A series of haikus written by me detailing how I give my lover/friend with benefits a full body orgasm. Caution: It gets fairly saucy. 😉

I sit behind you
Fingers caressing the spots
Where lifeblood ever flows

Whispering softly
My hands echo my words
Across your warm brow

Lips visit your neck
Teeth scrape against the skin
Tongue soothes the infant pain

Your breath comes quicker
Fingertips trace down your arms
And back to shoulders

I press down gently
You are the passive one now
I am the giver

Tongues and lips entwine
So soothing at other times
Now ignite passion

My mouth visits all
You are a god meant to be
Worshiped and cherished

I bestow my kiss
Upon your chest and nipples
Such love to give freely

My body moves down
Fingers lightly tickle ribs
As lips visit legs

Hands massage your feet
Mouth hovers over your rod
Glorious beauty

Manhood straining up
Your fists clench the hot bedsheets
I can’t deny you

Lovingly I take
Your most sensitive member
Into my hot mouth

But lo do I still
Remember the rest of you
With my gentle nails

Even as the waves
Of pleasure are centered on
Your hard esteemed length

I make my demands
Known on the entirety
Of your shaking frame

No mercy is given
To your chest arms legs or feet
My caress goes on

Edging is an art
One that I am well versed in
Torturous but kind

Thusly do I build
The pathways of ultimate
True satisfaction

So that you my love
May slake your thirst for pleasure
With your entire form

This is what I give
To you my onliest love
My truest lovemate

31 thoughts on “Pathways

  1. @Axis

    I could, but then I think my blog would go from T to M (if we use ESRB ratings…). Ah well, maybe someday I’ll make a password protected post. 😉

  2. See why the pathetic “incel” crybaby feels like the homeless child with his
    faced pressed against the window on December 25th?
    Adam and Eve’s compensation for being barred from paradise was the bit of
    “paradise” they could experience every evening.
    There’s nothing worse then being barred from ALL paradise.

  3. @Lon

    While I do not believe in Christian myths like the garden of eden/Adam and Eve/original sin, etc I do understand what you are saying. This is why I do not think incels are being “crybabies”…living for years without companionship or physical touch is horrible for those who experience it involuntarily.

  4. I sure wish I had a lover who cared enough to do these things for me! Never have, and I doubt I ever will. All the women of my experience expected me to do all the acting – even when I asked them to do more.

  5. @Blurkel

    I’m sorry. 😦
    There *are* others like me out there. I wish I could tell you where to search for them. Still, it’s surprising to me that you’ve had partners who don’t do more when asked. If it’s something difficult/potentially painful like anal sex or certain bdsm, that I can understand because there *has* to be an incredibly strong level of trust. But something like a new position, oral sex, or what I described here? Personally, I’m confused as to how it’d be an issue.

  6. @Tarnished
    In the neighborhood i grew up in, young women weren’t encouraged to do anything more than necessary to achieve pregnancy – post-matrimony, naturally. Feminine sexual passivity was the norm. From what I hear of the Old Gang I grew up with, they all left the neighborhood and moved far away from the bad memories (and worse marriages). None of them reports any improvements in their subsequent relationships, but that seems to be expected in my demographic.

  7. @Blurkel

    You are a *tad* older than myself 😉 but I’d like to think this is changing for the better. I have hope that my generation and the younger ones will produce women who enjoy sex more and are more active partners.

  8. Albert Camus said the ultimate question of life is whether it is worth living
    in spite of all the heartache it gives us. There is NOTHING WORSE then
    being “lukewarm.” Being too afraid to live, and too frightened to die.
    That’s why “Cowards die many times BEFORE their deaths, and the brave die
    but once.”
    Think if Eliot Roger had done the proper thing, 6 other people would be
    alive today.

  9. @Tarnished
    Ageing isn’t for the weak!
    From what my sons tell me, things are only better for a few. Most young men are rebuffed in a less-than-genteel manner most of the time.

  10. @Lon

    I like that quote, thanks for sharing it.
    In my mind life is usually worth living (though I’m pro-voluntary euthanasia for those with severe/incurable diseases). Every life is a spark…some burn brightly, some are normal flames, others are mere embers. It is these embers that the rest of us need to recognize and help, but instead it is as though water is thrown upon them. I think that Elliot performed an evil action (murder) but I don’t think he was an evil person. He needed help, more than he was getting…he needed someone to *truly* listen, which it doesn’t seem happened else his parents and doctors would have seen the storm within that eventually destroyed 6 men and women, as well as himself. I do not and cannot excuse his actions, but I do not believe he was evil incarnate.

    Hatred harms, care helps, love heals. We need more care and love around here…we need to help embers become flames. The loss of even one is worth mourning.

  11. I think it comes down to upbringing and society. Back in my mother’s day there was no sex education. Sex education happened on your wedding night. When she saw my dad she was like, “oh… what is that?! Why is it pointing at me!?” (TMI Mom…) Afterwards she ripped into her older sister (who’d gotten married first) and demanded to know why she didn’t tell her anything. My aunt just laughed and said, “I thought you should find out the same way I did.” Thankfully we’ve come a long way from those days, but apparently not far enough that the majority of women are open-minded and willing enough when it comes to sex. There still seems to be an awful lot of hang-ups we have yet to overcome.

  12. @UV

    I find that hard to believe. Not saying your mother was lying per se, but seriously…had none of these womenfolk taken an art class? There are so very many wonderful works of art- statues, illustrations, decorative architecture, drawings, mosaics, pottery- that give more than adequate representation to human bodies and/or sexuality. Should one somehow live under a rock and miss every piece of this type of artwork, surely one has looked in an encyclopaedia? That’s how I initially found out about sex, pregnancy, and genitals…and I was only 6!

  13. I dunno. But growing up in the 50s, sex was taboo. So while she had a rudimentary understanding of male anatomy and knew how you got pregnant, sex just wasn’t something that was talked about back then. Even today, when our culture is so awash in sex, we still haven’t gotten past a lot of our issues with it.

  14. “…had none of these womenfolk taken an art class?”
    In my grandmother’s day, working-class women had no time for art classes, and there was little art available to the public generally. Even if there was, social prudery would have prevented anything deemed salacious from being exhibited. Besides, sexuality 100 years ago was still deemed a “wifely duty” to be endured and not enjoyed. That didn’t change until drunken flappers (which included a favorite aunt of mine) discovered sex could be fun.

  15. @Tarnished
    Just read your article, and I have experienced all of those situations.
    #2 is especially damaging, as any clique of girls has already rated all of the available guys. Those who don’t make the grade might as well move on. But to where? Another clique where you being unknown automatically makes you suspect? You just get to a point where you decide that it isn’t worth the effort and stay away from the social scene.
    Even now, if I were available, I wouldn’t date. The only ones likely to be interested would be after something I have and not me.
    I have a work friend who said to me just a couple of days ago that she’s been advised to get married as a means of easing her unemployed fiscal plight. I said nothing to her, but she has nothing to offer a guy in a relationship. Yet she’s been very fast to reject guys who did express any interest.
    I only off that vignette to raise this point: Why would society think of a guy who expected to be rescued via matrimony?

  16. “What would society think of a guy who expected to be rescued via matrimony?”

    Hmm. I have a post in the works about this very topic. Perhaps I should bring it off the back burner…

  17. @Tarnished
    I’ll add flappers as long as I don’t have to shed my flippers! It’s what ALL the seaplanes are wearing this season!

  18. @Tarnished re: back-burner article
    I always look forward to your thoughts on things.

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