MGTOW Survey Results Part 3: Women

At last, the final part of the MGTOW Survey results are here! I apologize for how long it has taken, but now that I have a fully operational spreadsheet to enter all data into the December update should go much quicker. Thank you again to everyone who has taken time out of their day to answer my questions, leave feedback, comment, or even become a follower…or friend. You know who you are. πŸ˜‰

Now, to business!

8. Do you have a steady LTR, Friend with Benefits arrangement, engage in casual hookups, or avoid women altogether?
Of 22 respondents:
-7 are married
-2 date, but only occasionally
-3 have casual hookups
-2 have relationships, but are cautious
-1 has a steady LTR
-2 desire sex, but have no partners
-5 avoid relationships altogether

11. There are numerous claims that misogyny runs rampant through the MGTOW movement. How would you respond to this claim?
Of 22 respondents:
-3 said “no more so than Feminism is misandric”
-2 said “there are some who are real misogynists who wish to dominate”
-3 said “who cares?”
-1 said “most aren’t, but some are”
-3 said “some are misogynists, but only due to female behaviors”
-1 said “misogynists exist, but they are not truly MGTOWs”
-7 said “men’s pain is mistaken for misogyny”
-2 said “people can think whatever they want about MGTOWs”

13. Thoughts on NAWALT vs AWALT, given that many MGTOW have daughters/other female relatives that are decent people and have been raised well.
Out of 22 respondents:
-3 only judge women as individuals
-2 believe NAWALT, but don’t personally know any
-6 say all women have hypergamous instincts at some point
-4 think NAWALT, and most men don’t ever mean “all” women anyway
-7 say either could be true, it’s based on how the woman was raised and how she thinks about men

15. What do you think of the concept of WGTOW?
Of 22 respondents:
-2 had never heard of it
-8 think freedom of choice to be in a relationship is important for both sexes
-2 said it’s sensible, but rare and unnecessary for women to do
-3 believe it’s possible, but examples are only used to belittle MGTOWs
-2 said it’s what real Feminism should be about/endorse
-5 postulate that WGTOW is a direct result of the success of MGTOW

16. Some women are truly happiest being single, and aren’t interested in marriage or traditional dating. What do you think of these single-at-heart women, if anything?
Of 22 respondents:
-6 say it’s irrelevant to MGTOW
-8 said “good for them”
-2 believe this can be dangerous if enough men remain sexless
-6 would appreciate this type of woman

17. Chivalry and other double standards: Even being MGTOW, how often do they impact you in daily life?
Of 22 respondents:
-3 are always aware of double standards and it is frustrating
-5 try to avoid contact with Western women because of double standards
-11 say they are aware, but it doesn’t affect them in daily life
-3 said these double standards are the leading cause of MGTOW

So, what does everyone think? Are there any responses that really struck you as true, or do they all have merit? If you didn’t participate in the survey, what are your thoughts? Discussion is welcome!

80 thoughts on “MGTOW Survey Results Part 3: Women

  1. It looks like the MGTOWs that responded to your survey successfully gave you random enough information that you’d have a hard time drawing meaningful conclusions from it. Good for them.

    Any MGTOW that didn’t start going his own way yesterday sees through this. Like Barbarossa said, “bitch, I see you.”

    We know you’re gathering and publishing this information to make it easier for women to manipulate us. And we see through the push polling in questions like “Thoughts on NAWALT vs AWALT, given that many MGTOW have daughters/other female relatives that are decent people and have been raised well.”

    Ohh, because if they’re our relatives somehow they must be better. My mother beat me and my sister molested me and I’m pretty sure lots of my aunts (and uncles and family friends) knew and did nothing about it. Why? Because it’s not about women, it’s about gynocentrism and both women and men are inherently gynocentric. Gynocentrism is about male disposability which translates in to things like to male molestability, male targetability for aggression displacement, and in your case male surveyability.

    To this day, no one gives a fuck what happened to me. Not to mention that if they did, it’s risky for me to disclose because library-sucking INTJ academic dead-weights, like you, think that because I was molested as a child it makes me a pedophile as an adult. So spare us your shit about “female relatives.” I’m sure I’m far from the only MGTOW with this kind of story.

    You want respect from MGTOWs? We’re not your fucking research project, bitch. And you’re not a fucking researcher. If you keep doing this shit, I hope you get nothing but hate and white noise in response to your thinly-veiled counter-intelligence.

    Go fuck yourself with a barbed dildo.

