Helping A MGTOW Spread His Message

Hi, everyone. This is another request post from my commenter MGTOWtrendsetta, aka Maurice. He recently sent me the points below in an email, asking if I could reprint it here to create conversation and obtain more feedback. Given how much I support MGTOWs, how could I refuse? 😉

However, I’m going to suggest doing the comments/feedback a bit differently this time. While people are still quite welcome to leave comments here, I’d like to have the majority of conversation take place at the blog of another MGTOW: my dear friend and frequent commenter, Spawny Get. He only moderates the initial comments that people leave, and thus I think discussion can flow more smoothly at his place. Plus, you all get to visit yet  another great MGTOW/Male-friendly blog. Win! Here’s the link to the relevant post:

So, without further ado, here’s MGTOWtrendsetta:
I’m coming to you today because I feel that MGTOW has started to reach a point in which some parameters should be put in place because I think there is a lot of confusion on what MGTOW means and it seems no one really wants to define it, which is very understandable, but I do feel that parameters should be in place. A foundation per se, but I don’t really know the best way to present it or how to. I thought I would run it by you and maybe you could give me any suggestion. Check it out.

I don’t want to define what MGTOW is or what it should be, but I do believe that parameters should be in place for the simple fact that you will eventually start seeing all kinds of people claiming that they are MGTOW when in fact they are a sub group of what MGTOW stands for. So I have compiled a small list that hopefully all MGTOW can semi agree on and hopefully come to a full agreement of what the standards should be. I feel that the strongest statement is number 1, these statements will go in order so In my opinion you can’t be a true MGTOW without them all as well as you have to agree with the first statement before you can move to the next. Please give feedback. I will post this on many YouTube channels and blogs just to see what everyone thinks.

1.A MGTOW must be a MAN- This is given, no if ands or buts.

2.A MGTOW should be for non-traditional marriage- This is where MGTOW stems. I believe you can’t be married and be MGTOW. Married MGTOWs can support the movement but not take on the MGTOW label. Maybe a sub group can be made.

3. A MGTOW should be non-religious- I believe that religion forms a narrative for your life and with that you can’t truly be going your own way. Your following someone else’s way. I believe god and religion are two different things, so believing in god and dictating what “god” means to you is definitely MGTOW.

4. A MGTOW should not be a female hater-A MGTOW cannot be bitter towards women. In fact, I think MGTOW deep down have a strange love for women where we will give them the unedited truth when applicable. A MGTOW understands the female nature and truly what she is and thus moves through life accordingly. To hate women would be to come off as bitter, weak and emotional. MGTOW are strong and confident in whom they are and will eventually set the example.

5. A MGTOW should have an open mind- This is just to say open to new possibilities “The Red Pill”. We are a movement that lives outside the box and not everyone can handle what’s outside the box.

6. A MGTOW should be willing to stand alone- Last but not least, we are Men who are only reacting to an environment in which we deem toxic where only the strong can survive. Adversity will come our way but hey we are MGTOW so FUCK EM.

“First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then WE win.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

This is just my belief but would like to form it into something that all MGTOW can agree on. Like I said before, I don’t want to dictate what MGTOW is or should be, after this little list the possibilities are endless of the potential of MGTOW, but this is just a set of parameters that hopefully we can come to terms with and if anyone has something else that they deem to be worthy I think everyone would like to hear it. Not so others can understand us but for us to have more cohesion in our message moving forward. Because I do believe for every action there is a reaction and once women understand what has happened and is going on with MGTOW they will have no choice but to change or EAT CAKE.


27 thoughts on “Helping A MGTOW Spread His Message

  1. So what happens if a person “apes” the MGTHOW philosophy and STILL
    can’t get the girl? Suppose he says to himself: “I don’t give a s—t, I can live
    without a woman, they mean nothing to me.
    Isn’t that like a rich man saying “Money isn’t everything?” Or a person with a full belly
    saying “Fasting, is a cinch?”
    There was a film a number of years ago called “The Tao Of Steve.” The premise of
    the film was if you developed an uncaring attitude about “scoring” with women, that
    would attract them to you all the more. You ignore women, (Or treat them with
    coldness) to become a “chick magnet.”
    At what point can you revert back to your true nature? How can you reel them in
    and trust that they won’t change their mind on a whim. There are thousands of
    potential “rule breakers” from first contact to bedroom, if that is your ultimate
    For myself, I simpily acknowledge that some are more adept at these things then
    I could ever be. My Astrological self studies tell me I have two chances: slim & none.
    Hey, it’s easy to blame others for our troubles. To blame the other gender.
    I am the MASTER of my fate. But cowardace doesn’t get you very far, when the
    only escape from pain is to end it.

