A Poem For MGTOWs

Feminist arguments are a Gordian knot.
Tis only for women ’cause men lay forgot.
“It helps you” they cry, ever long and low,
But more of men’s problems do they yet sow.

“Do not hit a woman, you’ll reap naught but trouble!”
But it’s hilarious when penis meets garbage disposal?
“Women have need of DV shelters, it’s true!”
And what of the men who are black and blue?

“Women attempt suicide too, you know!”
Yet more men commit it as the graves do show.
“Women and children must be kept off the street!”
Yes, but what of all the homeless men that you meet?

“Women are raped more, especially on dates!”
Only because ‘raped’ isn’t ‘made to penetrate’.
“Divorce is a right for all!” they chant.
Yes, but which sex applies for it at 70 percent?

Alimony abuse, false rape accusations,
Failed education, child support incarcerations.
So many more issues yet plague men today.
My friends, the answer is to go your own way!

Live life to it’s fullest, do what you will
Climb as you wish, and when you crest each hill.
Be happy, be joyful, to thine own self be true…
But most of all, be aware that you’re doing it for you.

I penned this earlier today after a conversation on another blog about some of the things feminism fails to address, but claim they do. Even for those who say that feminist ideology helps men, it can only do so indirectly. Which is fine…feminism is a Women’s Rights movement, after all. Feminists goals are gynocentric by necessity. However, I’m getting tired of hearing that men are directly aided by feminism when they are not. When was the last time feminists created a DV shelter for men and boys? Had a parade celebrating male sexuality? Stood on street corners speaking out against the mandatory registration of men into the Draft? Held impromptu lectures in Washington, DC about male genital mutilation? Heck, even put up a blog post showing support for male oral contraceptives or men who had been falsely accused of rape/sexual harassment?

I’m not saying nobody who identifies as a feminist has done these things. Perhaps they have (please post in the comments if you have an example!). But until such a time as feminism becomes a movement for true equality, not just women’s equality, I shall remain an egalitarian. Not because I hate women or want cis male attention. Not because I want to deny myself and other women equal opportunities in the public and private spheres. Not because I have “internalized the patriarchy” or am afraid of being called a feminist.

No, it is because I stand for men’s rights just as much as women’s rights. Until such a time as equality is actually on the horizon, I will support Men Going Their Own Way, whatever that might entail for them.

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95 thoughts on “A Poem For MGTOWs

  1. “Even for those who say that feminist ideology helps men”

    Trickle down theory. If we help only women the goodies will trickle down to men as well.

    The reality is that we are being pissed on from a very great height.

  2. Sad but true, Greg.
    I wish equality worked that way, but it doesn’t. You always have to strive to make things better…they don’t improve for X just because they improve for Y.

    As I’ve noted before, we are at a point where things like gender roles and expectations are freed up for women, but the same has yet to happen for men.

  3. “If we’re showing off our poetry skills I win, Padawan”
    The impertinent Tarnished said
    But with rhyme Padawan is the better man
    At least if impartially read.

    Spawny simply counted the lines, Tarn’s and mine
    Her twenty four, him six
    First prize to Tarn never mind the rhyme
    Proving the contest was fixed

  4. “I wouldn’t say length was the only reason” she says
    Which on the surface seems quite fine
    Except that the real reason for Spawny’s fizz
    Was as per Padawan’s last line

  5. Oh, indeed. Tell me though, are you one of Yoda’s kind or do you simply speak like him due to your master-student relationship? Inquiring minds must know!