  2. Interesting results!

    I would suspect that certain survey comments offered really stand out. Any chance of the “Best of Survey” post coming out? I for one would like to know what others had to say.

  3. @Blurkel

    You are correct, sir. There were numerous comments that truly got to the heart of the matter…Why MGTOW is a honorable path to take, what types of manipulation women have done to shame men, how this man “found” MGTOW vs how that one did, etc.

    A “best of” post did indeed cross my mind. Perhaps a post with only an introduction from me, followed by the various words of wisdom that these men (yourself included) have given?

  4. I don’t see women as a monoliph, any more then men are. It takes ALL KINDS to
    make a world. Women are only fallible human beings of course. IT IS WHAT IT IS.
    If some people are destined to be “losers” in this area (Or any other area as well.)
    There is always suicide. The ancient Greeks did say, “The door is open.”
    Most people would NOT opt for suicide just over sex problems. But that choice is
    always “open.”

  5. Hello Richard.

    First, I’m going to say that I sympathize and empathize with what happened to you as a child. I was emotionally and sexually abused by my stepfather from age 10-17, and physically by my father till age 14. Living with such bullshit, never knowing when it’ll start again, walking on eggshells…it messes you up, man. I know. Your case *is* worse, though and if there were a way for me to snap my fingers and make society realize that No, Men Who Are Survivors Of Childhood Abuse Aren’t Inherently Dangerous, it’d already be done. I follow people like Toysoldier for a reason and reblog his posts now and then (his blog might help you, I’ll leave a link to it in my next comment to you). Men can be raped or beaten or molested, by both men and women…having a female perpetrator *doesn’t* make it better. In fact, it’s worse because society still erroneously thinks they are somehow “nicer” to their victims. Yeah, right. An abuser is an abuser, they are all pieces of crap.

    I wish more people would take time to speak with male survivors. You aren’t going to automatically turn into pedophiles. You aren’t going to automatically perpetuate abuse on others. You aren’t automatically a harmful person, or “damaged”. What you are is a human being who was wronged, in horrible ways, and your anger/sadness/frustration are both justified and righteous. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are talking out of their ass. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is what you’ve been told…I so wish I could hold your hand, or give you a hug (whatever you’d be comfortable with) and look you in the eye so you could see I’m serious. Because let’s face it…these are pretty words on a page, and they can’t convey tears or inflections or love very well, if at all. I don’t know you, but I do care about those who are hurting, especially when it is so Godsdamned unnecessary for them to keep feeling this way.

    You are correct about another thing. Many MGTOWs (both ones who’ve commented here and ones I’ve met elsewhere) have similar stories of abuses from female relatives…and some have said, as you can tell from the results, that AWALT. That is fine. That is their opinion and it is no less valid than anyone else’s. If that is what your/their life experiences have taught, then that is what they’ve taught…I’d never deny someone that.

    Listen, I have to start getting ready for work now, but if *you* want to, I would like to talk to you more. I’m not going to try to change your mind about anything, or say you’re wrong, or try to sell you on “how good teh womyns are”. Honestly, if you think exactly the same later as you do now, it’s not an issue to me. To each their own. But I can see that you are hurting and if it’s even remotely possible I’d like to help you. Not out of pity, not because you’re “dangerous”, not because I am trying to prove anything, but because you are a fellow sentient, thinking, feeling person who I literally can’t help caring about.

    I’ll address your other points when I have time later in the day. They were great discussion topics, and are absolutely worthy of being talked about. But *you* and what you’re going through are more important by far.

    I’ll include some links for you of reblogs I’ve done for Toysoldier. I really suggest checking out his blog if you don’t already read it.

    Have a good day, Richard. I’ll talk to you later.

  6. @missattempts

    True. Anyone can be a jerk. However, women tend to get more of a pass than men do…handled with “kid gloves”, in other words. This is what is unfair, not the fact that our species is one of equal opportunity douches.

    I do not believe that anyone is destined to be a loser…there are infinite possibilities, and your fate isn’t set in stone from the day of your birth. Some change is more likely than others, but change is always an option.

    Suicide is a choice, yes. And if someone wants to drink from that cup, and is making the decision to do so over a long period of time and in a rational way, I generally think it’s unethical to stop them. (Google “Terry Pratchett euthanasia” for a better idea of my position on suicide.)

    But suicide does still mean a light is lost, and until it’s reborn the world is a slightly darker place.

