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No MGTOW Is Wed – another inside story

Words of wisdom from my esteemed commenter, Blurkel.
Read, and be informed.

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Spawny's Space

Blurkel (who I encountered on Tarn’s blog) has very kindly written a post for this site.  The quoted text is his post in its entirity, untouched by me.  I’m going to put my comments in the comments, hope you do too.

Thank you very much Blurkel, much appreciated

Discussion has arisen recently on some sites as to whether married men can be MGTOW or not. I’m inclined to stand with the anti crowd. As I see it -and your opinion may well differ- a man who goes his own way doesn’t take anyone else along that path.

Married men by definition have dependents, and society expects that their needs will be met by these men no matter what. The dependents aren’t supposed to be left behind to fend for themselves. And yet, too often, they are. This makes society less accepting of once-married men reclaiming their lives. This is…

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The Narcissism Of Happy Wife, Happy Life

Over on, a truly fantastic mgtow forum that you really should check out, is a post by a gentleman who goes by SecularScientist. In it, he discusses two female students, their conversation, and a follow-up conversation involving all three of them.
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MGTOW Survey Results Part 3: Women

At last, the final part of the MGTOW Survey results are here! I apologize for how long it has taken, but now that I have a fully operational spreadsheet to enter all data into the December update should go much quicker. Thank you again to everyone who has taken time out of their day to answer my questions, leave feedback, comment, or even become a follower…or friend. You know who you are. 😉

Now, to business!

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A Poem For MGTOWs

Feminist arguments are a Gordian knot.
Tis only for women ’cause men lay forgot.
“It helps you” they cry, ever long and low,
But more of men’s problems do they yet sow.

“Do not hit a woman, you’ll reap naught but trouble!”
But it’s hilarious when penis meets garbage disposal?
“Women have need of DV shelters, it’s true!”
And what of the men who are black and blue?

“Women attempt suicide too, you know!”
Yet more men commit it as the graves do show.
“Women and children must be kept off the street!”
Yes, but what of all the homeless men that you meet?

“Women are raped more, especially on dates!”
Only because ‘raped’ isn’t ‘made to penetrate’.
“Divorce is a right for all!” they chant.
Yes, but which sex applies for it at 70 percent?

Alimony abuse, false rape accusations,
Failed education, child support incarcerations.
So many more issues yet plague men today.
My friends, the answer is to go your own way!

Live life to it’s fullest, do what you will
Climb as you wish, and when you crest each hill.
Be happy, be joyful, to thine own self be true…
But most of all, be aware that you’re doing it for you.

I penned this earlier today after a conversation on another blog about some of the things feminism fails to address, but claim they do. Even for those who say that feminist ideology helps men, it can only do so indirectly. Which is fine…feminism is a Women’s Rights movement, after all. Feminists goals are gynocentric by necessity. However, I’m getting tired of hearing that men are directly aided by feminism when they are not. When was the last time feminists created a DV shelter for men and boys? Had a parade celebrating male sexuality? Stood on street corners speaking out against the mandatory registration of men into the Draft? Held impromptu lectures in Washington, DC about male genital mutilation? Heck, even put up a blog post showing support for male oral contraceptives or men who had been falsely accused of rape/sexual harassment?

I’m not saying nobody who identifies as a feminist has done these things. Perhaps they have (please post in the comments if you have an example!). But until such a time as feminism becomes a movement for true equality, not just women’s equality, I shall remain an egalitarian. Not because I hate women or want cis male attention. Not because I want to deny myself and other women equal opportunities in the public and private spheres. Not because I have “internalized the patriarchy” or am afraid of being called a feminist.

No, it is because I stand for men’s rights just as much as women’s rights. Until such a time as equality is actually on the horizon, I will support Men Going Their Own Way, whatever that might entail for them.

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Hi everyone. Hope the weekend is treating you all well. Today we are going to look at an email I received a few weeks ago, from a male reader I’ll call “M”. I told him I’d do his request post after I finished the two other MGTOW Results ones, but as I’ve not had the opportunity to complete them to my liking yet, I’m not going to force him to wait any longer.
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My Thoughts On The MGTOW Movement

Okay, this is probably going to be a very controversial post. I may get harsh comments or emails from various people who believe my view on this utterly wrong and possibly even sexist. Some readers may even wonder why I’d ever discuss such a loaded topic. But this is my blog, and as such is full of my beliefs already…might as well air this one out, too. Here goes, my opinion on the idea of Men Going Their Own Way:
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