What is MGTOW

Visited the blog of a new follower.
Saw this and had to share it, as it’s a fantastic definition and clarification in regards to MGTOW.
His site is still fairly new, but it’s safe to assume that great things will come from it.

12 thoughts on “What is MGTOW

  1. Tarnished:
    I heard the MGTOW anthem the other day. It’s called: “Baby The Rain Must Fall,”
    by Glenn Yarbrough.
    Please Google it, and tell me if you agree.

  2. Re: Glenn Yarborough

    It’s true that “Baby, The Rain Must Fall” is a MGTOW song. but so is “It Ain’t Me Babe” by Bob Dylan (and made a hit by The Turtles).

    MGTOW songs seem to have erupted with the rise of folk music (Yarborough and Dylan’s original oeuvre), and rocked up by the likes of the Stones (while still the Bad Boys of Rock) with songs like “Under My Thumb”. One of Frank Zappa’s earliest tunes on Freak Out was entitled “How Could I Be Such A Fool”, angrily written about how his first wife had played him, as too many women do play their men. IMHO, it contains one of the most painful phrases any song ever had as reflected by the Varesian music behind it.

    While I was growing up and still believed music was a good career path to pursue, I wondered why there weren’t more songs (as thing have now become in the pop world) regarding the fails of social interaction. The only reasonable response I ever got -one from another musician- was that the record companies would insist that it couldn’t sell and they wouldn’t put it out. But with the rise of the Internet and sites like YouTube, this is no longer an issue, and may be why Alannis Morrisette and Avril Levigne and Taylor Swift have become such stars. I no longer follow pop music closely, but it appears to me that the andro response to the output of such women has been limited to rap and hip-hop. One wonders if there isn’t a volcano of musical male angst about to erupt.

    If so, that can only be a good thing.

  3. @ Cill

    Good choice! This was the first song of his that I heard which showed he really could write a song. One has to wonder where he would have gone if he didn’t inherit the Wite-Out royalties and retreat into obscurity.

    After he’d begun this trip, the other Monkees convinced him to participate in a TV special. While I never claimed to be a Monkees fan, I liked the show and the new music they premiered on it, but he’s refused to do anything more with them.

  4. The Monkees did a few MGTOW songs. “I’m Not You’re Stepping Stone”, is one.
    Neil Diamond who wrote for the Monkees had a good one with “Solitary Man.”
    But John Philips of The Mama’s And Poppa’s wrote a woman’s going her own way
    song with “Go Where You Want To Go.” He also wrote “California Dreaming,” about
    a man agonizing about whether to ditch his girlfriend and head to sunny California.

  5. Good choices, missattempts. And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’!

    Another Turtle Tune: It Ain’t Me Babe.

  6. Tarnished probably already knows about the actress Hilary Swank. But in case
    nobody else does, Hilary appeared in two noteworthy films for which she won
    the Acadamy Award.: “Boys Don’t Cry’ (1999), a true life story about a girl, who
    pretended to be a boy and had a girlfriend. She was found out, raped and murdered.
    And “Million Dollar Baby,” a Clint Eastwood film about a woman boxer.
    Hilary reminds me of Tarnished. A WGHOW, but pretty enough to attract any man.

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