Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack

Excellent post by my dear blogger friends Molly and Cill. Come join the conversation!

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Cill’s note #1: My 19 year old cousin Molly wanted to write this post. Although she is brilliant, words are not her strong suit. She asked me to take her draft and reword it, which I have done.

Here is the first thing:
Men are fairly accurate and realistic about their ratings in the SMP. They rate approximately 50% of women to be average or above. Women are inaccurate and unrealistic, judging a mere 20% of men to be average or above. A woman of average appeal thinks she competes for men within the top 20%. In a scale of 1 to 10, a woman of 5 thinks she’s on a par with a man of 8. Women are out of whack to the extent of 250% (50 / 20). That.Is.Huge. This phenomenon is so well known, it can be verified with a simple search on the internet.


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