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On Being Vegetarian In America

Most of my posts as of late have been very gender/sex oriented, and the next 3 will be as well. So this week, I’m going to mix it up, take a break from the gender-talk, and write about something else that’s close to my heart…Namely, the things people say to vegetarians in America. Enjoy!
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Assumptions about Wicca

If someone asked you what a Wiccan looked like, what image would first come to mind?

A rebellious, black-clothed teen?

A middle aged, overtly Feminist woman?

A young girl who wants to feel more in tune with nature?

A “refugee” from the Woodstock era?

Or maybe someone who enjoys worshipping “the devil” and wants to mock the god of the monotheistic religions?

Except for the last one, all of these stereotypes do, I admit, describe some Wiccans…or at least people who claim to be. But the majority of us don’t look or act any different than your average person. Unless someone is wearing a pentacle or specifically says they are Wiccan, you probably couldn’t tell.
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First things first…

I’m going to put this out here now, so as to avoid any confusion:

I am not a Feminist.
I am not a Men’s Rights Activist.
I am an Egalitarian.

I am not a Conservative.
I am not a Liberal.
I am a Moderate.

I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but do not look down on those who eat animals, regardless of whether it’s necessary for their diet or not.
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