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Why Women Should Date Nerds And Geeks

Ladies, are you tired of being cheated on every month? Want a boyfriend who doesn’t act like a chauvinist or put you down in front of his friends? Fed up with guys who think his sports team is more important than his relationship with you? Fear not, I have a solution.

Date a nerd/geek/gamer.

Why? Well, because while the majority of them may not be muscle-bound, pretty-boy “hunks” (if you’re even into that sort of thing), they have a cornucopia of great traits that make them more than worthy boyfriend material. Check it out:

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The Games We Play (Part 2)

So, last week I talked about the gaming community, and how many different members/types are present in it. This week, I’ll go over various stereotypes that are often used when discussing gamers, and whether female gamers are truly “diamonds in the rough”.
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