  7. @Richard
    (I’ve only read your first comment so far, so sorry if I misread something – but this is my first reaction, straight out)

    “It looks like the MGTOWs that responded to your survey successfully gave you random enough information that you’d have a hard time drawing meaningful conclusions from it. Good for them.”

    You know? I’ve been round here a while and I agree with you and your first statement and its sentiment entirely:
    a) results giving a hard time drawing conclusions
    b) that it’s great that the survey results told so many different stories.

    Love it. There’s no single story, no single movement, just a lot of guys going their own ways…best of luck fighting that.

    But man? You have the wrong target for the anger. Really, honest to anything you hold holy, wrong target. If you check out the archives here you will find a lot of proof of that. You’ll find a background of abuse (by a male family member as it happens – I and she know full well that female on male abuse happens). You’ll find serious empathy for men here. In all my correspondence with her I have never been given any doubt that she has a very sympathetic outlook on men, and she walks the walk in real life (stories on this blog. One example springs to mind, something like ‘I think I met an MGTOW today’ – have a read)

    Read around the blog, read her comments on my blog, I don’t think that you’ll find a damn thing that you’ll disagree with. Seriously. She was honest enough to let through your comment even though it’s very out of keeping with the tone of her blog. She’s also not the type to hold a grudge.

    You have the wrong target for your (earned anger at society) anger. Your suspicions are misplaced. The proof is on this very blog (lots of it) and my new blog (been around 3 weeks-ish, but Tarn has been there, so there’s proof there too)

    Don’t know what your interests are, but right now when I need to see some great news, I head for Twitter and search #GamerGate…the Gamers (not one, but love them) are kicking the shit out of their enemies and men in general. There are going to be many new recruits for the manosphere (not anti-women, but anti-radfem and their ilk, anti-SJWs etc)

    I don’t really have a use for lots of anger on my blog either (because it hurts the angry guy – it hurts you. IDGAS about feminist feelings), but if you want a laugh, friendship and a positive male tone, please look in. I’m aiming at a male space where women can join in but on male terms. Tarn is very welcome there, that should tell you something. She wrote a post about AWALT / NAWALT / EWALT there…enough said?

    Tarn is not your enemy. I have seen her fighting men’s corner against feminists on this blog. The result was never in doubt.

  8. @missattempts
    have some fun first, no need to rush that decision.

    I’m guessing that you’re American, and I know others here are. I’ve been wondering for years why so much of your comedy (movies especially) is about losing your cherry and drinking beer. I really don’t get the obsession. I do NOT think that it’s healthy. It’s a couple of shit things that are causing a lot of mental strife over crap. Enforcing minimum drinking ages of 21 in some states in the full knowledge that it isn’t necessary or helpful to a balanced attitude to alcohol. It’s like the total fuck-up of prohibition was gone through without learning a goddamn thing about what happens when you legislate against normal human desires…nothing good.

    Mind you, much of female targeted bullshit content sends the message ‘princess it up and dress like a ho. use your magic vajayjay to get the man of your dreams. female sexuality must be exactly the same as men’s and they’ll have to accept your past when you want to settle down’. Since when is it empowering *puke* to go around dressed like a ho and claiming victimhood is a victory? And men don’t have to accept shit.

  9. I tell you a story, about my rage against women. I saw 3 men beating the snot out of a bloke on the ground. There was no-one else around except for me and the bitch who wanted that guy to get beat up real bad. From what I could see of his face he was the type women hit on, and I’m guessing the shrieking bitch was a woman scorned. I heard a weak voice and looked around. It was the bloke’s wife, panicking and running around like a headless chook looking for help. I told her to stay put and went in.

    I overdid it and the 4 blokes ended up in hospital, the 3 that I whupped (turned out they were her low-life brothers) and the one they’d whupped on the ground. Every time I thought “Better stop, I’ve given them enough!”, I’d see the screwed-up face of the bitch in front of me and give them some more, and with every whap I said “bitch, bitch, bitch!”

    She told the police me and the bloke on the ground tried to rape her and her brothers tried to save her. Later the bloke’s wife came around with the police and they thanked me for saving his life.

    I rage against women for what they’ve done to men. I’ll tell you what though, brother, when you start whipping Tarnished, the owner of this blog, you’re whipping the wrong horse, okay? Just saying.

  10. I hasten to add, I’m not applauding violence. I read Richard’s comment and it reminded me of my own anger against women (although I’ve got nowhere near as much excuse for anger as he has) and also him treating Tarnished as if she’s the bitch. She’s not. Spawny speaks truth, read what he said.

