How to Handle the PPPs (Predatory Promiscuous Princesses)

New post by my dear friend, Cill.
What does one do when confronted with hyper-entitled women who are literally messing up your life? Comments over there, come join the conversation.

Spawny's Space

To all men and women here:

What do you think about this scenario:

You are wearing suit and tie on your way to a friend’s wedding, to be his Best Man. A van stops beside you in the street. Seven young women pile out of it and surround you. You keep walking, which necessitates bumping against them. They ask you to go with them in the van. You say, “I have to be somewhere else. Maybe another time.”

They close in. You attempt to cross the street to evade them. Everywhere you turn they stand in your way. They are enjoying it and expect you to be enjoying it too. You manage to get a glimpse of your watch. You’re going to be late. CCTV cameras are on you. If you manhandle them you’ll be done for assault or worse. Their hands are all over you now. They are laughing…

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