  2. But the philosophy of MGTOW *isn’t* to get the girl…it’s to go your own way. Some may choose to spend time with women, others don’t. It is entirely up to the individual man, and is certainly not a way to get women. Most MGTOWs don’t give a damn.

    Similarly, a WGTOW isn’t using her philosophy to catch a man…she is saying she’s fine on her own, but a man can come along for the ride so long as he doesn’t try to change her. It’s all about living for yourself, not attracting a mate.

  3. Suppose you NEVER met your FWB? You could be happy alone?
    BTW, I’ve come up with a few songs that describe some of the issues we’re speaking
    Best FWB song: “Hello It’s Me,” by Todd Rundgren. You should also listen to “I Saw
    The Light” by the same by the same artist.

    Best MGTOW song: “I’ll Be Doggone!” by Marvin Gaye.

    Best song explaining why MGTOW can’t work: “Love Is Like Oxygen,” by The Sweet

    Best song that describes “The Tarnished Sophia”: “Heart Of Gold,” by Neil Young.

  4. I was happy alone before I met him, so I imagine I would have continued to be. He didn’t necessarily make me happier, he helped me to not be afraid of physical touch and sexual intimacy. Am I pleased to know him and share parts of our lives? Yes, of course! But I find that relying on someone else to create your happiness is a flawed way of thinking. Relationships (whether intimate or not) are the delectable icing on the cake of your life. You are still responsible for making sure you are happy, healthy, and stable…friends and lovers can’t do this for you, put they can support you (as you should support them).

  5. Mgtow is an expanded awareness. Its an understanding that putting a woman first in your life, while “romantic”, is ironically a recipe for losing them. Because it is in essence a form of dependency, and that’s never good. Mgtows may actually be in relationships, but they will be largely on his terms. For me its largely the knowledge that being alone is preferable to being in an abusive relationship. This gives me the ability to walk away. If you lose the ability to walk away, you are a compromised individual.

  6. I don’t think many will post on this thread now, being that Tarn, has started a
    brand new one. This gives me an oppertunity to have my say on THIS thread, unless
    Tarn discovers the posts and decides to delete them. I think that Tarn may be irate
    with me because I have a slightly different outlook then her on this topic. She may be
    tired of trying to explain things to me. Not to mention that I think she is associating
    with people who DO NOT have her best interests at heart.
    Tarn has cast her lot with people who CANNOT love her. I understand that Tarn
    actually thinks she is a man, and would have perfered to be born a man. Nonetheless
    these particular men cannot help her. Why? BECAUSE THEY HATE WOMEN TO THE
    For example, Tarn posts on The Black Pill Blog. The Black Pill undoubtedly hates ALL
    WOMEN. And he doesn’t even allow freedom of speech. I wrote him a posting asking
    if he had female realitives (Other then his mother, of course.) and I asked him what his
    reaction would be if one of them were hurt or killed. He wouldn’t even publish the
    question, and he keeps ALL my postings in moderation. If you read his blog, it’s NON
    STOP bashing of women. Women can do nothing right. As with MANY manosphere
    blogs, it’s either: “They are immoral whores or bit–hes. Or, “Why are they so hateful
    and cold? Like many MGTOW he says he has no use for women on the one hand, but
    the very fact that he rails against them proves his obsession WITH them!
    Anytime a women get’s hurt he says: “Good riddence to bad garbage.”
    Tarnished THINKS these are her friends. THEY are not!
    I don’t blame Tarnished for the way she thinks. She’s been abused. She thinks that
    identifying with her opressors is “natural.” Subconsciensly she is still that little girl
    who plead with her father and stepfather not to do those things to her.
    Do you think the Black Pill and some of the other manosphere people care?
    They are in complete agreement with the things George Soldni and Eliot Rodgers did!
    Hatred-and only hatred-comes from them. So now, these bitter men have their
    emotional hooks in Tarn. They have convinced her that there IS no such thing as love.
    But these men were raised in single parent households their mother’s likely spoiled
    them. They think it should be all so easy. When they find it is not, they hate the female
    gender. As if women don’t have their own problems. And they think they are going
    to change the world with THAT attitude?
    Look, Tarnished needs LOVE. She is NOT getting that through her association with
    sour grapes complainers!
    True, she has a FWB. But HE gets ALL the benefits. Tarn is 30. What happens when
    she get’s to 40, 50. and 60? Time goes by in the twinkling of an eye!
    She doesn’t deserve the death trap she’s stepping into! She must return to reality NOW!