  11. @Moehau Man

    Hmm. Lying, attempting to file a false rape/sexual assault report, and violence by proxy. Can’t get much “classier” than that… 😑

  12. @Tarnished

    “A β€œbest of” post did indeed cross my mind. Perhaps a post with only an introduction from me, followed by the various words of wisdom that these men (yourself included) have given?”

    Mush! Flattery will get you everywhere!

    Seriously, the format you propose would work nicely.

  13. We should set up a quango that will decide upon the committee that will make the initial referrals to an Ultimate Authority that will put forward a list of finalists for decision by The Great Pooh-Bah… *cough* (yet to be decided upon although I hear it’s down to a shortlist of two (2))

  14. Or… we could refer it to “UN Women – Headquarters” and get an uncharacteristically swift and unequivocal reply: NONE

  15. Which would you be cool with tarn? Setting up a quango etc, or referring it to UN Women – Headquarters for decision?

  16. I am not Tarnished right now…I am Pick, a male Troll Street Samurai. We are fighting wasp people who are using the city’s homeless men and women as flesh suits.

  17. Okay! Good one!

    Next task then is to set up a quango that will decide upon the committee that will make the initial referrals to an Ultimate Authority that will put forward a list of finalists for decision by The Great Pooh-Bah as to which hapless MGTOW will be given the task of drafting a request to UN Women…

  18. “homeless men and women as flesh suits”. Do you not think that’s disrespectful, if not downright abusive, to women?

  19. I can tell by your cryptic replies that you’re gaming and don’t like being interrupted. You typical single-minded IntJ, you πŸ˜‰

  20. HI Pick, welcome to Tarnished Sophia. We’re pleased to have you aboard, but would like to discuss with you your propensity for violent video games. Can you think of another pastime or hobby that might interest you instead? Have you tried curling or tossing the caber? Whatever you do is entirely over to you, of course! However, we do think homeless men and women as flesh suits is not a positive place to be at for a gamer.

  21. Yah, happy ta be ‘ere. Seems like a place worth bein’. Certain ta be better’n whatz out dere about now.

    But I think ya should know, old hoss…Us Runners are role-players. Y’know, rollin’ da bones an’ keepin’ our stats on paper. You ken?

  22. Pick,

    Thank you for your promptish response. We can’t help noticing that, in your anxiety to side-step the issue we raised, your altered accent and stated hobbies are now revealing another questionable aspect of yourself, namely a somewhat stranded identity somewhere mid-Atlantic. Were you raised on a raft, perhaps? Do you agree that your accent could be described as a new Yanko-Mexo-Cockney?

  23. A genuine Cockney would have said:

    “β€˜Sides…I already β€˜ave a ‘obby, I do,
    I like ta get out me wild flowers and press ’em, me old Family Jewels,
    And get totally trollied in bars.”

  24. Dat’s all well an’ good, hoss. But yur forgettin’ I’m a New Yarker in da year 2050. Dat, an’ I ‘ave a bit of a lisp. Trolls do ‘ave rather large mandibles, y’know.

  25. That explains it, Pick. Even Cockneys lack mandibles, except perhaps for those of them that have movie star looks (bearing in mind that not all movie stars are good looking) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  26. Dunno how this ‘appened, Pick, but I’ve built up a bit of a ‘ankering for yiz New Yarkers, wot with ya mandibles and all… reckon I’ll be smackin’ me lips and imaginin’ strange imaginin’s as I’m dreaming about ya tonight.

  27. Yes well, I dunno why you foreign types need to stray so far away from regular Kiwi. The Kiwi tongue doesn’t need mandibles and stuff. Kiwi is sweet as already.

  28. Well Brother Cill, I’m afraid that I’ve lost the thread having had to go out for the evening. I’d be glad to offer an opinion if you could clarify the intended thought for my tired and caffeine-deprived cranial stuffing. It got exposed to the atmosphere when street trolls stole my epidermis.

  29. It worries me that tarn has totally lost it. She’s lost in an alien persona.

    @Brother Blurkel, this whole sad business goes back to the time you left us. If you could be so good as to go back there and catch up? It’s quite clear that tarn and her alter ego Pick need help.

  30. Cill, dearheart…Pick is a Troll, not an alien. Besides our Run is over for now, so Pick won’t be back till next Friday night. πŸ™‚

  31. If you’re really and truly safe, I can relax and watch rugby. Just confirm you’re okay first, so we (@bro blurkel and me) can relax. I can watch my rugger while he watches his grid iron or whatever.

