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Reply from a Christian Author

So last week I talked about a letter that I’d sent to Rebecca Greenwood, an Evangelical Christian and author of the book Let Our Children Go. (See my previous post for a condensed version of my letter to her.) To my delight, she replied to me within the same week, and was quite polite in her return letter…a pleasant surprise considering how Evangelicals
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Letter to a Christian Author

I was going through some old emails today, and found one that I though might be worth sharing. Last year, one of my customers told me about a book that had “changed her life” and recommended that I read it as well. This was right after she had found out I was Wiccan, so I imagined it was a book about how Christianity was the best/only religion worth having. I was not disappointed, at least in that regard. However, there were so many strange and inaccurate “facts” that I felt compelled to write a letter to the author. The book was Let Our Children Go by Rebecca Greenwood, and this is a shortened version of my letter to her…

Dear Mrs. Greenwood, I have just read your newest book, Let Our Children Go. While I certainly agree with some of what you say, and rejoice at what wonderful acts you have done (such as your work with disadvantaged children and victims of abuse) I am afraid that certain parts left me bewildered. You see, I am a 28 year old Wiccan woman, practicing since I was 13.
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Wrong Body, Right Mind: Living with Gender Dysphoria

As promised, this is my follow up to my previous post “An Androgynous Woman”. I was going to discuss exactly what the difference is between actual Gender Dysphoria VS acknowledging that someone likes things/acts in ways that are stereotypically of the opposite sex. However, the uber-talented Meizac in all her awesomeness did this second part for me in her post (here)

Is it entirely possible to be a guy who likes the color pink, cooking fancy meals, and is a timid type of guy? Of course!

Is it equally possible to be a gal who enjoys watching football, is aggressive, and loves working on computer repairs? of course!

While the above examples are not what society (or many individuals, for that matter) would consider typical,
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An Androgynous Woman

Much to my family’s chagrin, I don’t make a very good woman. When I say I think of myself as being androgynous, I mean it literally…as in, I consider my body to be female and my mind male. Why do I think this way? Well…

To start with, let me just say I know that I am physically female, though I don’t always like it. There are still times I wish I’d been born male. However, I wouldn’t want to have surgery or take hormones to change it, especially since I think having compact genitals is easier than the alternative, and I probably wouldn’t be pleased with the outcome. When I think about it, I understand that I present the immediate image of “Woman” to people I meet. (Believe it or not, I sometimes forget.)

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Deserving of Protection

Dear Readers: Please be aware that this post discusses the issue of domestic/partner violence and how it relates to both women and men. While I try to only stick to the facts in my writing, there are 3 video clips of actors/actresses in potentially harmful situations. If you suffer from visual triggers, please watch/read cautiously.


Domestic violence. It’s a crime than has affected many of us,
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Assumptions about Wicca

If someone asked you what a Wiccan looked like, what image would first come to mind?

A rebellious, black-clothed teen?

A middle aged, overtly Feminist woman?

A young girl who wants to feel more in tune with nature?

A “refugee” from the Woodstock era?

Or maybe someone who enjoys worshipping “the devil” and wants to mock the god of the monotheistic religions?

Except for the last one, all of these stereotypes do, I admit, describe some Wiccans…or at least people who claim to be. But the majority of us don’t look or act any different than your average person. Unless someone is wearing a pentacle or specifically says they are Wiccan, you probably couldn’t tell.
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The Games We Play (Part 1)

Gaming, in all it’s various forms, is a multi-billion dollar industry. From conventions like PAX and Gencon, to organizations like GAMA, and retailer sneak peeks like Toyfair and E3, the importance of games as entertainment is everywhere. But can it really be called a “culture” in and of itself? Are any of the stereotypes that people typically associate with gamers actually true? What, if anything, does it mean to be a “girl gamer”? How many different types of gamers could there possibly be? This post and the next will cover these topics and more, so please…read on!
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