of MGTOW, and GTOW could be achieved with a partner who does not interfere, obstruct, or destroy.
    Two quotes give different examples of circumstances that would enable such a relationship to work:
    (1) “relations with women are workable if they can be based on creative agreements outside the usual gynocentric criteria, and can be backed with a determination to reject groupthink and societal pressure to conform to the typical male role.” (reference is per mine of August 6, 2014 at 2:21 PM above)
    (2) “Unlike the Abrahamic religions which maintain a type of ‘complementary equality’ where the man is still forced into a out-of-home leadership role and the woman into an in-the-home helpmate role, Wiccan beliefs stress the importance of having a healthy relationship with clear communication and that roles be taken on as partners desire, rather than what is simply traditional.” (tarnishedsophia at June 23, 2014 at 8:40 AM in
    BUT: my problem is trust. How do we KNOW the partner will not change? How does SHE know she will not change?
    Without re-hashing the depressing details, I have known women to be loving, loyal, supportive wives one day, and hate-ridden harrigons the next.
    I think the trust issue is one that cannot be solved in today’s milieu.
    ( BTW you need to work on your emoticons algorithm. It doesn’t cope with all permutations 🙂 :() )

  25. @Cill

    Lol, I guess I’ll have to contact WordPress about their emoticon permutations then.

    Feh, don’t worry about taking up space. It’s not like any of us are being charged for it.

    Yup, agree with both those quotes. Especially the second one. 😉

    As for your serious question: I don’t know. What I do know is that such a turn around is not normal. Unless there is a highly unusual circumstance, like a stroke, a massive chemical imbalance, a brain injury, or sudden onset amnesia, I cannot think of anything that would make one change so drastically.

    To give a “gender neutral” example:

    I’m 30. I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian since I was 13. I chose this because it conforms closely to my beliefs about Harm None while still being healthy and safe for my dietary requirements. (For those who are going to point out the issues with dairy products, I only eat cheeses from the kosher section and I support local no-cage/no-growth hormone farms for my milk, eggs, and frozen yogurt.)

    Leaving aside the fact that after 17 years of not eating meat could land me in the hospital, for me to suddenly decide to eat a steak or some fried chicken…well, I’d have had to reject a system of ethics I had voluntarily lived under for nearly 2 decades. I cannot imagine just deciding “I’m not going to be vegetarian anymore” out of the blue one day. It’s nonsensical.

  26. @Cill (and other readers)

    I want to clarify one thing about my last comment, though I shouldn’t have to: Both men and women have behaviors like this. A man who has a wife who is loving and supportive for 3 years of marriage but then turns into a cruel, emotionally manipulative abuser is the same as a woman who’s husband does likewise. It’s why I can’t stand misandrists and misogynists who enjoy claiming that the survivors of relationship abuse are responsible for what happened to them because they “chose poorly”. No, you are not responsible for your wife slapping you around or your husband kicking you…adults are responsible for their own actions.

    I believe that some people are able to hide their true personalities for as long as it takes to get what they want.

    For example, according to my mother, my father was very kind, loving, generous, and had a great sense of humor while they were dating and for the first months of their marriage. It was only after the 5th month that he began telling her she couldn’t leave the house, hitting her, throwing her down stairs, and threatening to kill me, both before and after I was born. It was only after my dad threw me across the living room (thankfully onto a couch) at 4 months old that she finally snapped into protective mother mode. She successfully divorced him and for the first 7 years of my life I lived with my mom, grandmother, and great grandmother very happily. Mom got remarried at that point to another “hidden bastard”, but I already talk about him in other posts.

    Despite the fact that my personal experiences with these “hidden abusers” are male, I know there are female ones. I hear about the things they’ve done everyday in the manosphere. Point is, neither sex is composed solely of angels or demons…we both have severely messed up people in our ranks who are so narcissistic that they have no regrets about ruining other’s lives.

  27. Tarnished,
    “Unless there is a highly unusual circumstance, like a stroke, a massive chemical imbalance, a brain injury, or sudden onset amnesia, I cannot think of anything that would make one change so drastically.”
    Feminism can.

  28. I’ve been through everything here. Nowhere do I suggest AWALT. To raise the issue of trust is not to suggest AWALT. The issue of trust is a valid, realistic one for many MGTOW – e.g. the one who’ve had a bad deal from divorce.

  29. @Cill

    No, you never have said AWALT. However, a decent amount of the manosphere does believe so. Thus I tried to cover it in my reply.

    A commenter on MGTOWforums once said something along the lines of “if you think you know a woman who’s not like that…wait”. In other words, some men believe that any NAWALT is simply an AWALT that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t believe you are of this opinion, but I was trying to include potential issues for other readers.

    Sorry if it seemed like I was quoting you. That wasn’t my intent.

  30. Tarnished,

    I’d like to offer an apology of my own. In my post of August 7, 2014 at 4:35 AM I used the expression “hate-ridden harrigons”. In an emotionaly-charged subject such as MGTOW, highly-charged language can indicate “attitude” or “agenda”. My language could easily have been taken to indicate AWALT, or worse, and you were right to “kill it before it grows”. I’m sorry.

  31. I will accept your apology, though I personally don’t think it’s needed. You were not using the terms to insult/harass a fellow commenter, and I understand that many MGTOWs/MRAs tend to use…stronger…language than I typically do.

    Unless someone goes against my Comments Policy, I try to be non-judgmental whenever possible.

  32. Oops
    “you were right to kill it before it grows” should have been “you would have been right to kill it before it grows”

  33. This gets a hell of a lot closer to the truth, namely that there *are* good women who love the men in their lives and work to sustain caring, sympathetic, equal relationships/friendships…

    Given the divorce rate and that most of those divorces are filed by women, how true can this really be?

    while also admitting that other women truly are cold-hearted beasts.

    This is the real problem. Even if the first part of your sentence is true, very few women are capable of admitting this. Take someone like my own mother. She’s great until something involves women. Then, she’s completely on their side. My mom even thinks it’s a good idea for me to get involved with single mothers. In other words, she puts the interests of women she’s never met above those of me, her own flesh and blood.
    The only women who I have seen that are capable of understanding that women can and do commit evil have something “off” about them. (Forgive me for using the term, off. I just can’t think of a better word.) You, Tarnished, have gender dysphoria. GirlWritesWhat, a female MRA at AVFM, is genderqueer. I think this is pretty telling.

  34. Black Pill,

    The current divorce rate is about 43%, with roughly 70% of divorces being filed by the female partner. However, we can’t tell from this information how many marriages are actually strong and loving, or just staying together for kids. Because of no-fault divorce laws, I no longer can find reports on *why* these divorces are filed. I know that at least some are due to abuse on the part of the male, but I’ve no clue what the percentage is.

    My mother, and younger sisters, and aunts, all do the same thing as your mother. It drives me nuts.

    I wouldn’t be interested in dating a single father, so I don’t think you should be shamed for not wanting to date single mothers. I know some men who’re in good, happy relationships with single moms they married…but that was their choice, not anyone else’s.

    I don’t mind being called “off”. It’s better than the things my mom says about trans/dysphoric people. She still thinks I’m “just a tomboy”. Given her responses to casually bringing up such topics, I’ll let her continue thinking that.

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