Comments Policy

My comments policy is simple;

1. Do not make bigoted remarks or personal attacks.
I put together this blog to speak about my views, and to give people a safe place to discuss theirs. This is not a “woman-safe space” or a “man-safe space”…it is safe for absolutely everybody. I will not allow a troll’s bouts of misandry, misogyny, racism or religious discrimination to disrupt this blog.

2. Anyone can comment.
I am sick and tired of blogs and websites where only a select few are able to speak. I have personally found 12 sites that disallow a certain group from commenting (usually women and pagans, though sometimes Men’s Righters too) despite the fact that their comments policy does nothing to let these groups know their posts will not ever show up. I feel this is a waste of the potential commentator’s time, and is very dishonest besides. It may be fine for bloggers who only want a bunch of Yes-Men to say how great they are, but I’m not that kind of person.

3. Do not use your religious texts to “prove” something is true.
If you wish to use religious quotes to show why you believe what you believe, that is fine. I am Wiccan, and am tolerant of nearly all other religions. I recognize that faith is a cornerstone of many lives, and needs to be respected as such. However, if you try to use your beliefs to bully others, or to show why bigoted beliefs are “divinely ordained”…Well, that won’t be allowed.

4. Don’t try to post threats.
Seriously, I won’t let them through and it will be a waste of your time. I’d prefer to not have to wade through stupidity, irrational thought, needless threats, and idiotic rhetoric. But I will to ensure that no commenters have to deal with it. Besides, if your argument is so poor that you devolve into a sexist, racist or any other social atrocity…you never had an argument to begin with.

That’s all, that’s it.
Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Comments Policy

  1. I think your blog is a very useful thing. I wish there were more like it. For the record I am I suppose you could say a non op transgender male to female. II have read a few of your notes here and I think you have made some very good points. And as a retired Marine SEMPER FI and keep up the good work.

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