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Why Women Should Date Nerds And Geeks

Ladies, are you tired of being cheated on every month? Want a boyfriend who doesn’t act like a chauvinist or put you down in front of his friends? Fed up with guys who think his sports team is more important than his relationship with you? Fear not, I have a solution.

Date a nerd/geek/gamer.

Why? Well, because while the majority of them may not be muscle-bound, pretty-boy “hunks” (if you’re even into that sort of thing), they have a cornucopia of great traits that make them more than worthy boyfriend material. Check it out:

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On Being Vegetarian In America

Most of my posts as of late have been very gender/sex oriented, and the next 3 will be as well. So this week, I’m going to mix it up, take a break from the gender-talk, and write about something else that’s close to my heart…Namely, the things people say to vegetarians in America. Enjoy!
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What Does It Mean To Be Submissive?

There has always been much talk about dominance vs submissiveness. Whether it’s the interactions between a customer and a salesperson, an employee and their boss, or a professor and their students, there are many situations where society expects one to take on either a dominant or submissive role (however subtle it may be). Today, I’m going to talk about dominance and submission in regards to relationships, and male-female ones in particular. Hopefully it will rouse some good talking points, and get this subject out in the open away from Judeo-Christian lines.
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Chivalry Is Dead, Long Live Courtesy

Courtesy: having politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others.

Chivalry: courteous behavior, especially that of a man towards a woman.

Of the bloggers I follow, a few have written about the concept of chivalry this past week, and I’ve decided to add my thoughts to the mix. If we look at the two definitions above, there is a stark contrast that is immediately apparent; Courtesy is for everyone, but chivalry is a term used solely for men in regards to their actions towards women.

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Finding Beauty In Everyone

I’ve been having a conversation about relationships with a guy I consider to be an online friend. In a recent email he mentioned that he finds the majority of women unattractive, perhaps due in part to being overly fond of anime and the proportions of women/girls contained therein. Shapely cartoon females aside, I thought this to be an odd way of reacting to such a large segment of one’s own species, especially given that there are so very many body types.
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Virgin Shaming = Not Cool, Bro

It happened one Friday night at the store I currently work for. I was off the clock, but hanging around waiting for our after-hours Eclipse Phase game (a cool sci-fi/transhumanist RPG), and I overheard a conversation between 2 young twenty-something year old customers, one of whom I didn’t know. I’ve changed the names of those involved, but the discussion is as close to word for word as I can recall.
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Waiting to “Hit the Wall”

While we’re waiting to see which topic wins out on my last post’s poll, I thought I’d talk about something that has been on my mind lately. Namely, aging and how Western society responds to it.

There seems to be a weird feeling that being older than 25-30 is a terrible thing, especially for women…so much so that there’s a term for it in certain parts of the internet: “Hitting the Wall”. A phrase that used to belong solely to athletes has been redefined for use when describing the human body, and again, women’s in particular. Why?

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Perceptions and Racism

Earlier this week, my dear blogging friend MrMary posted on The Outlier Collective. Focusing on racism in America, I thought his words truly spoke to what many people of color (and specifically black people) feel everyday. Go ahead and read it if you want, I’ll wait.


To be looked at as somehow “inferior”, or more likely to cause trouble simply because of your skin color/ethnicity. For some of us, this will never happen…for others, it happens every week. Despite the fact that the year is 2013 and our species is the most influential and intelligent on the planet, for some reason we cannot rise above various -isms, racism definitely included. Why?
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Why Do Women…?

As many of my readers know by now, I have Gender Dysphoria (aka a consistent, life-long feeling of being the wrong physical sex). Thus, I am quite comfortable in saying that I really don’t understand the female of our species…never have, and probably never will. I was talking with some of my customers today and we generally concluded that womenfolk are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Since I have a fair number of women commenters, maybe they can help answer some of these questions.

Remember, these are generalizations and not indicative of all women at all times, nor do I think that they are necessarily biological in origin. Also note that some of these are meant to be humorous, not necessarily what every woman in the world does. 😛
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Why Going Your Own Way Isn’t A Bad Idea

Ever since I was very young, I’ve known that I was a loner. In 1st grade, my class had to make a collage with the theme “What will I Do in 20 Years”. Out of us 15 kids, I was the only one to not include something relating to marriage or children. This sparked a letter home to my mother, telling her that
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These Comics Won’t Rot Your Brain…They’ll Expand It (Part 1)

Alright, enough is enough. I’m tired of people putting down graphic novels, illustrated texts and the medium of comic books in general. Just because a book uses pictures as well as words does NOT make its message any less potent. In fact, sometimes it aids in the storytelling process…a picture is worth a thousand words after all.

But I realize this is easy for me to say, especially as I’ve been reading comics since I was 5. So, I’m going to help my readers out and recommend some of what I feel are the absolute best graphic novels out there that are also still in print.
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