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Dragon Age: Inquisition Tears Open the Veil and Lands on October 7th

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been talking about gaming lately, but this news is too awesome not to pass along. Any readers who enjoy fantasy RPGs, in-depth stories, and amazing weapons/abilities should definitely check out this game when it releases on October 7th. As a veteran of this franchise, I assure you…there will be no disappointment.

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The Veil has been torn and the Fade are entering the land of Thedas. As the Inquisitor, you’re able to travel between both worlds and look seven different shades of sexy while doing it. Dragon Age: Inquisition aims to bring the series back to the glory days of the original, and has been confirmed to launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC on October 7th. 

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Why Women Should Date Nerds And Geeks

Ladies, are you tired of being cheated on every month? Want a boyfriend who doesn’t act like a chauvinist or put you down in front of his friends? Fed up with guys who think his sports team is more important than his relationship with you? Fear not, I have a solution.

Date a nerd/geek/gamer.

Why? Well, because while the majority of them may not be muscle-bound, pretty-boy “hunks” (if you’re even into that sort of thing), they have a cornucopia of great traits that make them more than worthy boyfriend material. Check it out:

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These Comics Won’t Rot Your Brain…They’ll Expand It (Part 1)

Alright, enough is enough. I’m tired of people putting down graphic novels, illustrated texts and the medium of comic books in general. Just because a book uses pictures as well as words does NOT make its message any less potent. In fact, sometimes it aids in the storytelling process…a picture is worth a thousand words after all.

But I realize this is easy for me to say, especially as I’ve been reading comics since I was 5. So, I’m going to help my readers out and recommend some of what I feel are the absolute best graphic novels out there that are also still in print.
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The Games We Play (Part 1)

Gaming, in all it’s various forms, is a multi-billion dollar industry. From conventions like PAX and Gencon, to organizations like GAMA, and retailer sneak peeks like Toyfair and E3, the importance of games as entertainment is everywhere. But can it really be called a “culture” in and of itself? Are any of the stereotypes that people typically associate with gamers actually true? What, if anything, does it mean to be a “girl gamer”? How many different types of gamers could there possibly be? This post and the next will cover these topics and more, so please…read on!
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