About My Blog’s Name…

As I’ve commented more and more around the internet, it seems others have taken to calling me Sophia, as though that was my name. (It’s not even close to my real one.) While it was an interesting development, it was also a bit disappointing since it obviously made me out to be feminine.  As any reader of my blog can tell you, femininity and womanhood doesn’t suit me at all. So, as of today (September 29, 2013) I have officially changed my display name to simply Tarnished.

But, you may be saying, why did you choose the name “Tarnished Sophia” for your blog then? Good question!

At first, I was unsure if I would discuss my own personal gender issues or even comment about how I feel more “manly” than “womanly” in my daily life.   As I’ve found out, this became too big a part of my sense of self…thus, having a female username created a bit of dissonance. In fact, when choosing my blog’s title, I was initially going to go with either “Sullied Wisdom” or “Tainted Knowledge” but liked the way “Tarnished Sophia” sounded better. Rolls off the tongue a bit nicer, in my opinion, and is a sufficient synonym to what I was trying to convey through a two-word title.

So there you have it: The reason behind the name. Hope it clears up any confusion some readers have been having.



11 thoughts on “About My Blog’s Name…

  1. I was close!

    Sense of self – you’re going to find my book interesting once it’s published. True self and false self are central issues. If money is tight at the time, let me know and I’ll get you a gratis copy.

  2. Thank you, Navigator. I am sure that I’ll love your book, it sounds like it addresses a great many issues. Don’t worry though…I should certainly be able to pay for it, but your offer is much appreciated.

  3. I didn’t think your name was actually Sophia, but I do like it and it’s easy shorthand, but I can call you Tarnished instead, if you prefer? It’s nice to have a name to use.

  4. Yes, I did, thank you. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet…I work 6 days a week at a hobby store. You can imagine how busy we are this time of year! 😛

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