10 thoughts on “Powerful Words

  1. Thanks for commenting, KG.
    This video is really fantastic too. If we just do a random act of kindness each day, the effect will ripple out so far from us! And all it takes is some empathy for our fellow people. 🙂

  2. Tarn:

    You began your hiatus February 4th. You posted this February 9th. I hope your five day hiatus was a favorable experience. I’m a new reader of your blog and am glad to see you back.

  3. Poseidon,

    First I want to welcome you to my blog and hope you’re enjoying it so far.

    Secondly, my hiatus is less for all posts and more for in depth, researched posts. Little ones like this are not nearly as time consuming.

  4. You give love. You get love. But PLEASE, NEVER again leave us apruptly, without
    giving us fair warning.

  5. Dear Tarnished,
    I don’t know whether you’ll answer this question, but I had to ask while it is fresh in
    my mind:
    In recounting your prior history, you said that you were “touch adverse.” This is a
    natural reaction to the abuse you underwent. I do find it interesting that you are not
    “sex adverse.” You can-and have-engaged in sex. I came up with a theory about how
    a person could be repelled by basic touch, but could still engage in the sex act:
    When your father and stepfather abused you, it was always proceeded by “touch.”
    After the “touch,” came the sexual abuse. You remembered the touch, but your mind
    blocked out the sexual abuse. This probably occurred in the dark of night while your
    mother was at work. You awoke the next morning, with no conscious memory of the
    Night and day were two different times for you. Opressive abuse at night. “Freedom,”
    and excellence in the daytime (School.) You probably felt a sense of disquiet and
    unease about being touched, but didn’t remember the sex at all. Therefore, you
    didn’t develop a phobia about sex. But you were like the woman in the song:
    “Why Can’t I Touch You?”
    We see this in your present relationship with your F.W.B. You recount all sorts of
    “kinky” type sex with him. You make the “incels” and virgins jealous. They think you’re
    boasting, and resent you for it. That’s not the case at all. You got “sex” but you never
    got love. You never experienced the joy of climbing into your father’s lap, in a
    non-sexual way. “Touch-“NOT SEX was the problem.
    You don’t live with your F.W.B. You engage in enjoyable activities with him.
    You have sex with him. But do you engage in tender cuddling with him?
    Except for the nights he stays over, you mostly wake up alone. If you’re having a
    “crisis,” you have to phone him.
    You STILL don’t know love. You are like the woman who sang the song “Both Sides
    Now,” by Julie Collins. I think it’s sad, because even with very limited information.
    I was able to form a composit picture of you. A person more deserving of REAL LOVE
    never existed.

  6. Dear Tarnished,
    We never know what the next day is going to bring, and certainly “No one is promised
    tomorrow.” I beg your indulgence. Please allow me to post the following information.
    It is ALWAYS your progative to deleate it , if you wish to do so.
    As you might know, I am a student of typology. When a person interests me, I love to
    dweleve into their personality. I do this to determine which typing systems are vaild
    or invalid.
    I saw much to admire about your personality, qualities, and strength. You give plenty
    of information about your history on your blog, but I was compelled to dwelve deeper.
    Other then displaying your empathic nature and birthdate, you didn’t give out much
    information. I had to work with what tools I had avaible. Those being: Eastern and
    Western Astrology, Patheorigan and Chaldean Numerology, and the Ennagram.
    You mentioned that your birth date was June 20, 1984. I didn’t know the time or location
    of your birth. The June 20th date and year of your birth, was enough for me to embark on
    a study.
    According to the “Secret Language Of Birthdays, (A very large tome.) June 20th is the
    “Day Of Estatic Appeal.” A person born on that day has a unique ability to sway a crowd.
    They can almost bring them to a higher realm. If you ever did decide to expand your
    field of operation, you could have much influence on people. An entertainer born on your
    birthdate sang one of the greatest MGTHOW songs. “Easy Like Sunday Morning,” by
    Lionel Richie. I urge you to read the book. The June 20th birth date describes you well.
    Also being born on this date in 1984, means the you were born with your Sun sign in
    Gemini and your Moon sight in Pisces. The Sun sign pertains to the mind. The Moon
    sign pertains to the emotions. Mentally, you excelled in acidemics. Emotionally, you
    excelled with caretaking of children, animals, and social outcasts. You have both a strong
    intellectual and emotional pull. Gemini is an “air” (Intellectual) sign, and Pisces is a “water”
    (Empathic) sign. Polar opposites, No wonder, you could “compatmentalize” so well.
    It helped you deal with the abuse you suffered. In your chart, you have Venus in Cancer.
    Venus deals with your “love nature.” Having Venus in the watery Cancer, means that you
    have a very gentle and compassionate love nature. This further explains who you love
    “helpless” people and animals. You are truly for the underdog, and would help the whole
    world if you could.
    In Chinese Astrology, you were born in the Year Of The Wood Rat. You are not a
    “pure dreamer,” but want to excell in “real world” accomplishments. Your energetic
    Gemini nature only adds to this.
    Now, as to Numerology, you were born on the 20th of the mounth, which reduces to 2.
    You are of a much more friendly and cooperative nature, then the individualistic “1.”
    1’s are often “Me first.” An example of that was Casey Anthony. She was born on March
    19th, which reduces to 1. All the numbers of Casey’s birth date (3/19/1986) add to 37 = 1.
    All the numbers of your birth date, (6/20/1984) add up to 30 = 3. “3” is BOTH and
    intellectual AND empathic nature, which you posess.
    You are the perfect blend of head, heart, and physicality. There is a numerological “box”
    where the numbers are lined up. It contains three sections: Mental, emotional, and
    physical. The box contains little squares where the numbers are placed. In your case,
    neither the Mental, emotional, or physical dominates. You are a rare (And balanced)
    blend of ALL three traits! We’ve already examined the mental and emotional, but you’ve
    also indicated that you take good care of your body.
    Lastly, I have determined that you are number 2 on the Ennagram. Number 2 is called
    “The Helper.’ The number 2 is a service oriented type who wants to give and receive LOVE.
    That certainly describes you, with your sympathetic viewpoints on people and never
    completely giving up on anyone. You most certainly are a devoted, giving type. LOVE is
    your highest prioiety.
    See how much can be gleaned from a simple birth date? Oh, and by the way, the name of
    your blog site, “The Tarnished Sophia,” adds to the number 15 in Chaldean numerology,
    which reduces to 6, the number of love.
    Small wonder why I consider you to be worth your weight in gold. I hope you let this post
    stay, so the whole world can know the REAL TARNISHED and why I love her so!

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