Yes Virgina, All Women Have Vaginas

I have a new post up on Spawny’s Space about the issue of SJWs and (alleged) transphobia.
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Spawny's Space

So, I’m a gamer. I enjoy not only boardgames, card games, and pen-and-paper RPGs, but videogames too. As such, I read a number of webcomics focused on gaming, one of which is Penny Arcade.

Seriously, these guys are great people. Both are happily married with children, are the creators of PAX (conventions centered around videogames), and give donations to numerous charities that support children, like Child’s Play.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that some social justice warriors were condemning Penny Arcade, more specifically the illustrator, Mike. Taking a closer look, I found this:

Apparently Mike is a horrible, overprivileged, hateful, transphobic bigot. Why? He gave a review about a game that involves female masturbatory practices (probably safer not to ask) and mentioned that it made sense that vaginas were shown since…well, women have those. Little did he know that this biological fact is actually a form of…

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