  6. Padawan and Tarn friends again are,
    over at Tarnished Sophia
    Just goes to show what a big-hearted star
    Can accomplish with pure dulcinea

  7. Jedi and apprentice are Yoda and Padawan
    So Padawan was taught some Yoda-speak
    Yoda’s species unknown is, but Padawan
    Is just another skywalker freak

  8. Padawan does Leia like
    Faithful to Leia he is
    Padawan’s first ladylove she was
    When 3 year old Padawan
    To movie his mother took

  9. Leia’s hair like big earphones was,
    So 3 year old Padawan made his mum
    Big earphones buy
    So Padawan could hear what Leia heard

  10. Sweet nothings they exchanged, Padawan and Leia they did,
    And some sweet nothings for 3 year old ears were not quite fit,

  11. The princess sometimes a little naughtiness seeks
    Which is why she’s a heartthrob to so many geeks

  12. This is why I maintain that feminism was never contrived as a movement to
    improve the plight of women, but actually a Marxist plot to drive a wadge
    between men and women to destroy western civilization.
    The Communistic goal was to cause fractionalization between the classes,
    races and genders to destroy western society. Once America was rife with
    civil war, the bolshevic sub-human could easily take over America.
    This land is in the process of unravaling, and with the introduction of
    terrorism and Ebola, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
    It is true that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ must be preached ALL OVER
    THE WORLD before Christ comes back, so western/Christian lands MIGHT
    reform to get the job done, but that’s well in the future.
    It’s going to get much worse before it improves. As with everything else,
    pray that you, or someone you love, isn’t in the wrong place at the wrong

  13. “Even for those who say that feminist ideology helps men”

    Back in the dinosaur era when I was in high school, I came to this conclusion. I felt that all of the energy men invested in male supremacy could be better applied to efforts which benefited mankind. I’m still waiting for a respectable trial effort.

    “Trickle down theory. If we help only women the goodies will trickle down to men as well.”

    See my previous sentence.

    “The reality is that we are being pissed on from a very great height.”

    And not by women. the complaints we men have about female advantages in certain arenas of society today were not won by women, but were granted my men of power as a means of gaining better access to women.

  14. Still the Red Scare with certain folk? Better they begin to fear the rise of corporate fascism, which shares many of the same goals while altering the membership of the club which stands to benefit.

  15. Feminsm was concieved as a communist plot. “Divide and conqure” was
    ALWAYS part of the Communist rule book.
    What better way to destroy a society then sow the seeds of dessension?
    The Marxists exploited every potential rift in society. Defiance and the need to
    “make a statement” are very popular human traits.
    At the beginning of the 20th century it was anarchism. The goal was to
    assisnate as many heads of state as possible. President McKinley was
    assissinated, as were some European leaders. Later in the century Communism
    was the “in” thing and student radicalism.
    Now, the “trendy” revolutionary statement is to be a radical Isalmist. Men feel
    generally emasculated and they’d like to be swashbuckling “Pirates.”
    Islam helps them find new world’s to conqure. Of course, many do discover
    that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and want out, but by then it’s too late.
    The “true believers” DO believe that 72 virgins are awaiting them in paradise,
    so that’s motivation to give their lives.
    Could many Moslems be INCELS? Is that why they kill? Have you seen some of
    the Yoohoo questions asked? “I’m 16 years old and I’m still a virgin. Is it all over
    for me?

  16. @blurkel

    “all of the energy men invested in male supremacy could be better applied to efforts which benefited mankind”

    Too much of it gets diverted into coping with the feminist Establishment.

    For example, the bias in favour of girls in education affected me directly. Primary school is a propaganda course for diminishing the human male, white males especially.

    After we come out of that, feeling as badly about ourselves as the system can possibly make us, we get more of it at tertiary level. Women studying engineering get grants (US$30000+ per year in the US) and side-courses and support – all of this unavailable to males. Resources are finite, so this directly affects my ability to compete.

    And then there’s all the affirmative action, quotas, all of this affects me. Every week I am working here or in another feminist country, I find myself wasting time on coping with the crap, when all I want to do is get on with my productive work.

  17. Communism is dead. Sorry to cause you have have to face your closet monster, but that is the reality. Corporatism desires the same goals for the private sector as did the Soviets so as to better dominate the work force, but useful tools are needed to keep the truth from getting out.

    You’re done. Go back to Red State.