  32. I’m about to leave you fine people for the night. It’s been fun! Taranaki is about to play Tasman in the NPC final. *Nothing* under god’s heaven is more important than this game! Good night sweet tarn, and all the best to you too, brother Blurkel. Go well.

  33. Well, actually next Friday is Halloween/Samhain, so we won’t be gaming that night. But yeah…usually we play D&D, Shadowrun, or Werewolf every Friday from 10pm-2am.

    If it’s Shadowrun, I’ll be Pick the Troll.
    If it’s D&D, I’m either Saber (a male Shifter ranger) or Circe (female Tiefling rogue).
    In Werewolf, I’m Dani (a female human-born).

    Take heart, Cill…sometimes we just play boardgames. πŸ˜‰

  34. Have a good night, Cill! -Tarnished

    Sleep well, friend. -Circe

    May the moon watch over your rest.

    Relax, an’ heal ta fight again, eh? -Pick

    Oh for the love of Gaia…Will you all just shut it so we can go get some grub? The rest of the pack is eating all my bacon!

  35. Dear Moehue Man:
    So you are not adverse to using violence for constructive purposes?
    How about violence against the Pakistani pimps that are grooming and raping young
    English girls as young as 8? Does your hatred of females extend to such an extent
    that you are oblivious to the pain they must feel when raped?
    Where did the English men dissapear to? Or is he more content to let the women do
    his fighting?

  36. Missattempts, he doesn’t hate all women. Just ones who try to use a system stacked in her favor to hurt men. Honestly, anyone who takes advantage of another person, whether through physical force, emotional manipulation, or a broken justice system, has proven themselves to be unworthy of respect.

  37. Tarn, Blurkel, ALL OF YOU AMERICANS!
    (Maybe Spawny might get this too on TV in UK.)

    World Champion All Blacks vs U.S.A.
    Soldier Field Chicago 2:30 PM CT

    Universal Sports Network will host a pre-game show at 2 p.m. CT before NBC begins its live telecast at 2:30 p.m. The official match kick-off time is 3 p.m., but fans are encouraged to get to their seats early to hear Jim Cornelison and SOL3 MIO sing the national anthems of the United States and New Zealand, respectively, and to see the world famous haka performed.

    The pre-game haka is a Maori war-dance. I hope that the haka they choose to perform will be the traditional one of the great chief Te Rauparaha. If so, what you will see will be the dead arising from the earth into the feet of the haka men and rising up and possessing their bodies and finally being flung into the air when they stretch out their fingers near the end. The opening words (when they first start to slap their thighs) mean β€œI die, I die, I live, I live!” before the dead take control and the rest of the haka is the dead using the bodies of the haka men. It’s a gazillion percent testosterone.

  38. @Cill

    OK. Not being a fantasy gamer myself (my tastes run more to Asteroids and Texas Hold-‘Em) I might be missing the nuances, but I get the general concept. My kids are into D&D, so I hear a few things from time to time. The intensity of the experience, causing a temporary separation from what most of us consider real life, is the desired result of playing such role-playing games. In some ways, it isn’t all that different from the role-playing sex games some couples like and enjoy.

    Hope this addresses your question as to my impression. If not, I’ll be glad to try again.

  39. Blurkel,

    I don’t do gaming of any type. It’s a world I stay out of because I know if I get into it I might never want to come out.

    When I read some literature I am aware of the “willing suspension of disbelief” that Coleridge talked about. In particular it happens to me with some works of great classical music (far and away my favorite indoor pastime).

    I think you covered it pretty well.

  40. I had a full set of funny die the day. Was it four, six, eight, twelve and twenty? This was back in the days of quill and parchment of course. No new fangled pencils…

    Welcome to my blog Blurkel, any new comments will just go through.

    G’night y’all

  41. @Cill

    Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast!

    I know it well, having in my prime worked as a musician. Beethoven, Mozart, Holst, Copeland, Stravinsky, Respighi (“…imagine the US Army marching up from Anzio…”), Ragtime, ’20s Jazz, early country, Western Swing, Big Band, bebop, Zappa, Steely Dan, Fusion, . . . and the Stepkids. Essentially, anything but Nashville and Opera.

    Granted, some of these choices of mine won’t rock your world as it were, but the effect is there for those who appreciate the work.

  42. Close, you forgot the 10-sider and the percentile die…poly sets have 7 dice. ‘Course, people had to get all fancy and now we have 3-sided, 100-sided, and 24-sided dice, if anyone wants them.