  7. @populistlibertine “Mgtow is an expanded awareness. Its an understanding that putting a woman first in your life, while “romantic”, is ironically a recipe for losing them.”

    That’s good, it looks very much like smart thinking to me.

  8. @populistlibertine

    Being first in someone’s life is not as good as being next to them. Couples should take their steps together, side by side, not with either in front.

  9. And you think most of the people in the manosphere believe that? They don’t
    even believe that women should be allowed to vote!
    They think it’s always the other guy that’s getting ALL the sex! Maybe it is. So
    what? Some of the greatest people in history have never had sex. Jesus, Issac Newton,
    Telsa, John Ruskin, Immuel Kant.
    These vicious cry babies are only going to produce MORE Soldinis’ and Rodger’s types!
    When does it end? And why doesn’t Tarnished get away from them while she can?
    She’s NOT getting any younger.

  10. Missattempts,

    I don’t delete or moderate comments unless they go against my Policy.

    I’m not irate with you because of your outlook or opinions, I’m frustrated because what you believe you see in regards to my life isn’t actually there.

    I am a 30 year old adult, not a teenager with no real-world experience. I was abused by my father and stepgrandfather, yes…but I survived those traumas and have a much better life now. This is due in part to my own accomplishments (saving money from every teenage job, moving out at an early age, being responsible for myself, having a strong work ethic and not letting my dignity die) and the assistance of my FwB (a reeducation in the ways of sex, learning intimacy, being able to enjoy some physical touch again, being loved for who I am instead of what my body looks like). The fact that you think my wounds are still fresh when they are actually scars is not helping me.

    And yes, I do talk to some men who dislike women both in real life and online. Rarely are they unjustified in their feelings, as the majority learned to dislike women…as BP said, nobody is born a misogynist. The fallacy I see in this way of thinking is simply that (forgive me for using this) not all women are like those that harmed these men. Likewise, not all men are like those who harmed me. My paternal abusers and the jocks in school who tried to destroy me are NOT representatives of all men.

    I am not being oppressed by men, nor am I identifying with my oppressors. As I said before, the abuse started at age 10…I was gender dysphoric long before then. Did I plead with my stepfather to not do the things he did? Yes. Did it cause me additional anguish to be reminded of my incorrect body during these times that cis gendered children don’t experience? Probably. But I didn’t do it as a “little girl”…I did it as a child who understood that having your body touched like that wasn’t right. That’s my life, and life isn’t always fair. There’s no use in becoming a professional victim…tis better to work past the crap and come out the other side.

    Nobody can convince me there’s no such thing as love. I feel it everyday, so how can I deny it? I feel it for my lover, my friends, my animal companions, and some of my family. Someone else’s lack of love or inexperience with it cannot dull my own.

    I do not understand why you say my FwB gets “all” the benefits? Do you believe I would willingly stay in a relationship where I gained absolutely nothing? It is true that I pay for our meals and entertainment, but that is because I have more disposable income and it makes sense for me to do so. Why on earth should the poorer partner be forced to put out as much as the richer one? It’s nonsensical.

    Death trap? What death trap?
    I have insurance. I have a decent paying job and a good career that I really enjoy. I maintain a $2k buffer in my savings account. I don’t make frivolous purchases unless a videogame or book I like releases. I plan on contributing to a retirement fund starting next year. I have no dependents, am in excellent physical and mental health, have very satisfying and fun sex every week, a small group of good/supportive friends, take no medications, have little to no threat of ever contracting an STD, and live a relatively stress free lifestyle of my own choosing.
    How am I in a “death trap” exactly? My reality…which I am firmly in…is precisely what I have made of it, and it is good.

    You seem to believe I’m a damsel in distress, trapped in a tower. I wish you could see that I’ve already escaped the tower, slain the dragon, and am currently in the nearest tavern planing adventures with my lover and friends…

  11. I’m at ease now. I’m glad to read the above. Just be vigilant. We are in for some
    rough times.
    BTW, you might consider writing a “self-help” book. If it is promoted properly it can
    gain the attention of MANY that you could inspire.

  12. Missattempts,
    I’ve been told that I should write a book about my experiences many a time. Perhaps I shall one day…as of this moment, I’m content with my blogs.