  18. @Cill

    That is all true, but is only part of the problem, Bro. How many men do you know who can’t stop their quest to dominate and control women? It’s a fool’s errand to try, but their version of masculinity has to have that dominance lest they do something constructive with their lives.

  19. “How many men do you know who can’t stop their quest to dominate and control women?”

    Errm…none, none whatsoever.

    What colour is the sky on your planet?

    Where do you imagine these, “we gotsta keep da wimminz down” meetings occur?

    In getting on for five decades on my planet (Earth), I’ve never heard of such a meeting.

    Did my male-privilege patriarchy ruling class membership card get lost?

    Seriously, please point out these signs of teh patriarchy that we’re all supposed to be living in.

    (To save time, please don’t trot out those sad old, tired, multiply disproven tropes. 77¢, 1 in 3/4/5 etc)

  20. Communism is not dead, however, I certainly do believe that there are other forces that also want us proles living like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on shite)

  21. It take it you don’t eat shrooms then, Spawny. Shite, I’m having second thoughts about eating any more of ’em myself.


  22. Reality’s already weird enough for me Cill.

    I didn’t know whether I should joke about it Tarn. But your blog spans many subjects, so I thought I’d stop pontificating about it, and hope you’d suspension your ire at my poor alleged jokes. I am of course your pier now, as a fellow blogger.

    Good night. Sleep tight.


  23. Damn! I was clueing up Cill over pontificating.

    Est-ce-que tu n’as jamais appris la belle langue francaise?

    (Closer to Frenglish there, sorry bout that)

  24. “Wogglebug”, clue please. Just how insulted should I feel?

    P.s. You and Cill have your poems and rhymes, my super powers are crap jokes and puns. Want proof? Look up ^^^

  25. Umm…I took Spanish, not French. And certainly not Frenglish.

    Wait…Why the hell does my phone’s spellchecker accept “frenglish” as a real word, but not words like “quark” or “galvanic” or “heliotrope”?!

  26. Lol, not very.
    I call people wogglebugs when they say silly puns. It’s from L.Frank Baum’s book “The Marvelous Land of Oz”, which has always been one of my favorites.

    H.M. Wogglebug, T.E. is literally a wogglebug from Winkie Country who became Highly Magnified and Throughly Educated, and was a character who loved puns. 🙂

  27. I noted the same thing with frenglish, which is odd. That’s the French word for the half cocked amalgam of the languages. The correct English term is Franglais, of course.

    Me no habla espagnol, senorita, mais j’ai passée quelques années en france. Et donc, on peut dire plus des petits trucs, les choses façiles, en francais.

    The spellchecker doesn’t like it up it though.

  28. “Why the hell does my phone’s spellchecker accept “frenglish” as a real word, but not words like “quark” or “galvanic” or “heliotrope”?!”

    Er… it’s because you’re on them thar shrooms, Spawny

  29. You have excelled yourself above, me old mate, but your October 4, 2014 at 9:28 PM ?
    Now that, *that* takes the cake.

    indentured misery…


  30. Spawny 9:28 and the link to Gelder’s wedding

    Who officiated she was fulfilled,
    When she swore the vow?
    Don’t look now but it was a cow.
    A cow with tits to be pulled, it was

  31. “Mountain Oysters at the Gelding Wedding”

    Padawan has done blacksmith,
    And some gelding too
    He gives the old gonads
    Some old-fashioned chew
    But with Ms Gelding in sight
    He arrested his bite
    To watch how the gonads grew

  32. Could be worse, she could have married some poor bloke. A bloke who would be legally indentured to her and her shakti tantra…teh hell on Earth.

  33. Spawny


    I get it, me old china plate, I get it. I know quite a lot about bridges. But could you please make up your mind what sort of bridge?
    Span, suspension or pier?
    In English please, not French.

    P.S. “The spellchecker doesn’t like it up it though”. I wonder why not?

