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New CDC report shows increase in sexual violence against males

Sexual violence against anyone is a cause for concern. At least, it should be…

Toy Soldiers

The CDC released a report on the rate of sexual and domestic violence in 2011. Tamen wrote an excellent breakdown of the new findings. I can do no better, and will not attempt to. I suggest reading his post. Tamen created a graphs showing the difference between the 2010 and 2011 findings. As he notes, the press release makes no mention of the increased rate of sexual violence against males. It focuses solely on female victimization.

Tamen also notes that the CDC does not appear to follow its own definition of rape, and the organization continued to exclude “being forced to penetrate” as rape. This is despite the increase in men reporting being forced to penetrate and reporting more female perpetrator.

I mentioned on Feminist Critiics that the CDC’s seeming disinterest in sharing information about male victimization may be a reaction to advocates for male survivors and men’s rights activists.

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Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious

A powerful, moving video clip is on Toy Soldier’s blog today. Every one of my subscribers should take the 2 minutes out of their day to go watch it.

Warning: It has to do with rape. Female perpetrator on male survivor rape.

Yes, women can rape boys and men.
No, having an erection doesn’t mean he “wanted it”.
No, boys are not “lucky” to have their sexuality used against them by an adult they trusted.
No, male rape survivors are not “definitely” going to perpetuate acts of sexual violence or coercion against others.

Yes, male rape survivors need our help, understanding, love, and acceptance just as much as any female survivor. To deny this is to be sexist, in the worst possible way.

Support male survivors here:

Please note that the comments section below has a number of opinions from female-on-male rape deniers and detractors. While I have not let through anything I believe could be triggering, I still advise caution for any survivors when reading these comments. Thank you.

Toy Soldiers

Yes, I know the title is upsetting. Calm down. Watch the video.

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Experiences with Bullies

One of the gents I follow at Bullying Prevention had a post up that really touched me. I’d left the following comment, expecting only a reply;

With so many cases of bullying going on, I wonder if I should share my story as well…But I am unsure. Does reading about others who were bullied help to create a sense of care and community…or does it make those being bullied right now feel even worse to see that it has always been going on? I don’t want to make anyone upset, I want to let themknow they’re not alone”.

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