UK government creates new fund for male rape victims

The UK is finally acknowledging the fact that men and boys are rape victims, and are deserving of help. It’s about time…

Toy Soldiers

The United Kingdom has a sordid history of failing to acknowledge and address sexual violence against men and boys. Many cases of sexual violence against males are not prosecuted under the rape statutes, including offenses against boys. Women cannot face rape charges under UK law. The National Rape Crisis Network excludes organizations at assist male victims. All those things works against efforts to help abused men and boys.

However, the UK government recently decided to grant money to the Male Rape Support Fund:

Male victims of rape are to be supported with a new £600,000 government fund.

Twelve charities to be given money from the new Male Rape Support Fund were announced earlier by Victims Minister Mike Penning.

He said nationally about 75,000 men were victims of sexual assault in 2012-13, but few went to the police for help because the crime was “taboo”.

The fund will support the…

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20 thoughts on “UK government creates new fund for male rape victims

  1. I am looking at Toy Soldier, and yes, men are very much treated as disposable objects in society. People would automatically help female rape survivors, but rarely help men who are victims of abuse, and do not always take rape of men seriously.

  2. As a male who faced ridicule and shaming in the past during college by some nasty people, yes I felt as though I was treated as disposable during college. I was mistreated including being ignored, faced body shaming, gender role shaming, and being used.

  3. I can sympathize with the majority of that. I wasn’t treated as disposable at school, but at home it was made clear that my stepfather didn’t give a damn about what I thought or felt.

    School, though? Yeah. All of the rest.
    Aren’t people great? /sarcasm

  4. My dad was always emotionally removed, emotionally absent and detached, and didn’t do much to help me emotionally. He seems indifferent, but not to the point that he didn’t give a shit.

  5. I get that many people during college are young and immature, but immaturity doesn’t excuse bad behavior at all.

  6. Nope. And by the time you’re in college, you’re typically an adult (albeit a young one). It’s a time for learning maturity, not pushing it off another 4 years.

  7. Hi Tarn!
    “UK government creates new fund for male rape victims” Better late than never!

    My first sexual experience was when I was 6 or 7 and a nanny was staying in our home during the absence of our parents. I slept in the same bed as the nanny at her suggestion. During the night she “fiddled” me to an erection and guided me in. I didn’t know what was happening but the sensation was pleasant. I guessing she was in her late teens. I’ve seen photos of her since, she was pretty and I don’t know why she needed to do what she did. I guess in those days, with no women ever charged with child molestation or rape in this country, there was no risk on her part.

  8. True, I learned maturity in college and how to be an adult. I feel that many “adults” at my old college I graduated from aren’t mature, even upon graduation. It is rather pathetic. I would have thought they would have learned maturity by then. I guess I was wrong, lol. Some of them are mature, but by some, I mean some.

  9. That’s horrible Cill! I hope she will be charged someday (I am guessing she might have done it to other boys, not just you). Her being pretty doesn’t excuse her behavior. It was wrong of her to seduce and rape a young child. I hope she gets charged someday, if she has other victims.

  10. I’m delighted that someone is finally throwing money at this problem.
    5 rape crisis centers for the boys, and 145 rape centers for the girls IS an unfair
    But bear in mind that 145 centers for the girls did absolutely nothing to stop the
    sexual abuse of the girl’s in the north of England, that was swept under the rug for
    two decades.

  11. But why do we need separate funding for Female rape victims and Male rape victims?
    Why not just have funding for rape victims?

  12. I agree M.B. There is nothing that is GENUINELY GOOD for a woman that is NOT
    GENUINELY GOOD for a man and vise versa.
    People just don’t realize that SELF HURT IS OTHER HURT. The “other” is the same
    as “you,” and you are the same as the other.
    “Tarnished” DOES realize this. That’s why she is so deserving of phraise.
    I said before, Tarnished’s song should be “Heart Of Gold,” by Neil Young.

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