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Validation – Who Needs It?

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A recent comment exchange here with Tarn led to the question: “Who needs validation”?  It was suggested that women do need it; and that some build their entire lives around it (e.g. Facebook).  But what about men?  How much do they need it? What exactly is validation and what is its purpose?    It would seem that validation is social reward(s) (note that they are cheap to produce and distribute) that a group gives to its members for whatever reason.  It used to be that society as a group socially rewarded members that contributed to the society.   This is not quite the same thing as respect.  Respect is an attitude, validation is a reward.

In my personal case, being an INTX, I grew up more or less disliked by my schoolmates.  Part of it had to do with the ability of INTs to see right through people.  Even…

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Reasons to go MGTOW: Ms. Entitled

Francis uses a YouTube video to illustrate what happens when you go from having preferences to simply being entitled. Well done, my friend. Well done.

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You make a number of errors. The first is that we care about what you think of our genitals. The second is that we somehow have some moral duty to inform you about the shape of our genitals. The third is that we have some duty to “do whatever you want.”  “My main goal is to make you happy.” One has must be a sick person to either say it, or expect it a potential partner to say so. “She is the most important thing.” Entitled much? You aren’t “the most important thing.” You may or may not be important to him, but he is the most important person in his life. You either agree to walk your paths side-by-side, or you expect abject servility.

If I were generous, I could stretch and say that what you’re hoping for is open and honest communication. But that would be overly generous…

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In a previous thread, Cill posted a video with a speaker who says that women keep the DNA of semen from their previous partners in their bloodstream. I’d pointed out then that this exact occurance (known as telegony) has not been observed in human women…but in fruit flies.

Now, there has been another study done about microchimerism in human women aka the presence of a few random Y chromosomes in their bloodstream…anywhere from 0 – 20.7 male cells per 100,000 female cells. However, this was only found in 21% overall of the 120 participants. All of these women had a sexual history, but not all had a history involving a known pregnancy. (As an estimated 10-15% of potential pregnancies end in a miscarriage before week 8, having an unknown pregnancy is not uncommon.)

While it is entirely possible these women had kept DNA from previous sexual partners in their…

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