  43. blurkel
    I learned classical piano for 15 years but had to give it up at age 19. My outdoor activities (broken fingers, arms etc) weren’t conducive. Mozart, Bach and Beethoven were my favorites. The violin is my favorite instrument. I have an immense sound system and no neighbors, which means I can go outside under the stars and stand on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea and basically go insane with ecstacy without disturbing anybody except for my livestock and the dog who are used to it. The Tui birds in the forest have even learned to sing some of the pieces I play.

  44. Just keep the electric bill paid. We’ll trade selections and watch the sun go down. We’ll teach the Tui some new licks.

  45. “you forgot the 10-sider and the percentile die”
    prolly did forget the ten sided, but what is this 100 sided heresy of which you speak? I suppose it allows a finer grain in rolling in multiple factors into a throw decision…but it sounds like if you’re getting to that level you should hand things off to a computer. (Speaking as someone who used to play those things in the early eighties and then became a techie).

  46. @Cill

    It’s an interesting thought in principle. We’d have to hear from Spawny, and I’d like to survey the readership to see if there would be interest. If favorable, I’m willing.

  47. After chewing over it a bit first, we might decide we don’t want to do it. The best music site I have been to (for me) was one that was for classical violin only. If it gets too broad, people might as well turn on their radios instead. I did wonder if your particular brand of it (October 27, 2014 at 9:43 PM) might be something different. Is much of it recorded?

  48. There is much that is recorded. What isn’t readily accessible I heard through the agency of collectors on various radio programs, but little of that is playable on demand.

    Rather than do a regular presentation, maybe when something extraordinary shows up we could offer that instead?

    There was, for instance, a collaboration between Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson doing Beach Boys music. What appeals to me about this (besides the incongruity of pairing a guitarist who forgot more about playing than most ever learn with an ethereal choral composer) is that the reviews I read were generally quite favorable. Beach Boy music wasn’t known for extended instrumental breaks of the kind Beck is known for. Now that Beck has moved on to trading licks with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, I won’t get to hear it unless someone recorded it and posted it somewhere accessible.

    There was also a violinist who guest soloed with the LA Philharmonic that I felt could have taught Steven Stills a lot about using harmonics to solo. His technique was incredible! I don’t know if the works he performed that night were recorded.

    Now we both can appreciate what I’ve presented here, but how many readers could or would? Confronting this difference was a prime reason I left active performing. I wasn’t about to doom myself to playing “Smoke on the Water” 12 times a week just to earn my living as a musician. It didn’t help that a few of your Oz neighbors stole disco and made it accessible to white teens.

    I’m still willing to entertain assisting an effort if we can derive one which can work.

  49. blurkel. sorry for delay in replying.
    You are speaking as a (ex?) professional musician I see, which is ahead of the best I ever achieved in music. My own thought is, narrow is better than broad. I’m probably not a big listener of the type of music you’re talking about but after hearing what you said, I’d be interested to give it a go! You allude to the Bee Gees. I never was a great fan of their music. Beach Boys yes! The way I see it, it’s an opportunity to extend the mind. I for one would be interested and I agree with the idea of starting off small.

  50. To clarify my earlier comment, I agree with you: “Rather than do a regular presentation, maybe when something extraordinary shows up we could offer that instead?”
    It need not be all at once. Drip feed is almost essential for this sort of blog.

    Also, I’d keep my music out of it until after the tone of your selections becomes clear. This might mean I keep mine out permanently. Wouldn’t worry me.

    Jeff Beck and others you mentioned, fine by me. I’d like to listen to more of them. Bee Gees too.

  51. Whoa, this conversation moved on.

    I was wondering about using YouTube (or something similar) to assemble playlists of great music (of all flavours). Sort of chose a mood and strap in and enjoy the ride. I didn’t think it’d even require much uploading of material.

    You guys are much better suited to making Radio Blurkel, or Music mit Moehau happen. I want new thongs to listen to to get me back to listening to music.

  52. So is that a go-ahead for blurkel and me, Spawny? I for one would like to give it a burl, but only if I have someone like burkel as the mainstay. He clearly knows more about the subject matter than I do.

  53. I was only thinking of a simple YouTube channel on which play lists could be built in different genres.

    Given your and Blurkel’s expertise I’ll leave you two to it.

    I am bowing respectfully while backing away slowly.

    Happy to suggest content, but you guys should run it…in my opinion.

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