  34. “Padawan at the Gelding Honeymoon”

    Performing tantric sex on herself, she is.
    Centre of attention, she is.
    Yin yanged and yang yin in, it is

  35. “Padawan beside the Gelding Matrimonial Bed”

    On and on with mechanical efficiency
    Far past the point of sexual sufficiency…

  36. Tarn’s poem is better than Padawan’s best. Padawan, for all his bravado, is shivering in a corner – especially when he came to tarn’s “garbage disposal” bit.

    On the subject of fem versus men, it’s hard to think of anything not already packed into one of tarn’s 24 lines.

  37. Dental bridge is a concept I’d better brush up on.

    Expecting gale force winds here today, which means I have a thousand and one things to do…

    I’ll catch up on my 2 favourite web buddies after an indeterminate time, maybe on our gmail.

    Farewell for now.

  38. I’ll have to brush up on my knowledge of dental bridge. I’m guessing it’s a bridge across a bight, like the Great Australian Bight.

  39. Spawny

    I suspect that your “indentured” pun at Oct 4th 9:28 PM has the dubious distinction of being responsible for Padawan’s shocker at 1:07 PM on the 5th.

  40. Tarnished October 4, 2014 at 9:54 PM
    “Pier? Spans? Suspension?”

    And I thought I was the engineer! Is there anything this tarn wizard *doesn’t* know?
    I wish I’d seen her comment before I wrote mine at 1:43 PM
    I feel awkward now.

    And Spawny,

    I think your bridge jokes might come from a character called St Swithun. He wore a Ned Kelly suit made of Cornish tin and his best known miracle was his restoration on a bridge of a basket of eggs that workwomen had maliciously broken.

    He kept a pecker in his trousers, obviously.

  41. Dental bridge was just me being awkward and coming up with a kind of bridge you hadn’t mentioned.

    On further reflection, I chewed it over, I regret my snappy response.

    Let’s hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew, (overbite?) in opening up this issue to our collective incisor-ive wit.

    Please don’t molarst me in your bite-back response

    Chewers, mate. Crack a tinny for me.

  42. St Swithun sure got an easy route through beatification, didn’t he?

    In ‘reality’ (wiki says) it was workmen, not clumsy workwomen, that broke the basket of eggs.

  43. Yeah I’ll crack a tinny, but some of the comments on this page are so damn priceless I’m sitting here with deeply fundamental chuckles shaking my shoulders up and down. Gotta go.
    Gotta go. But before I do:
    I am still here BTW. I can’t stop.

  44. “I suspect that your “indentured” pun at Oct 4th 9:28 PM has the dubious distinction of being responsible for Padawan’s shocker at 1:07 PM on the 5th.”

    Cill, a real man(tm), owns his own transgressions, he doesn’t engage in blame-spreading…

  45. The important things is, he kept a pecker in his tin trousers as I said. I pecker of the laying variety. He had a flap for it.

    It’s a pity you can’t show us that icon, Spawny so we can all laugh our heads off (no offence)

  46. That CillCill is not me trying to be cute. I have difficulty typing because my fingers are too wide. Or it’s wordpress playing silly buggers, one of the two.

  47. Hey thanks for “TinEye”. I didn’t know about it. I can use it in my work!

    Spawny, it has been worth my while to endure your terrible puns just to get the occasional gem like that!

  48. “Even for those who say that feminist ideology helps men, it can only do so indirectly.”

    To return to the topic of this page, I’m trying to think of ways in which feminist ideology has helped me. No ideas yet… In my life, it has been more hindrance than help.

    I wouldn’t like to think my female relatives didn’t have the vote or suffered under a male conspiracy to keep them oppressed. In have never seen evidence whatsoever of such conspiracy. I’m told it exists, but I wonder, where, where? I have seen enough evidence of men helping women to fill a book, so where do these other shadowy conspirators lurk?

    Feminism continues to present itself as a struggle against men. In order to maintain the patriarchy myth it selectively blots out the huge support it has received from men. I think *genuine* equality was inevitable with or without feminism.