  13. My God what a woman! My admiration was NOT misplaced! I’ve known MANY
    in your boat, but only a few who have avoided going down with the ship.

  14. And he doesn’t even allow freedom of speech.

    You don’t get to make false accusations that individuals or groups of people, including myself, are planning to commit genocide and seriously expect there to be no consequences. And you have made such false accusations such as this one against me. Centuries of the Western legal tradition has never considered such thing to be free speech. Legally, the terms are slander and libel.

    I know you conspiracy theorists aren’t used to being called out on your false accusations. After all 99.9% of the population doesn’t take them seriously with good reason. False accusations are still false accusations even if they come from mentally ill people so I don’t care that only other conspiracy theorists take them seriously. You and your conspiracy theorist buddies are nothing but a bunch of liars.

    I wrote him a posting asking
    if he had female realitives (Other then his mother, of course.) and I asked him what his
    reaction would be if one of them were hurt or killed. He wouldn’t even publish the
    question, and he keeps ALL my postings in moderation.

    I still have that comment in my moderation queue so let’s look at what you actually said:

    What would your reaction be if little sis was just minding her business in
    a parking lot, and was dragged off by a van load of beasts for the express
    purpose of being a sex slave? This happened recently. The girl was
    fortunate to escape with her life. Bit marks all over her body, but she
    escaped with her life.
    Or, how about the school teacher, a year ago October who was raped in
    her own school and had a three foot tree limb shoved up her vagina.
    Who caused these crimes? The victims for simply being female?
    What did they do to deserve it?

    You asked me some crazy questions on par with, “what if one of my family members was abducted by aliens?” but much more evil than that. I’m not going to take this seriously.

    You really should have left that alone. I did you a favor by not allowing that comment on my blog.

    If you read his blog, it’s NON STOP bashing of women.

    I bash manginas too.

  15. Honestly BP, I have never felt “bashed” on your blog. Whether this is because I don’t equate myself with the female gender, or because I’m capable of reading generalizations with the knowledge they aren’t referring to me as an individual? That I’m unsure about…it’s probably 50/50.

  16. Lon/misattempts is a white (vagina worshipping) nationalist so he’s a collectivist, similar to how most women are collectivists. A collectivist doesn’t understand that criticizing one person of a group, i.e. a woman, doesn’t mean that you’re criticizing all members of that group, i.e. all women. There’s no individuality in collectivism so they can’t understand that criticism of an individual is not the same as criticism of a group.

    You are different than most women in that you understand the difference.

  17. Hey tarnished. Is there a way I can contact you aside from blog comments? I’m curious if you would be interested in writing a piece for my site. I really appreciate your perspective/voice and think it would be valuable to have on the site.

  18. So the Black Pill appearently believes that the possibility of God’s greatest gift
    to humanity- the gorgeous white female, (A prize far beyond his reach because of
    his Autism and Aspergers) has about as much possibility of being harmed by
    a vicious criminal as she does being abducted by an alien.
    All I can say to that is that the Black Pill never looks at the news, or that his mind is
    so full of hatred that he doesn’t know the difference.

  19. Lon, don’t bring that kind of talk to my blog.

    Yes, children can be abducted for sexual slavery. I don’t agree that being abducted by extraterrestrials is more likely. But do NOT say that white people are somehow better or more important than other colors. We are all one race…the Human Race. I can’t change your mind if you believe Caucasians are “superior” for some reason, but I’ll not have such discussions here. Thank you.

  20. Also;

    -People who are on the autism scale can have mates too. A decent number of my customers have some kind of social anxiety, Aspbergers, or general ineptitude, and a lot of them still manage to have girlfriends.

    -I don’t think BP is on the autism scale, but if he is, I’m sure he’s living with it as he so chooses.

    -People, whether they are men or women, aren’t “prizes”.

    Thank you for not saying more things like this on my blog. I appreciate it.

  21. @missattempts I’ve just seen this. “Autism and Aspergers” should not be used as an insult! Are you saying autistic people can’t have friends? One of my closest friends has autism! There’s a whole lot more I’d like to say but That’s All.

  22. On a calmer note..
    @missattempts you seem to put women on a pedestal way up there somewhere close to God. Not many people are going to agree with that. Not many women are going to agree with that. The women who’d be impressed by your comments are women you wouldn’t want to know anyway.

  23. Well said, Cill…about everything. I’d add that any white woman who thinks she’s inherently better than women of other ethnicities is a racist, or at least a bigot. Also someone not worth being around.

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