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Being Gender Dysphoric In The Manosphere

This may get a bit ranty, but I’ve been holding back on writing this for nearly a year and recent events have pushed me into finally finishing it.
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On Being An Unintentional Spy

An email recently came to me that I thought deserved it’s own post as an answer. From a lurker, it states;

“Since you still look like a woman, does this mean you are privy to their private conversations? Are you still invited to ‘women-only’ events such as bachelorette parties, girls-night, baby showers, bridal parties, etc? If so, what do you hear while at these get togethers and how does it affect you being what you say you are?”
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Tiny Barbs

Over on A Voice for Men, they have an article up that was written by a woman who became a man, and eventually also became a supporter of the Men’s Rights Movement. Reading Steven’s tale of gender dysphoria, attempts at self mutilation, and general dislike of his former feminine body was a story I knew well. If it wasn’t for the fact that he actually changed his body, it could have been written by me. Continue reading Tiny Barbs

Gender Dysphoria And Sex

As most of my readers know, I have gender dysphoria. This means that while I’m definitely a woman in the physical sense I think of myself as a man for all intents and purposes…or at least until someone makes a comment that forces me to acknowledge the sex of my body. Given this information it does not come as a surprise to me that a number of commenters/private emailers ask for clarification about how I function in my sexual life. Hopefully this post will help to answer the two most asked questions;
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Wrong Body, Right Mind: Living with Gender Dysphoria

As promised, this is my follow up to my previous post “An Androgynous Woman”. I was going to discuss exactly what the difference is between actual Gender Dysphoria VS acknowledging that someone likes things/acts in ways that are stereotypically of the opposite sex. However, the uber-talented Meizac in all her awesomeness did this second part for me in her post (here)

Is it entirely possible to be a guy who likes the color pink, cooking fancy meals, and is a timid type of guy? Of course!

Is it equally possible to be a gal who enjoys watching football, is aggressive, and loves working on computer repairs? of course!

While the above examples are not what society (or many individuals, for that matter) would consider typical,
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An Androgynous Woman

Much to my family’s chagrin, I don’t make a very good woman. When I say I think of myself as being androgynous, I mean it literally…as in, I consider my body to be female and my mind male. Why do I think this way? Well…

To start with, let me just say I know that I am physically female, though I don’t always like it. There are still times I wish I’d been born male. However, I wouldn’t want to have surgery or take hormones to change it, especially since I think having compact genitals is easier than the alternative, and I probably wouldn’t be pleased with the outcome. When I think about it, I understand that I present the immediate image of “Woman” to people I meet. (Believe it or not, I sometimes forget.)

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