  49. “That CillCill is not me trying to be cute”
    I didn’t think it was deliberate, but when I saw it it just screamed Panda! to me.

    Re TinEye and its making enduring my comments not a completely sisyphean task?
    One exists merely to serve. Consider me an ideas rag and bone man. Steptoe, but not as good looking…

  50. Bring up the conspiracy questions at your next secret patriarchy meeting. Pencilled in for the 21st, according to my Patriarchy Schedule page.

    As a GrandLizard myself, I have reached out across the global PatriaNet to your local Grand High Koala. BTW Impressive guy, who has the Grand Misogynist Croix de GenderGuerre and Bar (bar women to be exact). He’ll be upgrading your Patriachy Benefits package a couple of notches. Your next promotion is yours for the asking (naturally). Your pay rise to the new enhanced extra 28¢ pay gap has already been signed off.

    You only had to ask while oppressing even more women to get the upgrade…while reaching out to me across the global conspiracy, natch 😉

    Shh don’t tell Tarn. I think she still thinks that ‘Teh Patriarchy’ is a silly tale to scare young and gullible young fembots. Oh the naiveté!!! So charming.

    Be strong young Patriarch! Fist bumps etc.

  51. Swithun is the Patron of Patriarchy
    And Swithun’s mouthpiece Spawny be.
    Spawny fails Swithun’s image to show
    Coz the saint runs the men’s club like Jim Crow 😈 😈 😈 😈

  52. “That CillCill is not me trying to be cute.”**

    For Sensitive Cill, it sticks in his craw
    Being called a panda makes him feel raw
    When Padawan read “panda”, all he saw
    Was enough to make him f*cking guffaw
    ( **psst:
    Cill wrote that before he your panda quip saw. 😉 )

  53. Spawny,

    Thank you for kind comments. It’s gratifying to know that you, Swithun’s creature, recognize my earnest endeavours to oppress.

    FWIW I performed a significant act of oppression as recently as last night. Whilst in the supermarket, I held a woman’s eye for a good two seconds flat. That has to be some sort of record in this day and age. She howled “misogynist!”, pointed at me, shook like a bobble-head doll in the Baja 500, and swooned. While the white knights rushed to give her CPR, I made my escape over the security desk. I sprained a left bollock (it’s in a cast as I speak) but what the hell, it was worth it.

  54. Cill, exactly as I said (I even got the US bit right) regarding the armour.

    The clear lesson for all is that you can trust yer Uncle Spawny.

  55. “you can trust yer Uncle Spawny”
    That we can, me old Empire, that we can.

    Tarn I see Wogglebug in his spare time doubles as a synthesizer, a “random voltage generator” for producing music, so for that one brilliant multi-tasking capability alone, I choose him before Trolly McDoucheson (although the latter does have a certain ring to his name).

    My next task is to trace him in the Land of Oz. Melbourne? Sydney? Brisbane?
    Maybe it’d be best to go there and yell out in every bar “Wogglebug? Where are you you bastard!” You can do that sort of thing in the Land of Oz without getting your head beaten in too often.

  56. What…Oh!
    Lol, I’d forgotten that Aussies are from “Oz”. Heh heh, I dare you to shout that out in the next bar you frequent.

  57. I did do that once, yelled out “Wogglebug? Where the f*ck are you you bastard!”
    (not Wogglebug, though, it was actually a different name)

    An Aussie shearer came up and hit me. I stood there nonplussed (as I explained to Spawny earlier, I’m notoriously slow to wrath)

    The Aussie shearer asked me “What sorta piss do you drink mate?”
    “Anything but Fosters” I said bluntly.
    The Aussie shearer then held out his hand, which I shook still nonplussed.
    So he bought me a Toohey off the tap and were we mates for the rest of the night.

    A very strange land is Australia. They were criminals originally, you know. That’s something we kiwis never tire of reminding them. They accuse us of indelicate relationships with our sheep.

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