Hello again, everyone.

As some of you found out, I’d recently made my blog a private one. My life has become too busy for posting anytime soon, and I didn’t want to disappoint followers by having a complete lack of new material. I’d also started getting some comments (that I deleted as they added nothing to actual discussion) saying that I was fake, a poser, a spy on the mgtow community, and deliberately cruel to give men false hope about the existence of NAWALTs. Thinking I was causing more pain than peace, I believed it best that my blog no longer be open to hurt potential readers.

Little did I know that I’d receive no fewer than 12 emails/comments in 24 hours…mostly from guys I’ve never heard from before…saying they hoped I was alright and were very sorry to see my blog privatized.

As my readership has spoken, I’ll be leaving my blog up and open for perusal. (Also, it seems a number of emails got put into my Junk rather than Incoming folder…if you sent something and I didn’t respond, please send it again and I’ll make sure to double check all my folders.)

Thank you to all who either found me through other comment fields, emails, or requested access to my blog. I’d no idea that so many cared about the things I’ve written, and I apologize for causing any strife when I privatized it.

Rest assured that even though I will not be posting anything here in the near future, I’m still to be found commenting around, most particularly at my dear friends multi-author blog, http://www.spawnyspace.wordpress.com. We are MGTOW friendly, very casual, and an overall fun place to either have serious discussions or watch silly YouTube videos. Quite a combination, if I do say so. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once again, my apologies for disappearing and hope that this post provides enough explanation for those who were curious. May today be precisely what you want it to be, and all the days that follow.


14 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Tarn, I think it’s safe to say that ignoring them is a good option, and a better one would be to blind them with logic. You’re different, and to be honest, I was a bit wary myself when I first read one of your articles, however you have many other articles that continue to relay sanity, and honesty.
    Don’t stop doing you, because it’s all you really ever have.

  2. I ran across the questions to MGTOW post first, and I thought that you would just be another feminist trying to cherry pick for the worst of the batch. My curiosity got in the way of my judgements, and I decided to see if there was an outcome to your findings.
    When I saw that you had written a very factual post, I decided to read more, and found that you were indeed a good person.
    So, some men may be so distrusting of what I like to call the ‘Female Imperative’, which is to do anything for approval and personal gain. A lot of MGTOW think that female MRA, or anything that resembles one, are simply trying to get popularity and attention from men.
    You unfortunately were a casualty to some men trying to generalize a whole gender, not accounting for any grey area. It totally sucks, and it will always continue to suck, but you just have to ignore them.
    I would like to see what was written, and maybe throw my some input into the situation if you would let me.

  3. I am a bit mad at you because i made a wordpress account just to be able to see your blog, but good to know it was manly just busy life and nothing serious.

  4. I’m sorry to put you through such trouble, Anon. Is it actually necessary to have a wordpress account? I was under the impression one simply needed a valid email address. I could be wrong though.

  5. CotM,
    You believed I was a feminist? Perish the thought! Glad to hear you stuck around to see the truth.

    Yes, I do think that being distrustful of the Female Imperative is something that makes sense when dealing with a lot of women and anyone should be cautious about. But the thing is, even for cis women the FI is hardly all encompassing in determining their every action. Some in the manosphere tend to forget this, and begin to believe anyone with a vagina (whether female-minded or not) is a purely shallow or greedy person.

    Unfortunately I deleted the comments mentioned earlier, mostly because they were very poorly written and were simply condemning, leaving no room for discussion. The “don’t bother me with facts, I have my opinions” sort. There was a similar one I let through a few months ago by a MGTOW gent of whom I’d thought discussed was a possibility (it wasn’t, and his Google+ account still has the comment up as well since he erroneously believed I’d remove it). His is a much more coherent complaint so I was disappointed that my response went unnoticed. Let me see if I can find it…

  6. remember, I said wary, and not negatively, think of it as a reactionary gap, and thinking that it may be too good to be true. Sometimes it takes some digging into ones writing to clear up doubts, this is why I said blind them with logic, because you are fully capable.

  7. “It may be too good to be true.”
    Huh. Even knowing the FwB you have in your own life, it’s still difficult, eh? Canโ€™t blame you.

  8. I am sorry that you had to deal with such people. I know how bad it makes you feel. I happy that there are good people that you support. You deserve it๐Ÿ˜‰. There are people in this world who are haters. It is a sad fact. Some have been hurt, and have no one to talk to or any support network. This is the consequence of our atomized society, where you live for years with your neighbours and you still do not know them. And some I think are just trolls who have nothing better to do, than antagonize people. They just want to drag you into endless debates to get on your nerves. Smart strategy to delete and ignore them๐Ÿ˜‰. I myself had experienced similar. About year and half ago I made a comment on yt channel Original Aboriginal Man, which is black supremacist. I was polite and I tried as best as I can to understand where he was coming from. I did not insult him and I said yes white people should take responsibility for bad race relations, and I acknowledged that it was wrong how black people were treated, and I understood how badly it affects them till this day. Another commenter said “great posts” and the Original Aboriginal Man went all crazy on her, and said something along ” do you believe this bs? But you are black woman and you do what white man tells you” and later he said ” I am banning you from my channel. You and your white daddy” and white daddy is apparently me. I tried to respond to him. I was polite and did not insult him. Well he ignored me. And then monts later, I looked into his channel just for curiosity and I saw a post where he said something like this in big letters: ” I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYMORE ANY WHITES AND NEGROPEANS COMMENTING ON MY CHANNEL. YOU CAN ALL GO AND SCREW YOURSELVES”. Bad experience. I honestly do not know how to deal with haters. No matter what you say or do they hate you. And it is not right, because people are diverse, and not everyone was and is racist, or a bad person wanting to destroy you. I guess when you have bad experiences, it is hard to trust anyone. ๐Ÿ˜ข There always be people I think who will be driven to such edges. But I do not give up hope. It takes a while to recover from bad experience and it takes lots of support and understanding. As one song said ” there more hearts that are broken than mended. What do we do?” But I am optimistic. Have a good day๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

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