Yet another reason to go MGTOW

A disheartening, but incredibly valid, post from Francis.
Paternity fraud is a type of resource slavery, and a horrible lie to ensnare a man’s time, money, and even love.

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Interview With Woman Who Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

And this is yet another reason I choose to go MGTOW. People lie. There are few things as damaging and harmful to a man as being lied to about the provenance of one’s child.

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14 thoughts on “Yet another reason to go MGTOW

  1. It’s not a man/woman thing, it’s a “human” thing. There are spiritually astute people
    and spiritually ignorant people. The spiritually astute person perceives the oneness
    of all humanity. The spiritually blind believes in taking advantage of others.

  2. What does SMP mean?
    Is it about the “sour grapes” complaint that 20% of the men, get 80% of the
    female attention?

  3. Tarnished tells us NOT to put her on a pedastel. That is ridiclious. A pedastel is
    EXACTLY where Tarnished belongs.
    How can you not see that there is NEVER enough love you can give to your
    ADORED one? The other person becomes your WHOLE world! A good song that
    describes this is “Too Much Heaven,” by the Bee Gees. You must thank God every
    day for your precious loved one and be attentive and appreciative because not everyone
    is as fortunate as you.
    But I WOULD be remiss if I said that I agreed with ALL your viewpoints. I think you
    want to be so OPPOSITE from the way you were raised that you went to the other
    extreme. I know someone like that. He had to be completely opposite from his
    abusive father. He took it to such an extreme that he actually harmed himself.
    In your case, you say that you don’t want to marry or have children. I find this hard to
    believe because you have such caretaking qualities that you would be adept at both.
    I know that both marriage AND religion are of interest to you, because I have conducted
    studies of your personality based on the small amount of information I was able to
    glean from you: Age, birthday, Myers Briggs, Astrology etc… I would know even more
    if I knew the time and location of your birth, knew your actual name, and saw a current
    photograph of you.
    You don’t want to be like your abusers, so you’ve sworn off marriage and children.
    Might this be an unrealistic extreme? A superlative person like you should NOT take
    an infelexable stand two of the greatest pleasures life has to give. Because other’s
    have failed at these things doesn’t mean you must fail.
    The REAL crime would be if one of the greatest ladies around denied herself the
    oppertunity to life a complete life.

  4. Missattempts,

    There’s a big difference between putting someone above yourself in everything vs appreciating and loving them for who they are. Statues belong on pedestals, not people. I neither want nor deserve to be someone else’s “whole world”…that’s obsession, not love. I have flaws and imperfections, just like my FwB and every other person on this planet. Nobody is so exceptional that they deserve worship or adoration.
    Respect, love, compassion, empathy?

    I am a kind and empathetic person, and I do enjoy taking care of others, including children. I started babysitting my neighbor’s children at 12 years old, and by the time I was 16 had so many clients that just saving up from those jobs I paid my first semester of college out-of-pocket. As I’m the oldest of all my siblings and they all desire marriage and children eventually, I look forward to being an awesome aunt. I have mentioned before that I currently find release for my compassion by volunteering at my local SPCA and donating to the homeless food pantry. I have hardly denied myself an avenue for this aspect of myself.

    But I also truly enjoy my career, and it’s reaching a point where I’ll quite possibly be the owner of my own store/warehouse by October. My personal debt is nearly gone (I only have $5k in college loans left to go), I’ve been attending local business seminars at the chamber of commerce to supplement my business degree, and I’m busy scouting out the demographics of the various counties in my state. I’m 30 years old, and everything is falling into place for me…I have a great job that will only get better, I’ll soon be my own boss, I have a fantastic FwB to have sex and hang out with, wonderful friends who are nerdy like myself, and superior mental/physical health when compared to others my age. Children are gifts to the world, but they aren’t ever going to be a significant part of my life. It’s unfair to say that offspring are a requirement for a “complete life”, when I very much have one already.

  5. The only possible use for these things is enabling fraud. The woman selling them acknowledges that 95% of them are used by women to “lie to get a man”. She should be arrested for inciting and enabling fraud.

    Apparently all those rules about what constitute integrity and honorable behaviour only apply to men.

  6. She absolutely should be, Greg.

    Integrity and honor do apply to everyone…it’s just people like her who foolishly believe they’re “above” such things.

  7. Yea but, are you afraid if you married and had kids it WOULD be a REPLAY of
    your own experiences?
    My father never got over the abuse he suffered from my grandfather. Such to the
    extend that I never knew my grandfather. He was a selfish “B” and they kept us away
    from him. My father had to be the EXACT opposite of him. He was not allowed to keep
    a dog, so we always had dogs. He was a slouch, so my father always was a busy bee.
    He cheated, so my father stuck by my mother though it was a lousy marriage between
    two completely incompatable people. He sacraficed his chance at being happy, because
    he went to the EXTREME of being totally opposite.
    BTW, I can’t help being very touched by you because my Moon is in Cancer. Your
    Moon is in Pisces. Those are two water signs. A gentle, loving, care taking, magnificent
    woman should be TREASURED, not taken for granted. You deserve YOUR chance for

  8. Lol, but I am happy, Missattempts. Incredibly so!

    I know without a doubt that should I have chosen to have children I’d have been an excellent wife and mother. I like kids, I’ve loads of patience, I’m fair when it comes to discipline, I give back the respect I’m given twofold, I am loyal to a fault, greatly enjoy sex and intimacy, and I’d be very willing to let my hypothetical spouse be a househusband. But I’ll never be a wife or a parent…it’s a possible road in my life that I’ve willing chosen to not go down. Much the same as some of the men who answered my mgtow survey said that they’d have remained single regardless of modern feminism, so too would I have always been single. I never played with dresses or dolls…I never giggled with female friends over teen hearthrobs…I have never looked at wedding gowns or cakes. It’s just not anything I’d want out of my life. Never has been, and never will be.

    And no, it wouldn’t have ever been a replay of my horrendous experiences. Only a fool refuses to learn from others mistakes.

  9. Tarnished, I think you should expose your FWB to the song “Heaven Knows,” by
    The Grass Roots. That’s a song that I would sing if I had such a magnificent person
    like you in my life! Also, I think that every MGTOW should see the film “Taxi Driver”
    starring Robert Di Niro.

  10. First thing is I like you and your blog Sophia, I also enjoy your comments @ Stoner’s and BlackPill’s Blogs. Stuff like that video is the reason I’m not just MGTOW but antinatalist. Odd thing is as women are earning more, becoming career military, etc. some of the laws passed by feminist legislators are coming back to bite women too. I know a few women who got screwed by community property laws for example. While yes men catch the most Hell it boils down to our society degenerating into a shangrila for sociopaths in which decent people basically get turned into dog food. All the bast Sophia and do take care.

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